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i've been cold, i've been merciless
but the blood on my hands scares me to death

A jet black base coat to match his ink-dark heart, if one could even believe this creature has a heart -- he stands sixteen hands but walks like he's above the crowd, a confidence he fakes so well he believes in it himself. He's dripping with white tobiano markings like someone threw wet paint on his canvas, including what appears to be imitation sabino and dun markings clumsily added in. His legs seem to show the most intricate of markings. His hair is thick and unruly, rarely tamed unless it absolutely needs it, usually sloppily braided or thrown into a bun. It is painted in a tri-color of black, white, and maroon, with the reddish tips occasionally appearing as though he's simply dipped the entire thing in blood and let it dry.

On the left side of his face is a jarring smoothness where an eye should be, the socket never having developed -- but across that black stretch of bleakness rise three white slashes, talons that marked him the traitor he was at so young an age. His remaining eye gleams a bright silver, almost white. Upon his neck lay the same type of scars, crinkling the skin where he took the blows of a much larger opponent and barely learned a thing. A large scar mars his nape, causing a chunk of hair to grow back white. A long, thin scar meanders along his left shoulder where a unicorn’s horn left their mark, and a chunk of his right ear is missing.

His family contains a genetic history of sight problems (shown) and light sensitivity / hearing problems / skin sensitivity (carried). All of his scars turn white, and this is also a genetic mutation he carries. While not a physical trait, his paranoid schizophrenia is also genetic.

i think i like my brain best
in a bar fight with my heart

Mathias is a creature molded by hatred, one who has learned to thrive from rage and malcontent he was given from a young age. He rarely bothers to even attempt to hide his nature -- small talk and social niceties are generally ignored by him in favor of a tactless sort of bluntness, unless he might need something from the other. At that point, he will show a strangely charming sort of mask, full of sleazy compliments and subtle manipulations, perhaps a careful mimicry of what might pass for normal social behavior -- do not fall for it, however.

He is one whose inner core is deeply shattered, affected since birth by his upbringing and the paranoid schizophrenia he inherited from his unknown parent, a mental disintegration that was never addressed and possibly barely noticed by those who claimed to care. He trusts no one, always convinced that there's a catch that isn't being mentioned, a shoe waiting to drop, or a dagger hidden behind a smile. Since childhood, he has hallucinated a vulture that often follows him despite his best efforts to chase it away or kill it, and the vulture will always look more well-fed the closer to self-destruction he is.

While he will never admit it, he seeks out validation and acceptance from others, even while he claims that love doesn't exist -- and indeed, the closest he seems to get to affection is a sort of possessive rage, often seeking to drive away the very person he finds himself drawn towards for fear of vulnerability. He'll sleep with just about anything that moves, but never stays for longer than the night, and is known to react to attempted affection through rage. Well, honestly, he reacts to just about any emotion he doesn't understand with rage. He's a bit of a masochist, and will hold grudges for an absurd length of time just because he can.

With age, his anger has mellowed out into a cruel sort of bitterness, a wisdom he has gained only through the harshness of a life lived in turmoil and chaos. Since Sam's return to his life, Mathias has begun seeking out a certain sort of peace, trying to teach himself how to be gentle instead of reaching out to hurt. Only time will tell whether he will be successful or not.

did you get out all of that angry passion?
or is it still forming, has it started to torture you?

Born the bastard child of a light general and a wicked criminal, Mathias was unwanted from the very beginning -- and he was raised knowing so, watching Adriana favor his eldest brother as the heir and all but ignore her youngest child. At the time, Zion was the Light capitol and Adriana was their queen, a woman who could do no wrong even as she plunged the alliance into one war after another; and Mathias found his solace amongst the soldiers, learning to love the pain that blossomed in the midst of battle.

Several affairs with other young colts and fillies only worsened his abandonment issues, as each left the seemingly unstable colt behind even with their proclamations of puppy love. When he was caught in the middle of his mother's war as a child, he was targeted by wicked attackers and rescued by the soldier Lucifer Exordus. It wasn't very long after this that he decided to leave the Light alliance, attempting to betray his mother by joining the dark army: Adriana placed a bounty on his head even after Chernobyl turned him away, her pet falcon giving him the scars across his face as a reminder of her power.

Despite an affair with the stallion Jetsam Volta, he had begun to realize that he was unwanted by all -- and so his hatred turned towards the disgraced land of Zion, where everything had begun in his life. He sought out Lucifer Exordus, now a traitor in his own right and one he owed a life debt to, and gave him the location of his lover within Zion: once Lucifer had freed Acheron from Adriana's grasp and the Angelguard was occupied with the escape, he descended upon the former capital.

When the smoke had cleared, Zion lay in smoldering ruins and Adriana herself lay at his feet, nothing more than a burned husk of the former queen she had been. He took her armor as a badge of honor and left without a backwards glance or an ounce of regret for the innocents who had been consumed by the blaze -- and he decided that his homeland no longer had anything to offer him.

In a land named Elysian, he sought out a throne for himself, but only found the tattered remnants of his family. Unable to cope with the reminder of his past but still hungering for power, he continued through Elysian and came upon the Celestial Passage. After spending several days lost within the trees, he finally entered Caeleste. It was at this time he abandoned the family name of Blackwell and began using the alias of Erebyx.

For a brief period of time, he attempted to settle down within the Celestial City, offering himself as a mercenary and bedding a tavern wench named Magdalene. Rumors began to reach his ears that a mare who claimed to be Adriana Blackwell had appeared in Elysian, and he was unable to ignore them -- without a word to Magdalene, he left Caeleste through the Celestial Passage in order to find out if his mother truly lived. he found a cruel facsimile of Adriana, risen from the ashes of her death, and what occurred was a fierce battle between mother and son.

This time, he left nothing to chance. This time, he ripped out her throat with his own teeth.

Shaken by the violence he was driven to, he returned to Caeleste and found himself sinking into a deep depression, unable to avoid the realization that he was the monster that his mother had always proclaimed him to be. His half-sister, Elysium, found him in this state, and they began an argument that reveals both his wavering mental status and the foundation of several misunderstandings between the siblings. It turns into a full-fledged fight in which he loses a piece of his ear, before he finally collapses from exhaustion and reluctantly allows her to embrace him.

He finds himself in the local tavern a few nights later, attempting to drink away the pain this time, and attracts the attention of the mare Selene. They brawl and nearly destroy part of the Tavern, disappearing into a room together for the night, before being kicked out and banned in the morning. Unbeknownst to him, Selene falls pregnant and gives birth to twin boys, abandoning them at the tavern where his older daughter also lives.

He leaves Caeleste with his sister, unable to find anything for himself there except memories, and reunites with several other horses from his past that Elysium has kept in touch with. Soon after, Elysium returns with a young man named Anzhelo and his daughter, Theodosia -- despite his arguments, the two refugees join their little group of misfits under Elysium’s wing. As he watches Elysium grow closer to the young man, he finds himself a muted sort of joy for her, but it is buried beneath the pain of knowing he’ll never experience the same thing -- he slips away from the gang in the middle of the night, leaving only a note behind explaining his reasons and wanders for several seasons by himself before stumbling across Novus and making his home within the Day Court.

As Raum ascends to the throne and sends the Day Court into madness, Mathias finds himself reunited with a man that he first thought was a ghost -- his childhood lover, Jetsam Volta.

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