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I stand shorter currently, but eventually I will be 16hh. Just as tall as my Daddy once stood. I'm a mix of breeds, as my Mama is an Arabian and Thoroughbred cross, while my Daddy was a Warmblood Mutt. Which also makes me a mutt too! My frame takes more after his, as I am on the heavier side than my Mama's lighter build. Speaking of my frame, my coat is three different colors! I'm a Tri-color overo. I have patches of bay, black and white all over. But then there is the matter of my antlers. Instead of having one horn like Daddy, I got a set of antlers like Mama has! They are even tipped in teal almost exactly like her's. My eyes actually match my antlers, as I have teal eyes as well. In Helovia and the Rift, I was considered a uniquine, because I have many features of both races. Normal tail, normal hooves, antlers... The list goes on. Here, I think I must be considered just a unicorn, but i'm honestly not sure. Somehow, of the two twins I seemed to of gotten the best mix of both Mama and Daddy... Wonder if this new land will change anything?

The Rift In the Rift, I was totally shaped by my arrival. Kaos, took many members of my family including my beloved Papa before tossing the small remainder through the portal. Fearful that I would lose the rest I stayed close. But eventually, the Rift found a way to separate us all... Even my Mama and I. I had to learn to be adaptable to survive on my own. I became very sassy, mostly in my own head.. Only because there was no one around to be sassy to! I probably lack some normal social skills because of that. Now I have to admit, I've become the almost perfect blend of both my Daddy and Mama. I am loving, fearful, protective, observant and resourceful like my Mama. But I am also like my Daddy by being loyal, courageous, compassionate, moody, and stubborn. I've had to be, to survive on my own for as long as I have as young as I am. I know better than to be naive like most girls my age. The world is a dangerous and dark place, full of dark and dangerous creatures. Can't be to trusting, not and survive on my own like I have to be.

I was born in the World's Edge, to two unlikely mates Calypso and Brendan. I was the first born of the two girls, born into a time that really wasn't suited for birth. We were however born into a large family, with most gathered around us. My Grandpa Aaron, Aunt Sarai, along with my cousins Farah and Sansa greeted both my sister Ceto and I with our parents. A few weeks after our birth however, everything changed. We along with the rest of the World's Edge and all of Helovia were pushed into one place by dark and scary smoke. It was here, I met Kaos for the first time. His name, I decided them completely fit him as he began to take away anyone who seemed to disagree with him and the choices he was making for us. It was then, I lost my Grandpa Aaron, my cousin Farah... and My Daddy... We weren't the only ones to lose family that day, as many others did to. But then Kaos forced those that remained into the Rift. Sansa, Aunt Sarai, Mama and I made it through. Ceto... hasn't been seen since the portal... I've wandered around a lot since we arrived, mostly with Mama and her companion Daenerys. But lately i've started wandering on my own. Ceto disapeared when we came through the portal... Mama left me to find her. I'm not sure I really hold her or Daenerys at fault... Or Ceto really. Kaos did what had been the goal all along. Tear everyone, friends and family alike, apart. This has been made even more clear, by the way I have been striped of every bit of magic I even knew and tossed from the Rift once more. I can only assume this happened to everyone else... But i'm not honestly sure I hope for that... I hope, for a clean start.

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