an equine & cervidae rpg
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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus will close on 10/31/2022, thus The Gentle Exodus has begun
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I've been role playing for seven or eight years now, although I took some time off because... school. I love animals with a passion. Dogs, horses, and lions specifically... also puppies. My life is puppies.

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12/17/19 +300 signos for advent day 4. -LAYLA
12/18/19 +free accessory item for advent calendar day 5 -LAYLA
12/19/19 +250 signos for advent calendar day 6. -SID
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12/26/19 Enchanted Snowflake item gifted for last day of the advent calendar. -SID
06/27/20 +100 signos for participating in "Breathe In The Story" IC event, TID5022 -LAYLA
11/10/20 +65 signos from Lyr's account when they were deleted. -INKBONE
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