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A being to be celebrated , as her father would tout in soft tones to her growing up . Seraph is every bit her mother and father , in many ways . Where Soren came out dark , Seraph came out pale and delicate looking .

With a pale cream base , she's certainly easy to spot , no matter where , even more so with the rose gold colored halo that encompasses her head delicately , glowing bright even in the day . Her mane is a mixture of black and white , while her tail she inherited mostly from her father . Bare , except for the very end where hair erupts in the same color .

Seraph has four ears , each one tipped with a deep gold that also coats her cleft hooves and appears in golden scales that are hard as steel , a gift from her mother .

Like her father before her , her skin is semi transparent , but only on the upper half of her face . Under the delicate pale skin and flesh is the appearance of a golden skull , running up the bridge of her nose and near her eyes . She only has two eyes , but they're gold with black sclera , slit like a snake's . Sadly , one of them has terrible sight from birth , leaving her half blind , but more than happy with the world .

From her mother , she gained a pair of horns as well , ridged and much like a dragon's . They match her wings , which are leathery and large , with golden claws on the joints . When they're open , the skin stretched between the bones is rose gold and shimmers like a galaxy . When she speaks , it's far too easy to see the sharp golden fangs that sit in her mouth .

Full of life and energy , Seraph is only a young thing at the moment , still learning what it's like to be alive and what the world is . Like most foals , she's intensely curious , and tends to wander away from her parents at times when something really catches her attention .

She's more likely to press her nose into a bunch of flowers , or even a bunch of lizards if they catch her attention . Raised around dragons and around a father like Reliquary , there isn't a lot that scares her in the slightest .

She's more than happy to meet anyone , and tends to try to not hurt them with her array of spikes and rough edged scales . She's aware of how she looks , but to her , it's only like a dragon , something she's so accustomed to that she can't imagine someone ever being afraid of them .

Tomboyish to a fault , she likes to be rough and tumble and generally acts like she can take on the world . Due to being half blind , she's a little reckless because her parents sheltered her a lot growing up .

An archive of her life ;

Born to Reliquary and Elain , with her twin sister .

Active & Parvus Magic


Discipuli Born with this magic , she can't control it at all at first . It takes her a long time to actually be capable of warping and manipulating the reality around her . It mostly shows up as small things , such as a very strange creature near her , or warped rocks and objects around her when she daydreams about something , or a bouquet of flowers appearing out of nowhere .

Vexillum - she can handle it a bit better , and can warp things that she actively wants to warp . rocks turn into flowers , or grass twists up off the ground in a small tornado and disappears .

Periti - sometimes things happen she doesn't mean . sometimes she floats because gravity has broken in her little bubble . sometimes it rains atop her head on a sunny day . it's strong , but she isn't able to do it for long .

Dominus - at its strongest , she's capable of warping reality all around her , transforming her environment into pure chaos almost . it can be anything from any daydream she's had , or anything she can conjure up . in her own little personal bubble , reality and physics do not exist , and anything is possible . it's terrifying , and a power that surges mostly with her emotions . the area affected however , is mostly in a small radius around her , and doesn't last long after she's left it .

Passive Magic

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04/12/22 Char app accepted, Dusk Citizen. Foal from Elain/Reliquary breeding TID6890, added to records. -INKBONE
04/12/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited immortality (from breeding request). Item sent, added to records. Quest declined. -INKBONE
04/12/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited active magic (from breeding request). Discipuli item sent, added to records. Quest declined. -INKBONE