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God sleeps
And his children start a fire
Which they cannot extinguish
And he will never be able to wake
A Brief Overview...

Name: Somnus
Race: Unipeg [Unicorn x Pegasus]
Height: 15.2 hh
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Dunalino
-- A coat of sleek, dusty gold
-- Prominent primitive markings; rich amber leg barring and thick dorsal stripe
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Mane/Tail: Silken ivory
-- Mid-breast in length [Mane]
-- Fetlock in length [Tail]
Wings: Rich amber tipped in flecks of alabaster white
-- Average size
Horn: Smooth and spiraled
-- Onyx in color
Other Markings:
-- Face: A broad white star, narrow strip, and ends in a snip above his top lip
-- Legs: White socks [Front right leg, back left leg], thin coronet band [Back right leg]
Voice Claim: Adam Croasdell (See: Ignis Scientia, FFXV) - English Accent
Scent: Eucalyptus and teakwood

The More Complex...

The first thing that you might notice about Somnus is the shimmering gold of his coat. Pale caramel glistens in the spring and summer months, bright and luminous for all to see. In the fall and winter months under the guise of a fluffy winter coat, the rich gold lightens into something far more ashen. Perhaps, at first glance, you may think of him as a vivid golden palomino. In reality, upon closer inspection, this is not the case. A thick, amber colored dorsal stripe runs from the stallion's withers all the way to the end of a curvaceous rump, giving away the dun gene of his heritage. Upon every leg, the same color wraps about his forearms and knees in prominent primitive barring.

Long strands of ivory mane and tail hang off of his musculature. The length of his mane cascades down to the mid of his broad breast, and a thick tail halts just before the joints of his fetlocks. Sprouting from beneath a thick forelock is a horn, spiraled, smooth, and a sleek onyx in color.

The second thing about him you may truly notice are the wings. A rich set of amber wings sprout from his shoulders, an average span that spreads proudly over the dunalino's broad set body, tipped and speckled with white. They are strong, capable of lifting the stallion from the earth and carrying him for miles with little need to stop and rest.

Next, his eyes. Sharp. Calculating. All-seeing. Somnus' eyes are a crisp emerald green, deep as the forest and sharp as a knife. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and for this scholarly gentleman, that saying holds true. In his eyes you will see compassion, the desire and thirst for knowledge, and the kindness of a loyal friend.

You will notice, at last, the chrome accents to this golden son's body. His handsome face is decorated with a splash of white, a broad star that drips thinly downwards across the length of his muzzle and halts before his lips. A sock adorns his front right hoof, reaching upwards to the mid of a canon bone, and another upon the back left. A thin coronet band wraps intimately just above the stallion's back right hoof.

Somnus' voice is clipped, polished. Every lilt coming from his silver tongue is doused in an elegant, English accent.

Every tragedy divides,
Before our very eyes,
the things which should be loved.
Somnus is inquisitive. He is thoughtful. He is a creature of habit and one who believes in facts and proof over myths and stories. That is not to say, however, that he does not enjoy his fair share of fiction. He only desires to know what is real in a world otherwise full of mystery. Somnus is a seeker of knowledge, be that of his surroundings, his Court, the land itself, or those who inhabit it.

Some may call him aloof or detached. This is also true. He can be stern and stubborn, his analytical mind quick to grow disinterested to petty, mundane conversations or tasks. At times he is quite blunt and does not try to mince or sugarcoat his words. He is forthright in his views and opinions, outspoken at times when he feels that he may know a better solution or a more promising alternative. Due to that drive to succeed, however, Somnus is a severe perfectionist. Everything he does must be perfect, and should he not be able to succeed, he can be found moping for days or cast himself into seclusion, thinking himself unworthy to those he knows.

Despite his oddities, Somnus is loyal, respectful, and cordial. Many say that he is literate, astute, and a brilliant tactician despite his six years walking the earth, and a personal goal of his is to continue to impress. He is devoted to those who he feels earns his time and gains pleasure from assisting them, no matter how menial the task.

When in love, Somnus loves wholly and completely, picking only one mate at a time to dedicate his attention and affection to, be they mare or stallion. He looks for a mate who is smart, cunning, and kind, preferring the 'beauty of the mind' to the 'beauty of the body.' Forming such an intimate relationship with him may be difficult, however, as Somnus is the type to be 'married to his work', and is far above letting personal trysts get in the way.

Positive Traits:

-- Inquisitive of the world and creatures around him
-- Courteous to others, be they friend, foe, or stranger
-- Steadfast to those who have 'earned his time'
-- Tactful
-- Committed to those he may call 'friends' or the one he calls a 'lover'
-- Eager to assist and help

Negative Traits:

-- Set in his ways
-- Easily grows disinterested or apathetic
-- Difficulty in giving loyalty to those he feels hasn't 'earned' it
-- Perfectionist

And in this endless night,
In despair,
He can see the dawn
That will awake him in the next morning.
Early Life: [0 - 2 Years]

Somnus was born on the seventh day of spring to a small, nomadic troupe of common wanderers. That is where his story begins.

His mother was a beautiful Pegasus mare the color of the yellow sun with an even brighter personality, and eyes the color of fresh spring grass. His father was a proud Unicorn stallion, his broad grullo frame used for defending those that he loved, gruff but devoted with fierce amber eyes. They worked together within the troupe, picking paths, traveling, learning of the world and its wonders and defending their own when the need arose.

Somnus was small as a youth, ungainly, clumsy, and weak, but the sharpness of his mind made up for the weakness of his body. He lived as a typical foal did; frolic and play with the other youngsters of the troupe, feast on the delicacy that was his mother's rich milk, and sleep whenever the mood took him. Which, much to the chagrin of his parents, was quite often.


He learned of the wonders of the world through the stories his parents told. They filled his innocent mind with stories of adventure, of great Kings and Queens and grand battles for justice and freedom. They told him about the workings of the world, from the deepest of oceans to the tallest of mountains, the green plains and the burning hot deserts. Their words captivated Somnus, his brilliant mind latching onto every minuscule detail, absorbing their words and cataloging them away to be pondered over whenever he had a spare moment.

Through their lips bred his desire to learn, and learn he did.

"Why?" Came the question as to why birds flew north for the winter. "Why?" Did he ask when the fish swam up-stream to roost. "Why?" Is what came from his lips when inquiring about how grass was green, the sky was blue, and the sun burned hot in the summer. No amount of answers could satisfy his insatiable curiosity, and as he grew, so did his thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Over the years, the troupe continued to travel and cover the ground beneath their hooves. Somnus learned a great deal of all that life had to offer; he learned to fly, to fight, and to think. All of his external questions were quick to become internal debates, his analytical mind rapidly processing information and how to proceed. His parents still told him stories, yes, but soon, Somnus craved more. He craved a use for his brilliant mind and endless thirst for knowledge. He yearned for a purpose, for more than just exploring the world and exposing its treasures. He desired to debate with those as brilliant as himself, to be useful, to serve a greater good, and as he grew and evolved and became a young stallion, Somnus realized what it was he must do: leave the troupe behind.

... And so that is what he did. At two years old, Somnus, with the promise to one day return to his wayward family and friends, took to the skies to search for purpose and use, hoping that he would soon find a place where he could blossom and thrive.

His journey took him to a multitude of different lands and kingdoms; he danced, drank, and traded stories with gypsies and nomads, quizzed and sparred with mercenaries and rogues, and honed his silver tongue amidst the presence of the Lords and Ladies of the lands. No individual was beyond his grasp, his voracious mind a black hole of incorrigible yearning. While not a 'social butterfly', Somnus would venture from class to class, learning all that he could and trading services when he could. It was during these ventures and explorations that Somnus found himself befriending an embassy from the Kingdom of Vhallen, and from there, he ventured with them into the unknown.

The Kingdom of Vhallen: [2 - 6 Years]

The Kingdom of Vhallen was a bustling metropolis, seeming to grow and expand with every passing day. Massive buildings made of white mortar and glistening granite ascended high into the sky, the imposing citadel a beacon of power and prowess, of strength and unity. The land was ruled over by a patient and benevolent King, and while young and inexperienced in his rule, he loved and adored his Kingdom with all of his heart and labored every day to achieve only what was best for them.

Somnus met this young monarch by chance during a visit to the palace, coerced into conversation almost blindly by this talented youth with a silver tongue and a sharp, passionate mind. They stood amidst a courtyard blooming with flowers of all kinds, and were quick to fall into amicable conversation as though they had known each other for years instead of minutes.

'Are you a servant to Vhallen's court?' Somnus had asked upon their first introductions. The dark young stallion had offered him a knowing smile and chuckled as though amused.

'You could say that, yes. A servant of sorts.'

Little did he know that it was actually the King, an important detail that he would not find out until some time later when their paths would cross once again. A formal gala hosted to celebrate the Vallen king’s birthday swept up the city, and Somnus was pleasantly surprised to receive a formal invitation. It was there that he realized that the charismatic youth that had so captivated his attention, now dressed in regal black silks with a silver crown upon his brow, was none other than the king himself, much to the young gentleman’s embarrassment. A moment of private respite would be his undoing.

”You had no idea?” The king had asked, all dancing blue eyes and a wide, honest smile.

”Not one,” he had answered balefully, hoping that his voice did not convey his mounting trepidation.

The king had laughed, openly, receiving curious glances from nearby guard and attendees alike. ”Tell me, Somnus. Would you have spoken so freely if you had known who I was?” A queer question, certainly, and one that puzzled Somnus to no end. His answer was honest. From that point on, Somnus would never once lie to his king.

“No. Of course not.”

The smile that he received in turn, brilliant, blinding, bright enough to light up a night sky, would be carried reverently within Somnus’ memories for the rest of his days.

”Then I’m glad. That we met then, and not now.”

Thus began a dalliance that would only end in tragedy.

From the moment of the gala, Somnus could be seen at his king’s side. Learning about him, his Kingdom, his passions, what drove him, his ideals, his desires, his wants for his land and his people, his heart. Perhaps it was devotion that would keep the golden man at his dark sovereign’s side for years to come. Perhaps it would be something more, an emotion that he would not so readily admit. No matter what it was, Somnus slowly climbed his way through the Vallen court until he stood at his king’s side, serving him as a chamberlain, a strategist, and an advisor.

This was the purpose he had once craved, a usefulness that could never truly be fulfilled until then. At his King’s side, he was complete.

The Fall:

Four years that Somnus had served his king, but it was not enough. It would never be enough.

One traitor. That was all that it took. One traitor, the spy of a distant land, working their way into the trusted ranks of their military, poisoning the minds of their once-loyal soldiers with the false promise of more. An uprising. A war. It was the first time that Somnus had tasted such degree of battle, witnessed the blood of his allies sully the ground, eyes stinging with smoke as the Vallen citadel went up in flames, fear in his heart at the thought of losing his precious king. He fought, side by side with his dark king and those still loyal to him, but it was still not enough.

The king of Vallen was slain on the steps of his palace. Refusing to retreat, he chose instead to sacrifice his life so that those who remained loyal to him could escape. He had left Somnus with the promise to escort the remaining survivors to safety, and that smile, beautiful and otherworldly and something precious, that should be protected and cherished, was the last sight Somnus saw of his beloved king.

In the wake of such an insurmountable loss, the golden strategist fulfilled his last wish of his king, before venturing for the unknown. That journey brought him to Novus.

Active & Parvus Magic

Blood Manipulation:

It is not a magic that Somnus was born with. It’s a dangerous, feral thing that he will fear long before he does not, but slowly will he learn to both respect and wield it. Whatever reason that Oriens fit to bestow such a magic upon Somnus’ shoulders, he may never know, but he will do his best to understand his patron deities reasoning while attempting to control such a lethal, dark magic.


At first, Somnus will struggle to understand his ‘gifted’ magic. It has the ability to cause nosebleeds, and with intense concentration he will be able to manipulate limbs of others; such as causing a leg to step in a wrong direction. This magic, however, will not always work, and more often than not will sputter out before it can do much damage.
Duration: 30 seconds - 1 minute


After time, Somnus’ magic will be capable of causing a ‘rogue limb’ effect. This is the ability to take control over another horses’ limb and direct its movement, or lock a limb into place for a short time. This causes a numbing sensation in the limbs of the victim, almost as though the limb is asleep, or disconnected from its person.
Duration: 1 - 5 minutes, depending on severity of action


Somnus can now paralyze and manipulate other horses’ limbs far easier, begin to control whole bodies by mentally ensnaring their cardiovascular system, and cause more severe nosebleeds. The numb, ‘fuzzy’ sensation that the victim experiences can now instead manifest as a sharp pain, like needles, as though the blood flow is being constricted or reversed within the body.
Duration: 5 - 9 minutes, depending on severity of action


At this level, Somnus has mastered the art of his gift. He is able to manipulate, paralyze, and direct limbs or whole bodies with a mere thought, and is able to command the limb to either feel pain or feel numb. He can still cause nosebleeds, as well as draw blood out of any wound.
Duration: 10 + minutes, depending on severity of action

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Alba - ‘white, pale’
Alba the Barn Owl

Alba is an average size for her breed. Some may find her wide black eyes unsettling, her gaze piercing and eyes sensitive to the most subtle changes in light. Her eyes are set upon a heart-shaped face of downy white feathers, a ridge of feathers appearing almost like a ‘nose’ above a rosy-pearl colored beak. The dorsal side of her wings are mottled in browns and tans, speckled with spots of white and black. The ventral is a pale alabaster, almost a cream, the color spread all along her chest, underbelly, and legs. The downy feathers are spotted with brown and black, but her overall appearance is sleek and regal.

As a nestling, Alba is inquisitive and somewhat spoilt, and has moments of ‘bratty’ or ‘spoilt’ behavior. She is adventurous and brave and has little understanding for ‘self preservation’, and oftentimes finds herself ‘clingy’ or ‘protective’ over Somnus, ‘jealous’ if he spends his time with others. As an adult, her adventurous streak will have marginally faded, and she will share Somnus’ quiet nature and thirst for knowledge. She will enjoy perching on his horn as he browses the ancient books of the Dawn Court library.

Miscellaneous Facts: - wip
- Alba makes a variety of noises depending on her mood:
o Screams ’shree!’ (typical sounds, as barn owls do not ’hoot’, hissing (scared, intimidated), purring ’chirrup’ (pleasure, joy) , and a neutral ’kee-yak’, ’clicks’ or ’pops’.
- Alba is a picky eater and will oftentimes return to show off the success of her hunt to Somnus before eating.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Agora Items & Awards

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Just your friendly, neighborhood Sprowtato.

Played by:

Sparrow (PM Player)


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