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i'm no hero and i'm not made of stone

species; equine
breed; marwari x akhal-teke x arabian
eyes; sage green
coat; rose grey dun
scent; hot summer days and sand

Teiran is a mutt of a thing. Smaller than any of the breeds which make up her blood, she should not be underestimated however. Built for life in Solterra, she is lithe and sleek and made for speed and endurance. Still, although she has a sort of fatal beauty as a coiled snake ready to strike, she is a mismatch of all her parts. Her profile is not quite as dished as those of her arabian ancestors, nor does her coat exhibit the remarkable shine of her akhal-teke blood. Perhaps Terian’s only defining feature of her breeds are her curved ears, giving away the marwari in her.

Like the color of a sunrise behind cloud cover, Teiran is painted in rosey mouse grey hues. The darkest of these shades starts on her legs and head, gradually fading out toward the neck, chest, ribs and hindquarters. Fanning out from the girl’s shoulders, reaching up her neck and down her spine is barring in a near black hue. Similar stripes mark the bottom portion of all of her legs, though only on her rear legs do they also show at the hock. The only light markings on Teiran are her single ivory pastern and a small white birthmark beneath her right eye.

Her coat is deceivingly soft, colors smoothly blended, lending a much gentler image than what is actually poised within. From out of a dark mask peers discerning sage green eyes, bright but often empty if not cold. The harsh cut of her mane and tail, short and straight, fades from dark to light with coppery highlights throughout. Perhaps, though, only the metallic glint of her silver collar—worn high on her throat—gives any indication that there is more to Teiran than her outward appearance shows.

right or wrong i can hardly tell

detail-oriented, logical, intelligent, strong-willed, quick learner, adept, plucky
detached, apathetic, hyper vigilant, unyielding, mechanical

Teiran is deadly, quiet grace. Not callous, she would never kill in cold blood, but in battle the girl is predatory and efficient. She is constantly on high alert, always hyper aware of her surroundings and the proximity of others to herself. She has never let down her guard since she was a child, always expecting to be overlooked or underestimated but often enjoying the thrill of proving her opponent wrong. Her vigilance gives her a great eye for detail and this meticulousness means that she can read a situation or a person quite well, although in the case of the latter she may struggle to understand and follow cues. Teiran's social skills are heavily learned, not instinctual. Over time she has observed how to interact with others but she is robotic at best, and hardly the most social of butterflies.

That isn't to say that she is slow, or unintelligent. Quite the opposite in fact, Teiran is rather bright and her aptitude for learning new skills is high. She is well-read and knows how to write, courtesy of Viceroy, and this paired with her heavy militant training could certainly be a threat. Another bit of conditioning that has stuck with her from those early days is her propensity to become detached. This most often happens during a fight, like part of her just slips away and all that's left is the virulent soldier, but under stress or even seemingly randomly at times, Teiran may also disconnect. She is also incredibly loyal to her court, as she was trained to be, unquestioningly so that at times she would certainly overlook real problems that exist within it.

Perhaps her most important traits are those that got her through those earliest of days and have clung to her desperately ever since, as faint as they may seem at times. A steel will, to overcome and to thrive, not simply to just exist, to be walked on and cast aside. Teiran is vigor and intensity and moxie, even in their smallest measures. Somewhere inside her is the young girl who managed to survive on the streets after being abandoned by her parents, and then still survived the merciless and harsh environment of Viceroy’s army, the manipulation and brainwashing. These shattered, fragmented pieces of her however, are chained to the painful memories of fighting back and being punished, so they cower, hidden in the shadows and afraid to seek the light.

i'm on the wrong side of heaven

Teiran was born to beggars parents, whose names and faces do not matter because she does not remember them anyway. She was a small child, fragile and weak, and not worth what little they had to keep her body warm and her belly full. Whether they simply did not want her, or could not care for her, she will never know. All that she does remember comes back in flashes—broken and fragmented—or in obscure, disjointed nightmares. The unsteadiness of her legs on the cobbled court roads, the sound of her rasping breaths and her aching lungs. Teiran had been abandoned, likely left to die in unforgiving anonymity, alone and cold.

She should never have survived a night, let alone the days that she wandered lost inside the Day Court walls.

Until she happened, stumbled even, upon Viceroy as he paraded through the streets. Some might say it was luck, although others would disagree once hearing of the girl’s fate. Teiran became bait, though their motives behind this were unclear. Perhaps there was little confidence in her ability to survive for Viceroy’s little project, or maybe they only wanted to see how she would fare when fed to the wolves. Whatever the reasons, her future looked unclear. At first she was horribly overpowered by the other children the Warden had collected, but seemed to quickly find her place.

Although she remained small in comparison to the other child soldiers, she was fast on her feet. Teiran did not have the luxury of letting her guard down in the beginning, becoming hyper aware of even the slightest movement in her immediate surroundings, and she learned early on that if she didn't take down an opponent as soon as possible it was usually she who paid for it. Her memories of those early days are filled with the pain of being ripped out of herself as they stole every piece of who she used to be and replaced it with someone who was obedient, unquestioningly loyal to the court and broken.

In the wake of Zolin’s death and the massacre of his advisors, Teiran and the others were left to fend for themselves, no longer captive to Viceroy’s training. Scrappy and adept as the girl was, she set to wander the ravaged streets alone, in much the same way as how her life started. This time, however, she was equipped with skills that would help her survive to see the court rebuild.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the desert soldier


Teiran' armor is a lightweight but sturdy leather, and a rich dark brown in color. The leather pieces themselves are scaled, like a snake or a dragon, cover some of her most vulnerable areas. The largest piece of her armor surrounds her neck, reaching slightly more than halfway to her throat and partially down onto her chest. She also wears this scaled leather around the lower portions of her legs. The leather is flexible enough to allow for movement while offering protection from blunt and slicing attacks, in particular.

From the front of the large leather piece and across her back is a strap, held together by a gold snake and ring, which has two dagger sheaths attached, one on each side. Teiran also wears with it a white hood and cowl, covering her head, neck and shoulders to protect her from sand and the glare of the sun. It is edged in gold and cinched together with a large golden ring, making it easier to loosen or tighten the fabric.


Each sheath on her armor is home to nearly identical Kris daggers. Made with strange a obsidian metal, the blades are hard and black as night. The handle of both daggers consists of this same material, wrapped around with a gold snake whose tail makes up the crossguard and head, holding a spherical gem that reflects the color of her eyes, the pommel. Here is where the similarities to the daggers end. The dagger she wears on her left is a normal dagger.

The one she wears on the right has an enchantment placed upon it. The magic imbued in this weapon gives it a straight and true aim, making its likelihood of hitting its mark much higher. While being handled it acts as a normal dagger, but it feeds from her thoughts and emotions, meaning that once it leaves her physical control the enchantment takes over, putting the dagger on a smooth path. The dagger flies no faster through the air than she can throw it, and it does not follow a moving target, thus anyone fast enough could certainly move out of its way. The only way to discern between the two would be to hold them, as the enchanted weapon is slightly heavier.


Teiran still wears the silver collar placed on her during her time in Viceroy's army of children. Touching it outside of battle elicits an immediate and visceral reaction.

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