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Grab me by my ankles, I've been flying for too long

Despite his parent's heights, Regis stands a rather puny height of 13.3hh - due to a severe lack of nutrients during his time in the womb, his growth is stunted in all manners. As a foal, the boy carries his gaunt form on unsteady legs that will take time to both straighten and strengthen. The profile of his face favors the straightness of his father's, while his build more closely resembles his mother's, albeit more lithe in nature.

Like his father, Regis, too, posses the wings of a barn owl. The horn protruding from his brow is ebony with a slight upward curve. The hide that covers him is pale gold, almost a mousy brown in its base color. Heavy dun factor is present throughout Regis' form, sporting a thick dorsal stripe that runs from his withers down through his tail. His shoulders are covered by barring as are his legs, the stripes thin where they begin near the fetlocks and growing bolder the further up the leg they go, eventually stopping just over the knee and hocks. His head stays considerably darker than the rest of his body throughout the year, raw umber in its shade where not covered by his bald-faced marking.

Regis' mane is an acceptable length, stopping at the point of his shoulder. Both mane and tail are just a tick lighter than black with the tips fading to a tawny hue. Aside from his dun traits, his hind feet are dipped in white up to the fetlock while his face is covered with a large, white patch that consumes his right ear and touches the same eye, a rich and vibrant green, and narrowly avoids touching his left eye of bright and wondrous blue.


I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song

And I want you so badly but you could be anyone

The boy possesses a sweet, tender soul - the first to ask if you're okay. He is quiet and will struggle to leave his parents' sides during his first months of life, lacking the confidence to do so despite his sister's valiant attempts to sway him otherwise. Regis takes pleasure from the simple things in life, content to sit and observe rather than investigate. For some time, the colt will be shy in the face of strangers, taking cover behind either of his parents or even Anemone's stronger form, but will quickly come around to those he sees on a daily basis in Delumine.

Regis is obedient and does not question authority at this point in time. Whether he's told to stay close or settle down for the night, he will listen. The only time he'll ever speak up against it is if he's frightened, but even so, the boy will still try, for all he ever wants to do is please and make his parents happy.

When he does find himself crippled with fear, the first place Regis will look is to his parents and duck away to them - beneath them, between their legs, under their tails - anywhere he can get, really, because he knows they'll not let any harm come to him. With them, he is safe.

Despite what he lacks in physical strength, Regis more than makes up with his mental aptitude. He's sharp and empathetic, picks up on small details others may miss, and his memory is a rather impressive one as well. Should he find the courage, he'll speak up in defense of those who are deserving. When he grows older, Regis will certainly spend many of his afternoons tucked away in Delumine's grand library, drinking in the vast knowledge available to him and using it to his advantage in all aspects of his life.

I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song

Hold me down, I'm so tired now

Born to Somnus and Eulalie in the Dawn Court. History to come!

Aim your arrow at the sky and leave me where I lie

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Milo is a young red fox who follows the equally young Regis everywhere he goes. Extremely playful, he will run and romp for hours with his bonded before curling up for a long nap in the sun. He’s fiercely protective of Regis despite his species’ natural skittishness and is always wary of strangers. He’s inquisitive like his bonded, and together they will always go seeking adventure.

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  • Like most foals, he explores the world with his mouth during his first few months.
  • Often seeks shade in the form of his parents' shadows.
  • Chews on any tails that get in his face.

I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song

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