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Noctiilucent is draped in the aspect of femininity. Her features are simultaneously delicate and strong, appearing as though she were chiseled from fine marble. Each stroke and curve deliberately placed. Her eyes are a blue as deep as the sky, and they are surrounded by lashes as gold as the rays of the sun. Painted upon her canvas are splashes of porcelain, gold, and mahogany tones. Across her flesh dapples explode like stones scattered upon a beach. From the splashes of sun upon her pelt, a sea of alabaster rolls from her flank. Mahogany islands dot this ivory sea. Upon the tip of her maw is the dusty pinks often portrayed in the sky during sunrise or sunset. Three spires protrude from the front of her face, draped in the same alabaster that splashes her tarp. The cilium that drapes from her nape, and flank cascades like the torrential rain. It reflects the same shades as her bodice, changing from alabaster to mahogany. Her daggers are as slate as the stones of the mountains, save for her front left which is the rich tan similar to the sands of the beaches. Upon her nape rests an expertly crafted chain and pendant. The pendant seems to be the same colour as her eyes. The stone is chiseled into a delicate, but symmetrical shape. It is very obviously well cared for, and deeply beloved by Noctiilucent.
"For love so great that it burns like fire, and a sadness so deep that no light can reach to dispell it."

"You were painted of inspiration from the love of the sun, the earth, and the sky in equal measure. The alabaster seas are reminiscent of the sea of snow atop the mountains, just as the rich mahogany reflects that of the Earth's beloved soil. The artist has loved you so deeply that he has bestowed his love in your appearance. Heed not vanity, for it will drag the delicate beneath. You will plunge into atrocity, violence, and decay if you do not allow this love to flourish. Your tresses shall not be cut, for they are a greatly important aspect of the creator's love for you. Your pendant is the most beautiful representation of the struggle our people have faced. You are beauty and fire in equal measure. You are the Ashes of our Sun. "

Noctiilucent was shaped by much of the triumph and loss of her youth. As a child she was unruly, and hateful. She had no patience, and desired only to hurt others. But through lessons that life had cast to her, she has reformed into this gentle being. Now she is kind, but her passionate nature and volatile emotions still get the best of her. Patience never made an appearance in her life, and she is quick to take action to solve problems. Noctiilucent is equally persistent when she wants something, and this persistence is often fueled by her passion. Any she has fallen for have taken the brunt of her turbulent nature. There is no middle ground for her, she either loves with all of her existence or is unable to bear their presence and selfishly cuts them from her life. She is stubborn and will not easily relinquish control, or reconsider a decision she's made. Noctiilucent is firm, and assertive. It cannot be said that she is prideful, for she feels a deep sadness within her since the loss of her mentor. That aids to the fact that she feels things very deeply, and often. Noctiilucent is fearless, and has stepped on the toes of many due to this trait. She has lost friends, as she tries to force her way of doing things. It isn't that she believes the paths others take to be inferior, it is the fact that it makes her uncomfortable. Noctii is afraid to try new things, though she can pull off an air of confidence and fearlessness. She is always the last to bow to the will of authority, and easily becomes restless. Noctii tends to find her own way of doing things, but never does so out of spite. She is honest, and will not lie to save face for another. She is most honest about her feelings, though she finds deep shame in her past. Noctii has never fully recovered from the deep sadness she felt as a youth, and it has followed her everywhere. Often she is doubtful of others, and those she grows close to she fears will perish. Noctiilucent has never felt comfortable or safe since losing so many, and finds it hard to grow close to others, or she grows too quickly. Noctiilucent's personality is always on full speed, with little time to stop or think in between.
  • Kind
  • Passionate
  • Gentle
  • Honest
  • Decisive
  • Persistant
  • Flaws
  • Dauntless
  • Stubborn
  • Emotional
  • Forceful
  • Restless
  • Rebellious

  • "I waited for the child who was so consumed by anguish to be comforted. I knew my father, Xamis would punish her harshly, and was not disappointed when Cybidis came to this child's aid. What many of my siblings, and even my father failed to see was how someone could flourish when showed compassion. I descended upon this child who was starting to restructure her world, but was stable enough to take on a difficult task for redemption. I disguised myself as one of her most beloved friends, and begged to her to complete these tasks. I promised her forgiveness, speaking as though my siblings had bestowed upon me a message for her. The child was fearful, and for the first time I understood where her troubles came from. Self-loathing and fear of the unknown. She was frightened at the thought of being wrong, especially when it came to her belief in us. The child accepted my quest, and I returned to watch over her. She struggled, and I ached to assist her, but many of my siblings denied me. This child had caused such pain, and yet her struggle was so tragic and her passion so beautiful, we all held out hope for her. We rejoiced in her victories and wept with her when she failed. She had so many friends, and could not see it, or would not believe it. Even in us she had friends, but I fear the damage my father had done to her had disallowed her that concept of safety. When she succeeded my quest, she was granted the pendant of my father by me. Again I disguised myself as that same beloved friend, and urged her to create her own story. And she departed from my presence forever, and I wept when she left. Though my father assured me she had been shaped into a wonderful creature, and would carry her trials with her through life. I was put at ease."

    Noctiilucent was painted into the kingdom of Reth, known to many domains as "The Breath of the Sun." They worshiped deities of love, passion, beauty, violence, and all other traits that could be attributed to the Sun. Many believed they were the children of the sun, and often had titles that portrayed this belief. This conclusion was drawn for the appearance that many of Reth's inhabitants were painted in. Many were shades of gold, white, and even chestnut. Noctiilucent was born at the peak of Reth's greatness. They worshiped Solomnus, the deity of the sun. She was born during his festival, near the end in the night when vibrant clouds decorated the heavens. Her parents named her after the clouds of night, and titled her as Ashes of the Sun for the arriving at the end of the festival of Solomnus. From there she grew and flourished within Reth. Noctiilucent had never struggled to make friends, though her volatile nature was her greatest downfall. She lacked patience, and jumped to unnecessary conclusions. It's a wonder how she managed to earn the Pendant of Xamis, the creator of her homeland. She frequently angered the gods with her rebellious nature. They were said to have loved her so greatly that she was forgiven when she made effort to rectify her actions. Noctiilucent grew restless with her homeland and desired to soar to greater heights. She departed Reth, taking with her the Pendant of Xamis as a reminder of her homeland. She stumbled into a stag known as Kaiser, and followed him to Novus.
    "A child born beneath my clouds of night, I bestowed upon this child a rarity not afforded to many. And great pain this child brought with them."

    "A child born beneath the clouds of night. What wonder I thought she would bring to Reth. To my beloved citizens, and a gift to my beloved brother Solomnus. I afforded them a rarity to honour the celebration of my sibling, but never imagined I would be met with such strife from one creature. How rebellious she was, and how volatile she was as a child. She never grew patience for she never tended to the idea of it. Such passion exploded from within, that I feared Reth could not contain it. How stubborn this child was, so inconsiderate of her parents. Often she was in denial of our existence, and cursed us often. A great pain could be felt, especially for Xamis who loved her so greatly that he bestowed upon her the gift of beauty. Yet she cursed us, and her parents and desired to be independent, to be great. Her pride swelled in her youth, and upon the eve of her birth we decided to force her to change. The child was not kind, not patient, and cared for no one but herself. A selfish beast that had been born under such a beautiful occurrence. And oh how fearless our child was. The Ashes of the Sun they called her, and perhaps when she fell into Xamis' shadow this became true. Upon the eve of her birth, Xamis descended upon her with great fury. It is said that the child had passion that could rival Xamis himself, and he agreed. Xamis took from her something precious, the life of her most beloved friend. The king of Reth, whom had tried to take this child beneath his wing to rein in her unruly nature. Xamis declared that if the child wished to create chaos and darkness, he would allow her to be consumed in the world of it. A punishment for a child who would not bow prior to this. I fell into the shadows, the one who gifted her parents this vibrant child who sowed chaos. I could not agree with the punishment of Xamis, nor could I fight it. Weary, I departed and ceased to watch her struggle for some time. Though I came to know it well, her punishment weakened us all, but some more than others."
    "She cried to me, in her pain. Begged for release, and I pitied her."

    "When Inarus could not bear to watch her turbulent life, I came forth. My vehement protest of Xamis did nothing, and he demanded for me to allow the child to suffer. I could not, and refused to abide his wishes when the child cried for me in her anguish. Never before had she acknowledged us. I feared that the sadness inside of her was too great to dispel, and was pained to know this was true. The child never grew completely from the sadness, though I gave to her comfort. Xamis' lesson had worked, though it was not without damage. The child of night clouds did change. She no longer desired to sow the seeds of chaos, instead she grew generous. Her nature became gentler, though the passion within her still roared within her. I saw her begin to feel deeply for things, especially others. The rage and passion she had that forced her to become so unruly had shifted to the protection of others. Still the child only acknowledged some of my siblings, and advocated for others who did not feel we were real. And never would they know, until they joined their king. The child began to flourish, and though she had earned the scorn and contempt of many gods she still was resilient. Xamis had been absent, as much so as Inarus. Solumnus took interest in the child, and who wouldn't if they shared a namesake or title? He approached our child with a task, a shot at redemption and to prove to her that her actions and beliefs had been wrong. The approach was to further humble this child, and much gentler than Xamis. She agreed to the task, and threw her heart into it. It caused her great pain, and loss. The abundance of friends she'd made dwindled to one or two, and it pained me to see. The child fell into anguish as similar as losing her mentor who had been so gentle and kind to her. The child succeeded in her task, though I dared not watch the outcome, for I do not know if I could bear the thought of losing such a precious child. One with faced such great struggle within."
    "The proud, the stubborn, and known to be my son's ashes. The child needed guidance and structure, the decisions I made I stand by."

    "Never before has a child been born who caused so much pain, suffering, and conflict among my children. Never before had they dared to challenge me themselves. This child that Inarus blessed did just that. Her audacious nature, and dauntless actions are what stirred my rise to action. The disrespect she showed my creations angered me, but what angered me most was her hatred in herself. I had loved her parents, and her so much that I had created a masterpiece. Her design had not been seen before, nor had the trident upon her face. So many gifts, and so much disgust lived within her. She craved to see the world burn, and hurt the way she did, and despised me for her creation. Never before had I felt so angered, nor had I encountered a creature with passion as fierce as mine. Inarus had ensured the child would be special, but never intended for it to be this way. And her chaos did not cease, and my heart grew heavier with anger and sadness. Her destruction knew no bounds, and none could correct her disasters. I stepped in and took from them all what was most dear, their king. Without knowing their king was my own son, who ascended to a throne in the heavens when I killed him, they became greatly anguished. Inarus and Cybydys both violently disagreed with me, but they were still children to me. Much like this child was. Gone was the chance for compassion. The child changed, and I departed to allow Solomnus to take over. He would further shape her, until she earned my pendant. My forgiveness and love for this child swelled. I was saddened by her departure, but proud of the creature she had become. Shaped by the love I held for her, that was great enough to tell her no, and to punish her when it was needed."

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