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Arabian/TB X Barb mix


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Aster is the bright reflection of her brother, the light to his dark.

There are many things the twins share - crowning them their antlers, things of golden sunlight that crumble to dust every autumn, a gift inherited from their father (but oh, made strange by the magic of time wound into them both). Like Leonidas, the underside of her wings is brilliant gold; when she lifts them it is like unveiling the sun.

But where her brother is a deep brown that looks near-black, Aster is the pale of ivory, the not-quite-white color of sun-bleached bone. She moves so slowly, so deliberately, that at times she looks like nothing so much as an ancient carving, left to vines and dust in some forgotten garden. As a filly, faint, metallic golden dapples mark her hide, not unlike a fawn’s; they fade a little as she grows, but are still revealed when the sunlight catches her right.

Her eyes, too, are gold, and the ends of her hair. It is not difficult to think she was born from a once-god and a woman who can cut through time itself.

curious - intelligent - patient - self-assured - fearless - observant

aloof - secretive - manipulative - self-centered (save for her twin)

She was unexpected, the pale girl with the faint dappling of gold. Born a few minutes after her brother, Aster was a surprise from the first.

Where her brother was loud and laughing, Aster was quiet. She never cried out, never displayed the exuberance common to the young. When she played, it seemed more like experimenting - her explorations were on every scale, from the minute to the grand. What did a lark look like on the inside, beneath those bright feathers? What did Tinea Swamp look like from its dark heart? Oh, she wanted answers for everything. She was a soft-looking thing, a pale and delicate fawn, like something that stepped, trembling, from a myth - but she could be cold, she could be sharp.

Neither was she one to let friendships distract her from her aims. Other than Leonidas (her beloved brother, her compatriot in all things) she allowed few close to her. Aster was never outright cruel, but her companions she seemed to view more as subjects of study - or followers - than friends. She liked to see where she could lead them, what they might do if asked, what pressures to apply to evoke what reactions. Always she seemed to be studying the world, even before she knew what she was looking for - the workings of time, the workings of power.

Born in spring 504 to Florentine and Lysander. Twin sister to Leonidas.

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When Aster and his twin brother, Leonidas, were newborns their father bought for them two identically carved wooden cheetah cubs. One day, mysteriously, the twin cubs grew hair in place of wood. Their new flesh grew soft and warm, their limbs turned from wood to bone, their eyes went from unblinking beech to glowing brown, dark as soil. The cubs took on life, animated life pouring through her veins and into their pounding hearts. Teak (so named for the wood he was carved from) is as cunning as Aster, with eyes as golden and a heart as quick and fierce. He is as curious about the world as his bonded is, quick to test and to provoke. His wooden heart was not made to love, but there is no other word for what he feels for Aster and for his own twin - except, perhaps, fiercely protective.

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friend to many dogs.

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