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Androgynous and predatorily built, Apolonia is as dangerous as she is attractive.

At only around fifteen hands, O gives off the illusion of being taller than she really is: perhaps it’s her overall ranginess, the way most parts of her are lean and not heavily muscled, or the almost irregularly strict and upright posture she stands in. Long-legged and slightly swan-necked, what the girl lacks in brute force she makes up for in speed and dexterity, and though strength may not come as easily to her as it does to some, there is hidden power within her rangy frame thanks to densely-packed muscle and a balanced conformation.

Her coat is a chimeric union of white and gold and dusky off-black. Mostly O is the same resplendent off-buckskin as her mother, though she doesn’t glitter quite as bright: along her cheeks and the tops of her legs the color fades softly into gray, then black, darkest around her muzzle and the lowest parts of her limbs. Patches of white splice along her haunches and over her ribs, then reconnect under her stomach to cover both her back legs. Her forelegs are also splashed with stockings, nearly up to the elbow.

From beneath a smooth-edged mask of white peer Apolonia’s eyes, bright and sharp. The right is perfectly balanced in measures of yellow and blue, while the left is entirely yellow. Her mane is true, deep, black and silky-straight, nary a wave in sight, and while her tail is the same color at its base, it eventually fades to cream at the ends.

Nimble and deathly beautiful, O’s only visible physical flaw is the spattering of black birdwatcher spots on her right hip and inner thigh. Underneath her forelock rests a third eye painted a brilliant shade of blue, roaming and forever watchful, but rarely is it revealed to other people.

Mama bore a girl with a gun for a mouth. Exhaustively righteous, religiously judgmental, Apolonia is no princess and no fair maiden: one could hardly even call her a girl, for what kind of woman sleeps and dreams only of blood?

Even as a child, O’s maturity is startling. It seems that from the moment she was born the brain of someone much older and wiser has inhabited her young body, carrying eons of experience in a form that has not yet seen much of the world. She is quiet and tender, always wearing those wide, curious eyes with an intense kind of watchfulness, always slightly on edge, as if she is psychically pre-aware of some tragedy near happening in the next county over. She seems uninterested and too adult for petty mortal squabbles, the childish kind of drama or awkward, heartbreaking infatuation so commonly found in other girls her age, and most of the time finds it far beneath her to comment on such things unless specifically asked to do so.

She is smart and utterly conniving. What dampens the awe one might have at the intricate workings of her brain is the fact that this intelligence is nearly always used in her own self-interests: there is not a selfless bone in Apolonia’s body save for the one she reserves in grudging respect for her mother, borne as much from intimidation as it is from love. Instead she bristles at the idea of benevolence and is careful to always keep her cards close to her chest, lest she ever fall into the company of someone as cunning and sharp-edged as she. Her own violence and sharpness have made her too-aware of the threat others might pose.

But above all that Apolonia is fearless, and even the most worthy adversary might not turn her off from a fight, just as the most impossible-seeming obstacle will not convince her to give up on what she wants. She is a dog on a chain-link leash, a doe-eyed dragon willfully obedient to her own wants - nothing and no one can overrule her fanatic conviction that she is always in the right, whether in something as simple as a petty squabble or all-consuming as picking who lives and who dies.

She is irascible and impossible to please, single-minded, critical, vindictive. But still there is something about her that is human and desirable and even, rarely, kind. Even when bitter, even when vengeful, she be charismatic and dryly comic, captivating, flirtatious, brave.

Apolonia’s passion makes her a Joan-of-Arc figure multiplied by ten, a divinely appointed judge, an ophanim: ethereal, but not as in heavenly.

It might have been a cruel trick of the gods that Night and Day should fall in love, but even they might not have expected it to turn out like this. In the very first weeks of spring, while frost still lines the grass and snow still flecks Solterra from that freakish, divine snowstorm, O is born to Bexley and Acton in the heart of the Day Court.

Active & Parvus Magic

DISCIPULI It is easy, at first, to pretend that it is the world that is strange and not Apolonia.

The effects of her magic are subtle enough to seem almost unreal, like the mirage of an oasis on the horizon of Solterra. It is not so much an illusion as it is an alteration of perception. Erratically, weakly, certain things appear around her - too many clouds swarming the sky, sunlight turning purple, holes appearing in the ground. Sometimes, even in the sunlight, you'll think you're freezing cold, or feel a flare of sunlight in complete darkness. Apolonia can mostly pick and choose how she alters other people’s reality, but the changes only last for an instant and disappear as soon as she loses her focus.

VEXILLUM Other people’s perceptions can be altered easily and selectively, but the illusion lasts for a few minutes at most. None of them can be of living things - usually, they are things like double suns and fissures in the earth, used to convince O’s enemies they must be losing a little piece of their sanity. She can make others feel certain things, too: fake cold or heat, numbness, shocks, but only for split seconds at a time.

PERITI O’s illusions extend now to living beings. She is fond of creating mythological creatures like phoenixes or double-headed snakes, but these are significantly weaker than the impressions she makes of non-living things and can only be held for a few minutes, while her illusions of other things are much stronger, more corporeal and can maintain their solidity for up to half an hour.

DOMINUS Apolonia has complete control over the manifestations of her magic. Her living creatures can now last for up to an hour, and inanimate objects can remain solid almost indefinitely. The illusions can be numerous and interact with one another, but will never remain stable too far from O’s reach.

PARVUS O's appearance may seem to change when she uses her magic, or when suffering from extremely heightened emotions. Examples include extra eyes appearing briefly, scars appearing and disappearing, and hair and skin changing color.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

TUCHULCHA (tuh-cul-ca)

It came to her, not she it to it. That was the first of the unusual gifts.

The hurlbat—three-pronged and razor sharp, made of dark, flawless Solterran steel—washed up on the shore of the Oasis just when the little girl came to explore it for the first time. In another world that might have been a coincidence. Not here.

And there were other things that pointed to it being meant for her, things that couldn’t be ignored. The jeweled eyes inset in the handle—blue and yellow and matched in threes, just like hers. The suns carved into the flats of the blades. And the fact that she could teach it to speak.

It was simple at first. She’d heard it say her name, the very first time they met. In her ear, it was barely a whisper, and mispronounced a little, like a shy child just learning to speak. But it had still said her name. Recognizably. A-po-lonia.

And she had told it, as always, my name is O.

Weeks later it spoke again. Ttttt… It trembled slightly. Tuuhhhh… Still almost too quiet to hear, as if they were sharing a secret. Tuh-cul-ca. I, Tuchulcha.

Tuchulcha’s enchantment has only grown stronger, though it’s hard to reason why. The axe’s voice is loud, audible to others at long distances when it decides to shout, and it’s grown a personality of its own, exuberant and far friendlier than its master, though always loyal. In addition, Tuchulcha is willing to perform something almost like a ventriloquist act, able to create a perfect mimicry of the voice of anyone whose voice O has heard before.

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12/31/20 25EXP Milestone - +8HLTH/+12ATK and swapped Discipuli magic item for Vexillum item. -INKBONE
04/03/22 Moved to inactive from Day Court Citizen during EOY507 AC. -INKBONE