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Once the image of sinlessness, Eros has become anything but innocent; turquoise tattoos stain his otherwise unblemished dominant white coat, piercings mar his delicate face, and he has finally begun to fill out his short yet shapely frame. He is an unconventional beauty: effeminate but not unattractive.

He has the build of a typical Arabian and the same facets, too—an athletic, trim figure with slight musculature, light bones, and a dished head,—rendering his physique incredibly feminine and fragile. Long lashes frame Eros’ wide golden eyes, and a thick, wavy white tail highlighted with gold falls from his dock. Although a characteristic he once considered unsightly, his lack of a mane only emphasizes the elegant arch and musculature of his neck.

Youthfulness glimmers in his eyes and in the way he carries himself; he moves with the vibrancy (and, sometimes, the gracefulness) of a foal. Eros’ vanity is obvious in how he presents himself; he keeps his coat well-groomed, his tail silken, his jewelry sparkling. His hooves are—like the rest of him—small and dainty, often painted gold. With the amount of time he spends preening and cleaning, he seldom has a speck of dirt on him.


ESFP personality type.
  • curious
  • creative
  • forgiving
  • excitable
  • sensitive
  • instinctive
  • bratty
  • needy
  • nature-loving
  • easily stressed
  • snarky when provoked
  • inappropriate, blue sense of humor
To strangers, Eros appears a kind, quiet and reserved individual. If treated with respect, he is often levelheaded, but Eros is emotionally instinctive; he thinks and feels with his heart before his mind. This sensitivity leads to his volatile nature—he is easily overwhelmed and often takes critical teasing too seriously, ending in either tears or a loss of temper. Similarly, he does not deal well with stress and will break under pressure in such situations. Eros is not terribly good at holding a grudge, however, and is quick to forgive at the slightest suggestion of remorse.

Those that are able to get close to him—which is not too difficult; once Eros gets to know someone, he will open up quickly—will learn that he gets very attached. His friends also see a more cheeky side of him: when he knows he can get away with it he reveals a snarky, sarcastic side that enjoys making crude jokes or other sexual references. He appreciates verbal praise, but finds physical affection to be even more rewarding.

An only child, Eros does not always deal well with disappointment, and, unfortunately, he has developed a taste for the finer things in life. He expects to be indulged and wants things handed to him on a silver platter. He needs to be taken care of, ever the helpless princess. Eros craves to be treated as one, too, pampered and spoiled (and to look like one—he has become increasingly vain as he has grown).

He revels in exploration—experiencing new places or taking risks by challenging social conventions and expectations. Eros often finds himself venturing into forests full of curious flowers and other atypical plants to get his fill of adventure; he admires the beauty of nature’s complexities, always wanting to discover more and learn more about his surroundings.


[From the start, he had never been able to establish close relationships. It began with strict, unaffectionate parents and an absence of friends, but continued as he grew up. The lack of nurture he received from his parents as a child caused him to develop a nearly insatiable desire for constant physical expression of affection.]

Born with the unusual dominant white coat color and without a mane, he was often ostracized for his differences by other foals. As a result, Unn Iris spent a lot of time with his ordinary, traditional parents. His father was considerably more strict than his mother and he often pushed his son into pursuing various "manly" activities, many of which he didn't even remotely enjoy. Unn Iris also began to realize as he grew older that he had no attraction to mares, but the societal values of his small, provincial, and conservative herd (coupled with his longing to fit in) forced him into choosing a mare for a mate when he was young.

Unn Iris looked outside of his relationship for the affection he desired, and sought a relationship with someone he was actually interested in. His affair with Aleksander, another stallion, was short-lived; his mate discovered and outed him. The closed-minded horses of his herd were enraged and he was physically abused. A particularly brutal attack left him with a fractured skull and gruesome head injury. Alek nursed him back to health, but wasn’t there when he awoke. Unn Iris decided to leave for a place that would be more accepting and open-minded, alongside the rabbit in which he found solace (left with him by Alek, unbeknownst to him), whom he named Lepus.


[As a result of the trauma he experienced, he developed a stutter and intense mistrust of strangers. His brief spell as a prostitute worked to fix these, but it never fully mended either issue. During this period, he finally found a place he fit in and a person who cared about him, both of which allowed for cultivation of a sassier personality; however, he still retained his stutter and fear of strangers.]

Unn Iris found a more liberal place in which to live, where he discovered the excitement of parties, clubs, and one-night stands; he satisfied the attention he craved by sleeping around a lot. Unable to find another source of income, he became a prostitute in order to support himself and started going by the name Eros. He fell for a client who did not reciprocate his feelings and realized he could not be happy there; Eros once again decided to leave in search of a new place to call home.

He met and later began a relationship with a stallion named Aion, who became that new home. Eros also realized his fascination with crime and sought out criminals for friends (while simultaneously learning he wasn’t cut out for that: an encounter with a thief named Velox Latro left him without his beloved companion, Lepus). He abandoned his life of instability in favor of a more secure one with Aion; however, Eros was reunited with his former lover and forced to make a choice about his future when Alek professed his love. He ultimately chose Aion and decided he’s ready to settle down.

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