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-Vladimir Heavy Draft x Shire - Design by Chaosy-

Xalvador is a large, brawny beast. He stands a very imposing twenty three hands. His entire build clearly screams draft horse, being sticky and heavily muscled. Massive gray hooves ring like iron when they strike stone, announcing his presence to any nearby. This stallion has no ability for stealth, his heavily feathered legs rustling grasses and underbrush.

Xal is a striking red roan stallion. His mane and tail start at a rich reddish hue that fades to a dark chocolate shade. Tall white stockings paint three of his legs, leaving his left front untouched by the pure hue. Just above his knees and hocks, black bands circle his legs. Similar black markings grace his heavy neck and his Roman nose. Under the face markings, white brightened his features.

Vivid red eyes show little emotion as he takes in the world around him. Xal is careful to keep his chiseled features a mask of calm neutrality. A trio of severe black horns descend along the plane of his face, growing shorter as they reach his velvety muzzle.

POSITIVE TRAITS: Adaptable, Athletic, Confident, Courageous, Disciplined, Focused, Genuine, Loyal, Witty, Alert

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Abrupt, Arrogant, Crass, Cynical, Grim, Hesitant, Impatient, Irritable, Fierce, Aloof

Adaptable, Courageous, Cynical, Aloof - Xalvador is flexible with change. While he may not be particularly thrilled with it, he knows that resisting just makes things harder. He faces the world with courage. As a foal, he was often reminded that courage does not mean without fear, but rather acting in spite of his fears. Xal tends to be rather cynical, often holding back until another has proved to be motivated by more than self-interest. Because of this trait, he is often seen as aloof and cold. He can easily be both traits, being the one to listen before speaking or acting.

Athletic, Disciplined, Arrogant, Fierce, Confident - Xal enjoys being physically active. While definitely not a runner, he trains his body with a disciplined, almost religious zeal. His biggest reason is to know his own limits and what he can do regardless of the situation that he is put into. His confidence in what he is able to do is often read as arrogance, and is likely to be such. He knows what he can do and refuses to bend to what others expect of him. Xal is fierce, often verging on overwhelmingly so. He wants the best of himself and those he loves, to the point that he will push them to be their best as well.

Witty, Crass, Abrupt, Irritable - While not always the most eloquent of beings, Xal has a sense of humor and can be witty when conversing with others. He does have a crass streak, lacking the finesse that would make him useful in higher rankings. He can also be rather crude and make jokes that many would find less funny, though he will hold those until he is certain of how the other being will respond. Xal is abrupt to the point of being blunt, preferring to speak his mind regardless of what others would think of his opinions. They are his and he will not apologize for how he feels. Being pushed too far on things will bring out his more bear like personality traits. He is irritable when interrupted or pushed to believe a certain way.

Focused, Alert, Hesitant, Impatient - Xal can have laser like focus when he is interested in something. This can be sparring or battling, or even another as he learns more of them. He is constantly alert, always on the look out for danger that could threaten himself or those around him. Even with his confidence, Xal is also hesitant. He has fears of being betrayed or causing harm to one that might be looking to him. As such, he will take the time to judge the goings on and think before jumping into action. When he is ready to make that leap, any delays will make him moody and impatient.

Genuine, Loyal, Grim - Xal is the type to not sugar coat anything. That being said, he is also the one that you can trust to be completely truthful no matter the situation. Once someone has earned his trust and loyalty, he is prone to maintaining that loyalty until he is personally betrayed. Once someone has entered his heart, and that is a long battle in and of itself, they are likely to stay until he dies. Because he is so genuine with his thoughts and words, he can also be a bit grim. When he sees a lost cause, he will accept it and move on rather than fight against the fates. On the battlefield, this can be death or mortal wounds. In his own life, it can be betrayals or other hurts.

Xalvador is not the most difficult beast to understand. He is honest and truthful, prone to pride and arrogance with his confidence. Once you earn your place in his heart, he will give you his unwavering loyalty until you break his trust. He has never found love, so that is not something that he is aware of in terms of how to react. He will fight for his court, for those that he loves.

-Born Summer of 500-


Xalvador started his life deep within the deserts of Egypt. His family were guardians of an oasis, hidden to those that had not passed the tests to allow them entry. His sire, a massive bay shire, was the Guardian, a being of no name and only a title. His mother was a Vladmir Heavy Draft, a pilgrim that had journeyed from her home to seek the oasis as a safe haven. In time, she earned her place among the guardians and found herself falling in love with the being that was tasked with testing those that came seeking. He was slow to speak and quick to observe, finding that he noticed her interest before she had herself. Their stolen moments started with simple gazes, slowly moving to moonlit walks together around the oasis and whispered words.

Four years after she had arrived, his mother and the Guardian petitioned for the right to bond. In a special ceremony, they withdrew the gemstone within themselves to exchange them. This created the strongest bond that was known among their people. They could sense each other at all times, feel emotions and share pain. Shortly after the ceremony, the Guardian noticed the increase in love from his mate. This small shift within the mare's heart was the herald of the colt that they would raise.

YEAR 500 to 502

In the heat of summer, under the crimson stain of a lunar eclipse, Xalvador was born. He was a large colt, built like his sire and clearly destined to become a warrior in his own right. The Guardian was determined that Xal would be his heir, a belief that would spur him to train his son to be the best that he could be. The first two years of his life were easy, spending time with his mother and eventually joining her in her rounds. The oasis was peaceful, the sands an ocean of calm around them. While not officially in training, Xalvador joined in the morning sparring and reveled in the feeling of his body moving and the power he could show. He was to be the next Guardian, the next in a line of stallions to give up themselves for the good of the oasis that they protected. And with that knowledge, he was given a purpose and destiny.

YEAR 503 to 505

While the world around the oasis was in peaceful winter, danger was coming to those that protected the oasis. A stallion, once in line to become the Guardian, was ready for his rule. Xal's father had been chosen in an unusual vote, mostly because his predecessor had noticed the stain upon the heir's soul. The ebony stallion left, furious and vowing vengeance on those that called the oasis home. A solar eclipse shadowed the heated sands, giving the world an eerie darkness that made a chill run down Xalvador's spine. The moment that the world was completely darkened, the attack came. It was a blood-bath, a battle for dominance that didnt care for who could be caught between. The eclipse lasted an hour, bathing the oasis in blood and making it seem like the netherworld come to their plane.

When the light returned, the only equines left standing were at the side of the former heir. Xal's parents lay together in the heart of the oasis, the pair giving the last of themselves to seal the pool at the center from any that could try to use it. At a glance, the pool seemed frozen, despite the heat that licked the flesh of those alive. The temperature around the oasis started to rise, causing the plant life to fade and die. In the Guardian's final act, he had turned the water that fueled the peace to turn to glass.

Seeing that Xalvador had survived, though brutally wounded, the former heir banished him from his only home. Xal was left to roam the deserts and try to survive the elements. The following year of life was a formidable challenge to the colt. He vowed to make himself stronger, to be able to withstand any attack and not lose his fight.

YEAR 506 to 507

He survived and grew stronger, his body hardened by the training he gave himself and the time in the desert. Xal was forged in the desert, becoming almost statuesque in his strength. During his time, he traveled the length of the Nile and spent time among the temples and pyramids. One afternoon, in the height of the summer heat, he found refuge in an ancient tomb. Within, he spent time seeking the language of the elders in attempt to learn where he was. As he moved deeper, a glimmering light caught his attention. A portal swirled in a doorway, blocking his way further. There was nothing left in the desert for him, no future or even another being that he could miss. Drifting closer, he closed his eyes and stepped through. The stallion found himself deep within a forest, the world cold compared to the blistering heat of the desert. Before he could turn back, the portal closed and left him alone in the foreign land.

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NAME: Bastian

GENDER: male

SPECIES: Pygmy spinosaurus aegyptiacus

PHYSICAL INFORMATION: Bastian is a pygmy spinosaur, though he is full grown. He reaches roughly 6.5 feet in length and stands roughly 5.5 feet in height. His skin is mottled, darker on the top and much lighter on the bottom to allow him to fade into the surroundings when he is swimming. Forest green eyes take in the world while steel gray claws threaten the very soil.

PERSONALITY INFORMATION: Bastian is a handful. He is sharp in attitude, ready to take on anyone that challenges him or his bonded. He has a serious case of little man syndrome, approaching the world as if he was the true size of his species. He is quick to snap and slow to forgive, being the fire beside the warrior that is Xal.

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