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house of the rising sun

build, slender lusitano, slightly dished face
height, fifteen one hands
coat, dunalino overo
eyes, soft periwinkle
markings, white marking on shoulder, white pastern markings on all four legs
wings, blue jay wings, one blue and one completely white
horn, a spiraled, thin, and long resembling dark yellow quartz
accessories, none

you are the epitome of childish wonder – the sweetest flower of spring’s first bloom. you are a reverie of bright colors and innocent bravado, the color of sunshine dappled on morning’s first frost. velvet to the touch, delicately made with sharp and intelligent eyes that speak more of ocean waves than bright skies. they are large, accentuated by white spider web lashes and a mostly quiet demeanor, with a white star centered in between. the horn that sprouts from your star looks like a darker yellow quartz, making it both impressive but extremely fragile. the dish of your face slopes softly to a petite muzzle – the color of satin dove feathers, punctuated by the clip of white and pink on your upper lip. along your back burns a stripe the color of desert sand, barred on your shoulder and coloring your legs only slightly, while the stripes along your joints are darker in comparison. your wings are large, strong, each unique in its color. the right sprouts from a patch of white along your shoulder, draining it of its color. the other is a bright aquamarine, iridescent when it catches the light. bands of black and white pepper the tips of the feathers, while it reflects a cerulean blue in its sheen.

house of the rising sun

negatives, headstrong, mischievous, impulsive, tactless, reckless
positives, joyful, carefree, adventurous, honest, fearless, curious, loyal

as a child you have been swept into a ray of sunshine; fostered by the warmth that it brings. there is often a smile plastered to your gray lips, a sweet grin accompanied by your sing song laughter and girlish teasing. it is this joyful nature that has formed you, nurtured you from the day you were born – a daughter of the dawn. you have been loved so ferociously by both of your parents that it is hard to imagine a mean bone in your body. and it is true; there hardly is one. you are both your parent’s joy (as any child should be) but also their biggest nuisance and constant source of trouble. you are too adventurous to stay where you are told, too headstrong to listen to their teachings, too fearless to recognize their worries. it has provided you with a sense of purpose, to both simultaneously distract your parents from their responsibilities as well as challenge them to keep all of their hair still on their head. mostly, you are fond of torturing your brother with your antics. he deals with it, bless his soul, and you will never forget it. nevertheless, you are still just a block of clay, moldable to the whims and wills of the court – reliant on a sense of self that is still building in its clarity. but you have and always will be honest, even in the hardest times you are generous with the truth (even when it’s not needed). you are without grace when you speak, no silver-tongued magic to grace your lips – but it is evident that you are still your father’s daughter. you are well spoken enough, but you miss a certain tact when addressing others. it’s often gotten you in trouble, but there is always a quick smile and a light hearted laugh that gotten you right out of it.

house of the rising sun

dam, eulalie
sire, somnus
sibling, regis (twin)
adopted family, coming soon to a theater near you

born to the king and queen of dawn

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house of the rising sun

enchanted ring, a white pearl hanging from a golden ring around the base of her horn, the pearl enables anemone to detect lies another may be saying (but never discern the truth)

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