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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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"Are there lines she's crossing? Should she toe them or touch them with a pole and stay away wholly? But to avoid such a storm he offers, such a taste of life; to withhold herself from the chance to taste starlight, to love satin and silk and swallow pomegranate seeds not yet offered... She should be stronger." — Moira in
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Age:6 [Year 497 Spring]
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Orientation: Heterosexual
Breed: Unicorn
Height:16.2 hh
Health: 8
Attack: 12
Experience: 19
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Were a weapon given a shape made of blood and bone and flesh it would be Calliope. She is fashioned to be a weapon and little less, efficient and beautiful in a very deadly sort of way. Gray and chiseled with muscle she could be made of steel in the right light. Only the flash of white on her left shoulder makes her seem real, a streak of lighting that breaks up the deadly darkness of her skin. At night she's black, black, black and she hunts in that black shroud like a reaper.

She is a classic unicorn, long legs and a neck that arches from her shoulder in a bold flash of brutal strength. To see her as delicate would be a mistake, she's deadly in her deer-like grace. Never has a unicorn been more a lion than her, and when she trills a battle call there's a roar in the rumble of her vicious song.

Her eyes flash warning more often than her lips tilt up into a smile. They're too bright for the darkness of her and they glare like star-fire when she's angry.

Even her tail is more leonine that horse, it's almost too long for her body. Long hair graces both the beginning and end of her tail and it's a wicked distraction on the killing field. They whisper in the wind, twitching at her back and tangling around her hooves. But in the end he tail in nothing more than the rattle of a rattle-snake and to be enthralled by the beauty of it is to surrender to death.

The deadliest part of her is her horn. It's too long for her head and it gathers moonlight like diamonds at the sharp, brutal end of it. Blood has long ago dried in the cracks of her horn. There is one forgotten droplet for each scar that mars her lovely, sleek skin. It is a horn that has plucked a star from the night sky to cauterize a mortal wound. Her horn could tell more stories than any storybook could fathom, it is a legend of a weapon.

Only a band around her horn gives her any decorative flash at all. It's a simple twisting design of metal that was forged in the magic fires of her old kingdom. Long has the band lost it's powers but the memory of when Raymond gave her the gift is more welcome than any magic could possibly be.
Vicious/ Cold/ Brutal/ Wild/ Passionate

Clever/ Fearless/ Skilled at War/ Loyal/ Determined/ Relentless

Calliope lives by her own moral code. Some might see her as a monster who is content with the wake of death that starts wherever her shadows fall. Some might see her as a savior, a hero to chase away the beasts knocking at the door of their innocence. Others still see her as a wild thing, untamed and reckless when the world has long ago forgotten its own moral code. All that's certain is that she is forever true her own code and never strays from the gray line she has drawn for herself.

Destroy the criminals and monsters, the beasts who seek to devour hope and love and freedom. Protect the innocent, defend their right to freedom to the very last breath. She is judge and jury, hunter and defender. Once she's marked something as a monster there is no escaping.

Calliope is determined to the very end and then another eternity after that. There is no escaping her when she's out for vengeance or justice. They weak have only to ask for help and if they are true she will give them the final beat of her weary, broken heart. She is a savior to the helpless and a reaper to those deserving of death.

She doesn't fear blood and gore and there is a viciousness in her purpose at times that makes it very easy to forget that she is as lovely as she is fearsome. There are no mountains that she will not figure out how to scale, no wall she will not tear down. Sometime her dedication and passion feels like madness and she often looses herself to any purpose that drives her.

There is little time in her life for peace and serenity and when others are drinking and enjoying themselves she can be found in the darkness, pushing her self further and further.

Eventually, Calliope will become her own death for she has yet to find a monster that could be the end of her.
There has never been a time in which Calliope was not made to destroy, to kill, to rip apart whoever owned the name she was given. She has never not known blood and war and vengeance.

Calliope is the only one of her kind, a hybrid of the white and pure unicorns and the shadow black assassins. She was cast out from the moment she was free off her mother's tainted womb and left to die at the caves of the assassins. No one cared for the unicorn who was more gray than black with her eyes that were silver and the bolt of white lighting streaking down her side.

But pity her they did and the leader of the herd took her in. From then on out she was baptized in blood and all her waking thoughts were of war and justice and a tyranny she had no choice but to follow. They made her into a monster (that child who knew nothing of love or hope) and by the time she was a yearling she was already sent out to take from the world all the names given to her. When she was brave enough to question the wrongness of their beliefs they beat her until she could do nothing but submit.

She was unstoppable, brutal and vicious. They started calling her the lioness, the queen of killing.

The others were jealous of this gray abomination and they went to Calliope one night. She was weary and had long given into the weakness of sleep. They held her down, the pure-bloods, and tried to carve out her eyes that should have been blacker than any moonless night. Perhaps had they succeeded they might have gone on to live, perhaps they might have lived long enough to regret turning on her. But sadly for them, the wounds were shallow and her eyesight never faded for more than as moment (from dripping blood).

And so with her eyes bleeding, rendering her sightless, Calliope awoke and killed them all. She slayed the monsters in their own house, for they were evil, those black unicorns and everyone they had her kill for them was innocent and pure.

On she went from room to room, slitting their throats in their sleep and fighting when she found some waiting for her. Carnage covered her until all her gray was red, red, red. In the end she was the last. It was a kind of irony that-- the last of them was the one who didn't belong at all.

She left that night, dripping her glorious vengeance for the hellish childhood they made her life. Through a hundred different worlds she went, traveling through rifts in the universe with all the carelessness of blink. For what was the world to her, the lioness with no pride to call her own? All she had was her moral code, defend the innocent at the cost of her own life. Calliope was determined to atone for the sins of her childhood.

In each world she left a wake of monsters, dragons fell like leaves before her. She shed snakes from their bones, tore apart monster who were too gruesome to have a name. Fearless and brave she helped anyone who asked as long as she judged them innocent. For a year she went on like this, littering her skin with scars until she became a legend that transcended worlds.

But everything changed when she met Shrike. That was the moment her soul was awoken and she finally had something to make her want to live. They were sisters, the unicorn made of night and the desert lady in her skin of blood and rubies. They would shift together (back then she was a shapeshifter), a bear and a lion, and waste away a hundred nights with promises. Together, they would swear, together they would make a new world in which no one ever had to know fear.

They ruled Velius together, the queens of justice and the wild magic. They knew no gods only loyalty to themselves. Raymond, was there too, the one man that could ever tether the wild Calliope. The three of them were fearsome and eventually Velius was not enough for them. Fearless they leaped into the rift there and gave themselves over the the sick magic to seek out more monsters to slay.

They found them, in the rift-lands dragons and beasts that should have been nothing more than plain horses. But Shrike also found her end there, left to die in underground world that started in the very heavens themselves.

When Calliope found her, Shrike was nothing more than strewn about insides that were stubborn enough to still breathe. With a kiss she slit Shrike's throat, saving her any more agony.

And that is when the madness began, with Shrike gone all Calliope had was vengeance and a blood-lust for justice. She never did find the killer, in the end.

Calliope killed every monster she could find. With her lightning she plucked dragons from the sky. In her lion skin she devoured beasts of the darkness. On her bloody revenge went, until the entire rift-lands was afraid of the unicorn who coated herself in starlight and blood. Only Raymond was able to level out the madness of her, only the cool cruelty of his logic tethered her.

Had it been any other horse that suggested she move on she would have killed them.

For a while she was content in her sadness, spending more and more hours in her lion skin. But then there was a whisper, a story that an end in the rift-lands was not an end at all. So Calliope shed her unicorn skin and gave up her soul to the sick magic of the rift. Hope that Shrike still lived was all she needed.

She's been traveling so long that time has forgotten the unicorn. She has been forgotten by some and mourned by others. She has worn the skin of a lion, a lighting storm, a woman, a hunter. Her soul is older than her bones, restless until it finds the sister she lost so long ago.

Only Raymond (the stallion from Velius) has braved a few of the worlds with her, others have long been left behind. She is unstoppable even now, wild in her purpose.

Novus is only another stop, a purposeless world that she's unsure will offer anything for her. It's strange to wear a skin that has no lion roaring inside her bones and blood that doesn't crackle with lightning. This is a tame place to her, walls and a civilization she has long ago forgotten how to live in.

But on she goes, searching once more for that purpose she needs to fuel her soul.
Active & Parvus Magic

Lighting Manipulation

A sliver of her old magic from Ravos has found her here. While this lightning is less rabid than her magic from the wild-lands it can still spark and strike with fury. Her power is not limited to only to storms. The electricity can come both from the rage and violence of her blood and from the anger of the very skies above.

I. Discipuli

Calliope is just discovering the magic that has returned to her blood. Her sparks are nothing compared to the power she once knew. Mostly she can stun and spark small bolts that go no more than a few feet from her skin. Prolonged use of her power is almost impossible and if she tries at all she'll bleed from the nose and become so worn down that it can take her days to recover from what her magic chooses to take from her. Her aim is faulty at this level and she has very little control of the bolts.

At this level it's easier for her to use her powers when the sky is alive with lightning. Her blood is still still unaccustomed to the power in her veins and she needs lightning to charge her before she can use magic that is of any use at all.


Calliope is starting to become familiar with her magic. The lightning comes easier from her blood alone but it's still far more powerful when she has a storm to power her. She still tires from prolonged use but she recovers in hours instead of days now. Her bolts can go several feet from her now and her accuracy has greatly improved although it is hardly close to perfect.

Overhead storms start to seem almost drawn to her and bolts strike close to her when the storm is directly above.

III, Periti

Her magic comes almost as easy as walking now. She still has to think about it but it's getting easier each day to breathe out sparks of lightning and aim her strikes almost as easily as she aims her gaze. Calliope's bolts can reach dozens of feet now if she's just using the power in her blood. If there is a storm close by she can direct the bolts where she wants most of the time.

Lightning storms are almost always drawn to her and in moments of rage the clouds might start to gather and rumble and strike with almost as much violence as the black unicorn who calls to them. And if she's angry enough she might seem to be cloaked in a silk of electricity that burns brighter than the stars.

IV. Dominus

Calliope has fully mastered her powers. She can summon lightning storms with no more than a thought and her bolts can strike almost miles from her with deadly and stunning accuracy. She can level forests and electrify lakes with the rage of her magic if her violence turns to something as wild and reckless as she. Her eyes are not blue so much as they are blue fire made by sparks of lightning that course through her veins smoother than her blood.

Passive Magic

Because of the lightning that lives in her blood, during moments of strong emotion ghost sparks of lightning can run over her flesh. These can neither stun nor harm in any other way. They are merely a faint, spectral reflection of the fury that lives just below her skin.


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Calliope's only adornment is a small metal cuff that she wears around her horn. It holds no powers but those of memories.

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