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Female [She/Her/Hers]

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502 Spring

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01-13-2021, 05:45 PM


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Hello! I'm Pres. I love chatting on Discord, plotting, and procrastinating!

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Pres (PM Player)


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02/07/18 OOC user group sorted, referred by Sparrow (ID# 227). -INKBONE
02/15/18 +50 signos for visiting on a major holiday (Valentines), sent to Pavetta's account. -SID
06/05/18 +25 signos for OOC introduction, TID 1685. -SID
06/10/18 +500 signos for posting in the Anniversary announcement TID2262. -SID
10/05/18 +100 signos for nominating Eik&Isra's thread, A land of absence and root and stone, for Thread of the Season, 503 Spring TID2779. -INKBONE
12/26/18 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Day, sent to Pavetta. -INKBONE
01/01/19 +200 signos as member appreciation bonus. -AIMLESS
01/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on NYE. -AIMLESS
01/09/19 +50 signos for visiting on New Years Day. -INKBONE
04/28/19 +250 signos from round 1 of the Easter egg hunt. -SID
05/07/19 +130 signos for participating in Round 2 of the Easter Egg hunt. -SID
05/20/19 +50 signos for visiting on birthday (05/07). -SPARROW
11/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on Halloween. -AIMLESS
12/26/19 Enchanted Snowflake item gifted for last day of the advent calendar. -SID
06/02/20 +50 signos for visiting on Novus' Anniversary -LAYLA
12/16/20 Free enchantment item sent for visiting on Dec. 16th of advent calendar. -SID
12/17/20 +100 signos for visiting on Dec. 17th of advent calendar. -INKBONE
12/20/20 Free Twins item for visiting on Dec. 19th of advent calendar. -SID
12/22/20 Free armor item sent for visiting on Dec 21st of the Advent Calendar -LAYLA
12/27/20 +100 signos for visiting on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day -LAYLA