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i'm okay in see-through skin

species; equine
breed; anglo-arabian
eyes; soft lilac
coat; lavender and ivory
scent; flowers and faintly, paper

Fiona is a soft evening sky, painted in shifting lavenders with the barest of blushing pinks blanketing her gentle curves. Like drifting clouds, porcelain patches are scattered over her body which is freckled by faintly darker specks. These frosted markings cover her shoulders down her spine and onto her left knee, as well as her right front leg and the left side of her face. Her build is slender and delicate, with long legs and a slender, curving neck. Perhaps the only darkness to her are the ebony lashes that frame her lilac eyes and the dark speckling of the skin around those eyes and across her nose.

True to her lineage, Fiona has a concave profile with a small nose and large, doe eyes. Her ears sit high upon her head, elegant and slim. Her pale lavender hair is full and were it not tied up into large braids, would be long and flowing, dragging along the earth. Even so, her braids hang near to the ground and are carefully maintained to keep them free of dirt and debris. The girl's skin is a fair peach, and though three of her hooves mirror the same color seen on the majority of her body, her right fore hoof is of a similar tone as her skin. She can regularly be found wearings flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes woven into her hair.

i forgive what is within

compassionate, gentle, warm, sincere, humble, loyal
meek, naive, a wallflower, fragile

Fiona is fragile in a way that when most look upon her, they see someone in need of protection. Like a gentle bloom or fine china, she comes across as delicate and finespun. Much of this comes from her timidity, a side effect of her youngest years being spent away from much of the world. She appreciates her space and won't pick fights over small or unimportant things, and more often than not shows her affection for others through gestures rather than written messages. She is gentle and kind to all creatures big and small, and all people far and wide.

When given the chance to get comfortable and to grow Fiona can be quite the social little butterfly, though she is slow to blossom and come out of her shell. More than a bit of a wallflower, the girl is quite observant and has a deep propensity for empathy. In essence, Fiona is compassionate, caring and sincere. She would be a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand in an instant if she saw the need arise, but Fiona is also incredibly trusting and naive. In this way, she views the world through rose colored glasses, expecting that all would treat her as she treats them.

The girl is humble, and though she doesn’t think little of herself, Fiona easily sees herself as just like everyone else. In her mind, there is nothing special about her. The truth is that she is easily overlooked in a crowd, but once you take the time to get to know her you will have a loyal friend by your side forever. When Fiona really shines is when she is in the company of someone who means the world to her, someone she would move mountains for. Her every word and gesture is genuine and thoughtful, and she has a way of making others feel like the only one in the world by giving them all of her attention.

because i'm in this house, i'm in this home

Fiona was born of the marriage of a woman searching for a strong and capable daughter, and a man looking for love. The girl was small and beautiful, a perfect little bundle but for the fact that she could not speak. For a long time they searched for a why. Why was she mute, why couldn’t she speak, and how could they fix it? In the end, Fiona could never be good enough for her mother, and she left them behind to find a new life in a new place where they did not know and would not follow. In the end, her father found the love he was looking for in his little flower girl, and they managed to make a life for themselves.

As a youth, Fiona had a strained relationship with much of the world around her. She had no way to voice her frustrations or her joys, no way to converse with the other children her age. As a result, she spent much of her time indoors at her father’s side. They did not have a lot, though he made enough money off his carvings and creations to get them by comfortably. The one act that her father always went above and beyond with was her studying. The pair spent countless hours in front of books and scrolls, with pens and parchment. Thus, Fiona learned to read and to write at a rather young age.

From then on out, the girl carried a pad and a pen with her always so that she could communicate properly when necessary. Even so, she rarely made use of it unless she had a specific question or was in need of something. She was content with how things were, and felt little need of unnecessary words. For a long time, life was simple and easy, and everything was good. Fiona and her father were happy, and neither felt the loss of a mother or a wife, nor did they long for what could have been.

Things changed quickly, as they tend to do. One day Fiona had returned home from the marketplace to find her father barely standing, breath ragged. Some sickness had overcome him, rushing through his veins and constricting round him as a snake. Fiona stayed by his side every moment, and perhaps fortunately, the disease took him quickly. He was there and then, within the next breath, he had gone and she was alone. He had been more than a father to her through the years. He had been her mentor, her cheerleader, her friend, and the girl mourned him in her quiet, simple way. She wrote a lot—to him, to the gods—and slowly but surely she healed and honored his memory in the best way she knew how: to live.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


A gift⁠—given in the form of a potion⁠—Fiona has the ability to thought-cast. Like a limited form of telepathy, she can send her thoughts to the minds of others near her in order to communicate without need of a physical voice.


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the flower girl

Fiona is almost always seen wearing flowers in her hair. Constantly changing with the day and the seasons, she is never seen with the same arrangement more than once.

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