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He is simply the second side to one coin, the matching sword in a twin set. Never, not once, has Toulouse existed as his own person: his entire life he has lived for another, destined to share the same face, the same name, the same everything with his twin.

He’s gold, as gold as honey, as gold as the sun. Depending on the season his coat may vary from a beautiful pale palomino to a brilliant champagne, perhaps even lightening to nearly perlino; but the gold is undeniable, and interestingly enough his color always matches his twin’s. It’s useful indeed for the many times they switch places with one another; truly, in all ways, it’s as if they are one being instead of two.

From his golden eyes to his white markings, from the messy mass of hair to the scarves he’s clad in, he’s the second half to Toulouse. Even the way he walks is the same: graceful and sly, demanding of notice and admiration.

The only thing lacking are the horns. Burned off with hot iron as a young colt, he bears the scars upon his poll still as proof. Perhaps his most prized possessions are a double pair of horns, scalped from a peculiar looking ram: he affixes them to his diadem when he goes out in public with tree sap. He hides the often rough-looking connection points with his thick hair and scarves so that the horns appear natural, as if he never was without them.

He’s never known life from an individual’s point of view; to Toulouse, there is no such thing as”I,” only “we.” He has lived his entire life within his twin’s shadow—and he is perfectly content to continue doing so. His brother is the spotlight, the smile and charm, the brawn. Toulouse is the lesser-seen side, quiet and sly.

Of course, if you were to meet either of them alone, it might be impossible to tell which twin you’re speaking to.

Toulouse has followed his twin to the ends of the world, and he would do so all over again. Nothing is more important to him than Toulouse--without the confidence of his twin, Toulouse would fall apart. Through all of their wanderings, through all of their games and adventures and lies, Toulouse is the strong and steady rock, prone to thinking and overthinking. But it has always been his caution that keeps the twins from going too far, from entangling themselves without a way out. More often than not, it's Toulouse who comes up with the lies--and Toulouse who acts them out.

“You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you.” — George R. R. M.
Toulouse is perfectly opposite of his twin. He’s the man behind the curtain, the one pulling the strings to gently and keenly that few might ever call him for what he really is: a puppeteer and a master at that. He’s adept at anything he puts his mind to. His skill for both the arts and the technicals has allowed Toulouse to become proficient in quite a few languages and instruments. Life is rarely seen as boring, but a challenge: there’s always something new to explore, something wonderful to learn.

And knowledge truly is power.

His memory is photographic, his mind his greatest weapon. But for as much as he knows, he rarely speaks; he would much sooner allow his twin to take the lead than to be seen near the spotlight himself. Of course, when he deems it necessary he’ll open his mouth—but not to speak as himself, but under the masquerade of Toulouse’s persona. Toulouse is rarely himself except for in private, and because of this few even know he exists. He plays his twin so well that most people believe he is Toulouse, a deception the twins have exploited gleefully.

Very rarely will Toulouse slip up. However, despite how well they’ve tricked the world, he is his own person, with his own traits:

private // novel // arbitrary // perceptive // calculating // insensitive 

Toulouse is completely dependent upon his twin—but so long as the twins were together, they needed nothing else.

While Toulouse has striven to forget their past, to blend himself into their multiple new personas and commit himself to each new life, Toulouse remembers it all. The arguments of their loveless parents, the beatings and lashings and food rations. He remembers the burn of the iron again his skull, burning away what would have otherwise become his horns. He remembers listening to the cry of his twin as his own body was mutilated, and the way they held each other at night.

They never were able to defend themselves by hoof or tooth—but eventually, they grew cunning enough to outsmart their tormentors. And one day, they discovered a way to free themselves and escape. They ran off into the night, determined to carve out a life for themselves in which they would be in control. And together, they came up with the ultimate disappearing act.

All they had was each other.

Together, they traveled through many worlds and across many lands. Everywhere they went they told lies and stole identities, leaving behind confusion and empty wallets. Toulouse would follow his twin to the ends of the earth if need be—wherever Toulouse went, so too could Toulouse be found. He was the ever-present guard of his brother, content to watch from the shadows, the true puppet master of their adventures.

 The longest of any place they stayed in was Helovia, and it was here that the twins pulled off their greatest feat yet: becoming one in the eyes of society. Everyone knew them only as Toulouse, a single man with many facets to him. They made a name for themselves, acquiring between them a collection of accessories, titles, and magic that they split and adopted equally—and no one suspected a thing. It was here that Toulouse and his shadow would have been content to stay for a good bit longer.

 The death and destruction of the world forced them out with the rest of the residents. They came up with a plan: to hold onto each other’s scarves so that when they stepped through the portal, they would travel through it and come out on the other end together, as one.

But the fabric tore, and the twins were sent tumbling in opposite directions, alone for the first time in their existence.

 Lost and forlorn without his twin, Toulouse began wandering far and wide, ears constantly open to the secrets around him. It wasn’t long before he caught word of a palomino gelding, with a serpentine smile and a charming laugh, making a name for himself in a far off land. Toulouse followed the rumors and found himself in Novus—where he once again took on his twin’s identity, and two became one again.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

His greatest assets are his eyes; so why should he not show them off a bit? He dresses himself in translucent scarves of seafoam green, attached by golden circlets at his poll and dock. They droop low at his sides, several smaller strands drifting down his neck. Three golden tassels hang from the front, nestled against his chest alongside a green crystal pendant. A small collection of golden rings are braided into his hair.

Toulouse also carries with him two sets of horns, taken a long time ago from a peculiar ram he came across. The first curves against his cheeks in a typical fashion, while the second extend back over his head and neck. He secures the Jacob’s sheep horns to his poll using tree sap, and covers the area with his golden hair in such a manner so that they appear attached to his skull.

- pale, translucent green scarves
- jacob's ram horns worn via tree sap
- green pendant containing essential oils
- various golden rings worn in his hair

He prefers the color red; but his shadow likes green more.

Toulouse adorns himself in a multitude of trinkets, exchanging them often to spice things up. He proudly wears a magnificent silk scarf of his own design, of the deepest burgundy he could dye. it is adorned with a multitude of tassels and golden bands, attached to his body at his horns, his withers, and the crupper at his tail. He often lets the material droop low at his sides so that they might conceal the skin of his flanks, hiding the scars that lie just south. A hidden pocket within the folds of his scarves contain a variety of small items, including a handful of gems and small bones and a strip of translucent, turquoise fabric. Most notably, he carries with him a small vial filled with scented oil.

Lastly, a set of diamond-studded horseshoes adorn each of his four hooves.

Tuomas carries with him a special golden ring, not unlike the ones he wears in his hair. However, this ring is unique: it's hardly big enough to fit over one of his horns, but upon contact with his body, the magic imbued into its metal can render his entire body--and all that he's wearing--invisible.

The charm is not perfect, however. If one looks closely, they may see the air shimmering in what appears to be a nearly equine-shape. The faster he moves, the more visible he becomes. Additionally, the enchantment does not render Tuomas insubstantial; he cannot walk through walls, and if anyone tries to reach out and touch him they would feel his body, as solid and real as ever.

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