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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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Age: 7 [Year 496 Spring]
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Orientation: Asexual (sexual sadist)
Breed: Warlander
Height: 16.2 hh
Health: 12
Attack: 8
Experience: 13
Signos: 70 (Donate)

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Silas is a tall, well-built, and handsome kirin. He's a Warlander - a cross of the Friesian and an Iberian breed (in this case Andalusian). He's more of the sporthorse build - lean and fit. His tail and mane are long and flowing, and he has the feathers of a Friesian, though they are a bit lighter. He's on the tall end, standing at 16.2 hh, though he often appears taller with the reindeer antlers decorating his skull.

His colors are rather unusual, but somehow they still complement each other. His sleek coat is off-white, with appropriately corresponding white hooves. His mane, tail, feathers, beard, and the lion's mane that graces his chest like a collar are all of a taupe color. He has pale, grey-green scales that go across his face and down his neck and chest. Across his coat are purple-grey birdcatcher spots that break up the monotony of his pale coat. He has two gold hoop earrings through the top of his left ear. Silas has two gold hoop piercings in each nostril, with each side being connected to its corresponding ring.

Finally, Silas has molten golden eyes to match his jewelry. His eyes are calm, intelligent, belying the troubled mind beneath.
Positive: charismatic, confident, ambitious, attractive, perceptive, intelligent
Negative: narcissistic, impulsive, deceitful, apathetic, amoral, calculating

At first glance, Silas seems like a handsome, easygoing, suave fellow. To be fair, he will happily keep that façade in place as long as necessary. Some may never know him as anything else. He is perceptive and intelligent, but also calculating and manipulative. The face he puts on is only a way to manipulate those around him -- to use them like puppets to serve whatever purpose he sees fit. His confidence and charisma contribute to obtaining and maintaining whatever he wants. His ambition and narcissism are his true nature.

This handsome kirin, should he ever have a sit down with a psychologist, would be diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Colloquially? He's a sociopath.

He is not entirely devoid of emotion, but he has no empathy. He can mimic the emotions of others without truly feeling them. His motivation is to do what he wants, whenever he wants. He may become impulsive and rash when he's upset, with no regard to how his actions may affect others. In any relationship he may have - romantic, platonic - he has trouble with true connection and attachment; he may treat the other in the relationship more like a prized possession or tool.

When he was five years old, Yvnera, Goddess of Chaos, gifted Silas the ability to eat (and digest) meat and drink blood. Though he may eat meat, and he sometimes gets cravings, he cannot survive as a carnivore alone.

Aside from all the serious talk, there are some fun facts Silas would never share. He has a phobia of pineapples, and of geese (especially Canadian Geese, though he has never been to nor does he know of Canada). He is not aware that he has a phobia of pineapples, having never encountered one. And as the public may discover on their own: when he eats meat, he poops rainbow turds. This tends to make others smile or giggle, but never has Silas ever found it remotely amusing. ("She never told me that would happen.")
The story of this handsome kirin began simply, the same as so many. He was born into a family of three: his father, mother, and older brother Argos. He was a strong, independent, unruly colt from the beginning, always getting himself into trouble and begging to get his way. Temper tantrums were frequent. Luckily for him, his adoring brother Argos was always there to bail him out. Their herd was average-sized, and his family held good standing within the social hierarchy.

But Silas’s story was not quite so picturesque as I’ve painted it. You see, where he comes from, the gene that triggers the growth of scales and consequently extra hair is recessive. The herd that his family belonged to— that his ancestors had always belonged to— was made up of purely unicorns. It wasn’t that they had anything against other types of equine like pegasi, kelpies, or “normal” horses. But kirins— those were bastard, mutated unicorns! Long ago Silas’s ancestors had tried to “breed out” that terrible kirin gene. Everyone thought that it was gone for good, until Silas came along.

He didn’t care what he was, nor did he really care why his parents and herd shunned him, hated him. It only mattered that he didn’t get his way, was bullied and left out, and often made the scapegoat of any problem, large or small. Argos received all the attention and affection, and he was treated almost as an only child. Silas’s resentment toward everyone steadily grew. Only to Argos did he ever show any affection.

As time passed it seemed that the divide between Silas and the rest grew wider and wider. Even Argos seemed to be growing distant. When Argos was 5, Silas 4, they seemed to have almost nothing in common anymore. Argos still loved his younger brother but realized the consequences of that affection. Everyone would look down on him; his friends would desert him; the girls would scorn him. There was no option for upward mobility — Silas was the anchor that would chain him to the bottom of the totem pole, or bury him completely.

This did not fare so well for Silas. He saw the change in his brother, in all of them, as Argos began to withdraw from his younger sibling. His resentment grew, and he started lashing out at those who could do nothing - simple creatures of the forest and plains. Their corpses started appearing more and more frequently, sometimes washing down the river that the herd commonly watered at. Many thought that there must be some monster in the area. After all, if it was a big cat or wolves, wouldn't the bodies be... eaten? Small brush fires kept popping up, all manageable but still worrisome.

Still, the kirin managed to remain on the fringe of the herd, not accepted but not banished either. He kept to himself mostly, wanting to leave but unsure of where he would go, to leave what he'd always known. That is, until the first foal fell ill. Then her mother.... a friend... The illness spread at random it seemed. For some it was deadly, some recovered. No one knew the cause, though some blamed the polluted river water. By the time half the herd had fallen sick, the leaders were prepared to act. With the support of the rest of the herd, Silas was banished.

Silas doesn't remember what happened then. If he left quietly, if he made a ruckus. The only thing he remembers is that one morning he woke up far from his homeland. Bitter and a little confused, he struck out on his own, not knowing what he was searching for, nor where he was headed.

Only a few days passed before his rage got the best of him and he went on a rampage - killing any small beast that crossed his path and was too slow to get away. When he finally stood one evening — the setting sun shining upon his bloodied horns and maw, feathers matted with gore — too exhausted to move, he spotted a strange feminine figure. She was clearly equine, but she was more of a shade — an abstract, wispy shape with strange, pale silver eyes that seemed to flow. She had no features besides those piercing eyes.
“Silas..” Her voice was more like a whisper in his mind than that of an earthly creature. He was dumbstruck, and offered no reply.

“Silas, I have been watching you for awhile now. More than these past few days, hmm..” The shape moved toward him, and as it neared (she neared?) he realized it cast no shadow, nor left no mark in the ground.

“Who are you?” He managed to choke out, but though exhausted, it was more of a demand than a question.

“I am Yvnera, Goddess of Chaos. That is all you need to know.” There was no room for argument, and he shut his mouth as quickly as he’d opened it. “I have been watching you, and you have provided me with much amusement. I would like to grant you.. an ability.”

Again his stained lips parted, but Yvnera cut him off as if she didn’t notice. “You may call it a blessing or a curse. I simply give this power and you may decide how to receive it.”

A pain entered his gums, and a strange twisting in his gut that made him gasp. Immediately Silas found himself questioning if this was how he would die. “I am giving you the power of a carnivore, so that now you may eat like prey — or predator.. I look forward to your future.” Though his eyes were clenched shut, he knew she was laughing, as it resounded in his mind.

The pain continued for several more minutes, before finally receding to a dull, half-there ache. When he opened his eyes once more, the Goddess Yvnera had vanished. His teeth were slightly sharper than before, and something felt.. strange in his belly.

Silas wasn’t sure what he thought of his new ability, but he found himself exercising it much more than he might have imagined. He traveled here and there for another year, never staying in one place too long. He left corpses, broken hearts and minds as a trail behind him.

Just turned six, he has arrived at this new land called Novus. He has no discernable goals or plans, but as he sees it, Novus is ripe for the taking.
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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Small Accessories
  • Two gold hoop earrings in his upper left ear
  • Two gold hoop nose rings in each nostril, connected to its mirrored side by gold chains
  • Gold necklace from a murdered stranger in the Mors Desert (trophy)

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