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Lusitano X Kladruber


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it don't matter how you got it

species; equine
breed; lusitano x kladruber
eyes; earth brown
coat; warm ivory
scent; sunshine and flowers

She is the summer sun, radiant and golden and glowing. With soft, warm curls the color of sunflowers and mysterious dark eyes paired with freckled skin. Her nose is slightly roman, features lean and body agile. An understated beauty, Eulalie’s coat is ivory and bone—lighter on her undersides and touched with the slightest of dappling along her back and the top of her neck, giving a darker tone to the area along her spine. There is little in the way of other markings to speak of aside from a few patches the color of earth after rain. One marks her belly, another the left side of her neck. A third, smaller spot of brown blemishes her left foreleg at the pastern. While all of Eulalie’s hooves are a light nude color, the brown patch has changed the part of the hoof it touches to a dark grey color, streaked through with a few stripes of the natural hue.

Smattered over her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose are freckles, and when combined with her large, round and dark chocolate eyes, give Eulalie a much more innocent mask than what is actually there. Her long and curling mane and tail, gilded and golden, are usually tied up in braids or even wrapped in itself in order to tame them. Otherwise, the strands drape over her face, neck and withers fully, covering much of this area, creating a curtain which hides much of her features. This naive and bashful image is quickly broken once one notices the scars which are scattered over her body. The largest marr her left shoulder and loin, while thinner, smaller ones lace her left cheek and the right side of her ribs. Barely noticeable, many smaller nicks and grazes cover the bottom parts of all of her legs.

it's yours now don't you hide it

fiery, strong-willed, modest, genuine, determined
trusting, idealistic, worrier, hopeful

Eulalie may appear doe-eyed but she is not naive as one might think. She represents all of the things that young innocence is shielded from, but also what must be fought for. Though on the surface she comes across as timid and does not appear to stand out in a crowd, inside burns a bright fire and passion for life and freedom. She is feistier than she looks, with a sharp tongue that she is quick to brandish but slower to strike out with unless provoked. Over the years her fighting spirit has diminished as a means to protect herself, but in the right circumstances it will come to the forefront. Hardworking and persevering, she may go above and beyond in her duties, but she does them quietly and without complaint or comment. Many would look upon her and see just another small part of the whole, not a unique individual with her own gifts to give the world.

Although it would be easy to think that she views the world through a warped glass, cynically and marred, this is not true. Eulalie has the acute ability to find beauty in the smallest things, and to truly enjoy those little moments if only for the reason that for a long time she never knew when she would get her next one. She has an incredibly strong will and spirit, one that was never broken despite the ways in which the ones in her life attempted to break her. The years have taught her to let go, but old habits die hard and she is still almost as likely to flinch as to face without fear another’s anger. Eulalie is at her essence sincerity and passion, and she has a way of making others feel like the only one in the world by giving them all of her attention.

Relinquishing control of her life is a struggle for Eulalie and something that she battles with every day. Despite the fact that she knows her life is her own now, she has trouble allowing others to make decisions for or even alongside her, though she tries her hardest to be open-minded. The need to constantly be perfect is ingrained into her—a deep seated mannerism—and in many ways she is still insecure, tucked inside a shell without the ability to see all the good that she is and does. Her humility is not a choice but a result of echoing, cutting words that once convinced she was nothing special. With the proper coaxing and attention she can truly shine; someone who loves to laugh and has unique and perceptive views on the world that she is more than happy to share.

let it grow, let it grow

The Rozellas, an affluent family of the Day Court, was compromised of Valentia Rozella, Magnus Rozella and their two daughters: Ambrosia and Eulalie. Ambrosia was the first born, prized, beloved and beautiful. From the moment Valentia became pregnant with her second foal, the younger sibling was already doomed to be inferior, nothing more than a subordinate. That foal was Eulalie, bright and angelic but never once looked upon with the same adoration as her elder sister received on a daily basis. To her parents, Eulalie's birth was not a desire but an inevitability. Ambrosia would, after all, need a handmaiden until such time that she took a suitor. Thus, Eulalie was raised to believe that her existence was merely meant to serve, and serve she did, becoming much like a lady in waiting. She was meant to be her sister's companion but not her friend, to do what was asked of her and to come when called.

Eulalie did all of these things without complaint, knowing nothing else. Despite this, she could not help but notice on their many outings through the Court and the lands beyond that others her age seemed to have very few responsibilities other than simply enjoying life and the time that they had. Once, Eulalie had been talked into a game that a group of foals were playing nearby a stand where her mother and father were attempting to barter with the merchant. With their backs turned and her sister not paying attention, too enthralled by a colt that had stopped to talk to her, the young girl joined the others. She was beginning to have fun, to understand what it was like to be carefree and happy when a shadow fell over her. Eulalie looked up into her father's displeased eyes, who much too calmly thanked the other foals for being so kind to his daughter before leading her away. The words which were spoken to her that night haunted her for many years.

From that day on Eulalie turned her cheek with a hollow gaze whenever another equine her age approached her, determined to do nothing but what she had been trained for: attend her sister. But the fire and longing for freedom burned deep within her, aching to be released. As they aged, Ambrosia became slender, lithe and dainty—the perfect lady worthy of any mate, and it showed in the number of suitors that came courting. Eulalie's work often entailed doing up her sister's hair or searching the markets for a new piece of jewelry to pair with her eyes. On one such trip she met a boy, roguish and quick witted who easily made her laugh. He often wandered the Court just waiting to bump into her as if on accident. They met many a night in secret, and for once Eulalie had a true friend, someone who taught her how beautiful life could be and how to make the best of even the worst situations. After many nights of the pair meeting, Eulalie was confronted by her sister, who accused her of falling love and slacking off on her duties. Although she tried to explain that they were only friends, Ambrosia either refused to listen or did not believe her.

Eulalie feared that her sister would tell their parents and she would be forbidden from meeting up with Castiel any longer. As the days passed, however, it seemed it would not be so. Her sister said nothing to her of their friendship and her parents never acted any differently than they always had, cool and indifferent. In fact, Eulalie believed she had reason to celebrate, as Ambrosia had finally found a mate and would be setting off to start her life with him. She believed this meant her duties would be fulfilled, and on one of their meetings Castiel said he wanted to introduce himself to her parents at last. Eulalie feared the worst, but could not change his mind. It was only the day after Ambrosia had left when her parents called for her, as there was somebody who had come to see her. There was no anger in their voices, and thinking it was her friend she eagerly went to them.

It was not Castiel standing there with her parents, but a stranger. Someone older, who appeared to have a rather good relationship with Valentia and Magnus. It did not take long for her to discover that she was, apparently, his property. As such, a courtesan of sorts. “We cannot have you hanging around with the riff raff,” they had said, clearly referring to her friend and now Eulalie knew that Ambrosia had in fact told them. The realization that they had been planning this since that day was a heavy weight in her stomach. How could they do this to her? Her anger bubbled, but her nearly 3 years of conditioning prevented her from being able to lash out at her parents. Eulalie was taken away, never to see her family again although she did not mourn this. In fact, she preferred it that way, washing herself of them as they undoubtedly washed their lives of her. As she was lead from her home, she saw Castiel standing in the crowd watching with a confused expression. Her dark eyes were despondent.

For a long time she was forced to never leave his side. Not tethered with a rope of any kind, but she may as well have been for the amount of freedom she had. Her longing for it grew the more she was kept away, essentially chained to a life she did not want. Her stubborn streak still got her in trouble more than once with him, and he did not fear lashing out at her physically. He is the cause of her scars, and he often hid them beneath capes and other elaborate items he made her wear in public. Although Eulalie did not often anger him so much that he did physical harm, only a handful of times she could count, she regularly tested the boundaries in place—toeing the line with equal parts thrill and fear.

Over time he seemed to expect her to listen to his rules and to do what he told her, gradually giving her more freedom until he allowed her to travel within the Court walls with an escort of some sort. This was precisely what she wanted, and what she had been waiting for. It wouldn't be easy to get away from the entourage, but she began planning from that first day on. Using the few friends she had made within the Court, Eulalie schemed up quite the distraction. Her plan was to have it occur during the busiest time of day, which would set off a domino effect of disorganization. It allowed her to slip away and disappear into the crowd, and Eulalie quickly left. After many days she ended up in Dawn Court, allowing herself to finally live her own life the way she wanted to.

Active & Parvus Magic

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tabbris, the gryphon

Tabbris is the thunderstorm to Eulalie's summer warmth. He is a true guardian; fiercely protective, strong, determined and loyal, there is nothing he would not do for his bondmate or the ones she loves. The gryphon suffers from bouts of pride and laziness; it is not uncommon to find him preening or lying about in the sun when he is not occupied, but once given a job to do he is completely alert. Despite his incredible size, Tabbris has a very gentle side and is very careful around young or small creatures. His wisdom is as fathomless as the sea, thus he often acts as a voice of reason or insight for Eulalie, and his patience seems as boundless as the skies until he senses a threat. He has a keen eye for details, not only because of his eagle-sharp eyesight but also his penchant for observing rather than reacting. Much like his bondmate, Tabbris has a tendency to act out of stubborness and can be a little mischievous, although he is not nearly as idealistic as the ivory maiden.

He is an impressive beast, measuring over four feet at his shoulder with a wingspan that could block out the sun from above. His front half is that of an eagle—majestic, fearsome and powerful—whereas his back half is feline—muscular, graceful and swift footed. Tabbris' head is stark and white, in contrast to eyes as dark as Eulalie's own. The feathers covering much of the rest of his upper body are mahogany, and the long, fine feathers of his wings are black as night. His beak, deadly sharp, is a brilliant yellow which fades to a dark grey, and his avian legs are a similiar yellow, with heavy scaling and equally sharp talons sprouting from each of his toes. The gryphon has a large feather crest, which often lies flat but when threatened will stand up all down the back of his head and neck. Black feathers extend down his back and meet up with a feathered tail of the same ivory color as the feathers on his head. His feline lower body is sienna in color with cream undersides and a heavy, thick tail tipped in black. The claws of his paws are often retracted, but he might use them in battle or when hunting, and he has tall, pointed feline-esque ears.

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the sunshine woman

Eulalie wears three thin gold strands around her neck, the third of which a stunning turquoise stone hangs from. These are the only jewelry she wears, and were the first she obtained after escaping from her possessor.

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