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sweet darling child
a soft creature built from marble and striped with onyx, araxes is leggy and gentle in appearance, a sloped neck and body complimenting her looks all too easily. well built, it's obvious she's a female from even afar.

she's very simple in color, taking on the base of white with pink unders and mint hooves. the pink is also around her nose, making her a little sensitive to light but nothing horrendous, while also settling on the inside of her long ears. black marks her in soft stripes that run down her haunches and back legs, as well as around her minted green eyes.

she sports a short mane that sits more like a mohawk, black, white, and mint in color, usually sticking up and waving in every direction unless wet and flattened. the only place it isn't is where it's been disturbed by the scarf she wears around her neck.

her tail is the same trio of colors, but cut short and straight, kept nice and trim at the end.

child of marble
araxes is a bit childlike, in some terms. she's very much someone to walk in to someone's space, to press in to it and explore them, but only because she's curious. it's a downfall of hers, that curiosity, and it's like she can't be sated. she wants to learn and know everything, and she absorbs it all like a sponge as she learns. ara isn't naive, however, so don't take her curiosity for naivety. she is very much smart about the world, she just chooses to not believe there's bad in every corner of it.

a bit fanciful, she's quick on her feet, thanks to her learning streak. there isn't exactly a mean bone in her body though. while her tongue is sharp, her emotions get in the way and she immediately feels remorseful for hurtful things she'll say, even if she means them. it takes a lot for her to dislike someone too, and getting her to talk bad to their face is something. sometimes she may not regret it, but ninety-nine percent of the time, she does. it's just how she operates, as her anger is slow burning and doesn't make much of an impact, even when it does surge.

she's also very fanciful in terms of finding others attractive or liking them. it's somewhat silly, how she develops a crush or two, but she's very much open when it comes to that. she prefers not to settle with one other, and will gladly (usually) settle for two or three, in their own little 'herd' of love. it's a belief of hers that everyone should love everyone, and she doesn't see why it should be maintained to just one being. being open with emotions is usually her thing though, meaning she may or may not come off as a bit much at first. don't be put off though, she's a sweet creature that will look past any exterior to the interior and see who they really are. looks don't matter to her.

born strange
araxes was strange from birth, in some terms. she was born normally, well, almost normally. there was something a little strange about her. her parents weren't sure what to do with her, or what was wrong with her when she was born and had two budding wings nestled behind her ears. it was a strange sight, though not entirely unwelcome. they loved her the same as any parents would love a daughter.

she was raised normally, and as she grew, so did the wings, carefully stretching and growing feathers, as well as fluttering and moving on their own when she was excited. they became a tell tale thing for her moods, fluffing up when happy and flapping, tucking in close when scared, sticking out when angry. to her, having the wings was a normal thing.

most of the herd she grew up with were polyamorous lovers, meaning her parents had each other as well as a couple others in their family. this meant that araxes had plenty of attention when she was born, and could be passed around the adults to be cared for when someone was feeling ill or just needed a day off. it was a wonderful system, and one that wholly imprinted upon her.

when she was two she said her goodbyes to her parents, and wandered on her own. for a year she was on her own, picking up new knowledge and learning what she can. she's made friends, and she's made enemies, just as any normal person does. however, when coming upon novus, she found herself gravitating toward the courts and their gods, finally settling in the night court. while she wasn't exactly night court material, she found it to be a home, and over the last year she began to learn of others and more on the stories that filled the lands she had come upon.

it's still strange to her to see monogamy, and she doesn't wholly understand it herself and likely never will. however, she's here to stay and to learn more about others, despite strange looks that she gets sometimes when she walks by with the wings on her head. they're still a tell-tale sign of things, always pinpointing her mood.

more often than not she's spotted in the neutral lands, always wandering in an attempt to learn more about the world around her. this allows her to meet those that would be in other courts as well, and she enjoys having new faces to meet and greet.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A shoulderbag of soft leather and small fur trim, it's used to carry around her scrolls, books, herbs, and anything else she needs or finds interesting.
A small mint green scarf wrapped around her neck.

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( For plot purposes, her design change has been dubbed an intervention of deity power. ) Since arriving in Novus, she bore three children, and fell in love. It all came crashing down when she awoke one day to find herself .... not... herself. To be in another body, it seemed like. She ran and ran. Araxes returns to Novus, seasons later, uncertain of herself now, changed in more ways than one.


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