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"With every beautiful new sight
I see that perfect golden light
Against your eyes”

-- -- --
Pine trees and amber leaves, she stands an unbent trunk where all other branches have fallen. A stable, strong force she is reminiscent of the earth: steady as stone rock, wrapped in the fluid touch of water. She is the cream hues of the land bodies, marred with the dull paint of blood across back, legs, and face. The dried red color marks its way up her left shoulder to connect hoof to wither. Her eyes are golden mineral gems; even in the darkness they shine firefly lights and flicker between reflections. They are lined egyptian-sytle by two pale marks beneath the eyes. Death caressed her once before birth, skull-teeth tracing their way from nose to cheek.

Four horns sit upon her crown, each bending their way back behind her ears. Two large and two small, they start gold and blend into a soft brown toward the tips. Swooping, giant hawk wings knit themselves onto able shoulders. They alone, if not the sheer presence of her body, are imposing and awe-inspiring; their size make for better use in flight than the battlefield.

She is big--not bulky. It appears as though the earth created her itself, all natural beauty and movements; everything is easy and she carries the world upon her back. She is a force.

"You only get what you put into this life
So how could anybody be living in a bad dream”

-- -- --
Agnostic | Apathetic | Austere | Contentious | Dogmatic | Honest | Impartial | Indiscreet | Intimidating | Moralistic | Passive | Perceptive | Realistic | Resourceful | Rhetorical | Solitary | Taciturn

She is clockwork; the gears turn unendingly and take in the world around her fact by fact. Life seems to be a mechanical thing, yet the living in it are anything but. Opposition is scrawled across her bones, and as such she is equally fascinated and repulsed by the world around her. She is constantly disappointed in the workings of society, but thirsty for the knowledge it holds and the development of its people. Curiosity is a plague that found home between her ribs.

The idea of being emotional is not something she could feel or even understand; she is very neutral in manner, perhaps finding preferences for certain company through continuous exposure only. She takes casual pleasure in simple things and works for overall 'noble' but typically selfish causes. She knows of little save her own desires; the whims of others are not for her to satisfy, and she does not often care for what makes them 'happy'--everyone is on their own, and they help each other complete jobs when it is convenient for both sides to do so. This leads to her being typically private and leaving little room in her conversations for anything personal on either end. Small talk, unless struck by deep intellect, is the most common to get out of her.

It is best to put no faith in her allegiance, for she pledges herself to none save for those she sees a moral cause. She is neither an advocate for the underdog nor the frontrunner; her opinions are impartial and decisions rely solely on the best solution for the situation. Some might say her heart has hardened and gone cold, but she simply works on logic and chooses whatever option is most practical to solve the puzzle. Ultimately she seeks to find a path toward the greater good with as little casualties as possible.

"when you got this open road
And the sun is shining
How could anybody be living in a bad dream”

-- -- --
*Family History
Long before her birth, hers was a family of serfs--a line dedicated to aiding the keeping of a legacy. They were tasked with being the sole creatures who held the history of the gods within them, their purpose to ensure their stories would never be lost or tampered with. Centuries of information were locked away with them only, and their lives were very simple; they bred to choose the next carrier to take over before the parents' death. The first born was the one customary to preserve the history, though every child thereafter also learned what was to be passed on in case of fatality of the eldest sibling. They made home in a small village committed to serving their gods of various patronages, individual families watching over different aspects of their lives. Hers was the long, complicated burden of knowing every major detail of the gods' pasts by heart.

*Early Years
She was born the first child to her parents, the next in line to take over the job of learning everything she could as soon as possible. There was no waste of time in such a situation; her parents fed fact upon fact to her before anything else was taught, and she knew the god's greatest deeds before she had any idea about the outside world. And though her yearling and following year passed with little event, she never saw the gods she was keeping score for. She was never taught love, didn't know anything about joy or having goals. She was a living book, a body of useless facts that none outside of her village would ever care for. There was no concept of 'play' or 'fun' when their jobs were considered their lives; she was ignorant of everything the world outside of their own had to offer.

*Moving On
One night watched as she pried herself out of the small tent she knew as home, taking flight alone and leaving the village behind her. She hadn't doubted the existence of their gods, but she grew discontented and angry with the stagnation she faced. She was not intended for bigger things--there was only one purpose, and she eventually defied her village's laws to change the path of her own fate. Her third and fourth years would be lost to all the places she visited, every sign of life on the lands below a call for her to stop and see. There was more than she could have imagined, outside just the gods she knew, and she would become curiously enthralled--the only real emotion she had felt until then--with the possibilities offered. Her findings would result in the strange confliction of being both irked with some of the ways in which society functioned yet intrigued to see if other places were the same. It became a sort of experiment, hoping results would come up different, but she had never yet found a place worth giving herself to.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

"with the top down drivin' slow
All the love that I know
How could anybody be living in a bad dream”

-- -- --
Long and wide maroon cape, wrapped and held clasped together around the neck by golden, beaded necklaces and chains. A golden pauldron sits on one side, sporting five leafy feathers.

*Small accessory
A single, golden beaded necklace that can be worn separate from her cape and pauldron.

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"when you got this open road
And the sun is shining
How could anybody be living in a bad dream”

-- -- --
Original character by oddmountain

Original design by kaons

Reference image by lunarlueur

Table background from unsplash


'forseti' = god of justice

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