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Anglo-Arabian x Friesian


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Sloane is an Anglo-Arabian x Friesian and matures to 16.1hh. Her physical build can be most likened to a warmblood. She’s somewhere between lean and muscular, sleek and yet still stocky.

Her base coat color is black (genetics Ee/aa) and has a subtle red glow about her. Both her mane and tail are black with red streaking (think red highlights). Her eyes are dark grey with slit pupils. Sloane has 4 white stockings with white feathering and just above the stockings are red brindling (similar to dun markings). Across her whole coat are subtle dark red dapples that are more visible in the light. Her teeth are somewhat sharp, almost like a horse who has not had their teeth floated at all in their entirely lifetime.

Some say that Sloane has this “resting bitch face” all the time, but it could just be that her eyes are the type that give you that feeling that she can see through you to your soul.

Despite all of this, Sloane’s face has this feminine build to it. Her bone structure is soft. She also moves with a sense of grace and beauty. Her movement at a canter is show-quality. When she moves, it’s almost as if she appears to be floating.

Sloane is a hard individual to really lay out. She is mysterious, often keeping her thoughts to herself and preferring not to draw attention to herself in any way. She can be likened to a chameleon, blending into her surroundings in the sense that she would ready not be seen or heard. She’s like that fly on the wall, always watching, always listening, always scheming. Sometimes, it’s hard to locate her because she steps quietly through life.

Sloane is not a combat genius by any sense of the imagination. In fact, she abhors the thought of getting herself dirty with blood and guts of her opponents. She’s not necessarily against war or death, she simply would much rather be on the sidelines and away from the action. That is probably the most “girly” thing about Sloane.

In fact, some may say Sloane is really good at deception. She’s stealthy and quick, moving in and out without being noticed. Not only can she physically go undetected, but Sloane is manipulative. She knows how to get what she wants and she might even sacrifice whatever is necessary to achieve whatever goal she has her mind set on.

What probably gets Sloane into the most trouble is probably her pride. Sloane refuses to appear weak even if giving up some of her pride might put her in a better position. She is prideful and cares deeply about how weak she appears to others. She will not help out a fellow friend, herd member, etc. if it means that she appears weak even by a little. This is also worsened by the fact that she believes love is weakness. She will resist all feelings of affection – even if the bond of a lover is stronger than anything else. To her, it is only weakness.

Regarding love and families, to Sloane, a mother is just about the worst thing that could ever happen to her. She hates mothers and children alike. Her own mother did not care for her nor did her triplet siblings. She was left to fend for herself and she firmly believes that being responsible for herself made her strong. Seeing others lean on families and loved ones irritates her. She sees them as weak. She wishes she were not born female and she does not look forward to the day when someone shows her too much unwanted sexual attraction.

Because of her hatred of all things good in this world, Sloane can tend to be antisocial. She prefers to live life alone, walking through her days without the need to talk or be around others. What she doesn’t realize is that sometimes, other individuals are a good thing. A herd is a strength, not a weakness. A friend is a resource, not something that weighs her down.

Despite all of trauma of the start of her life, Sloane is surprisingly resilient. She doesn’t let her past drag her down. She learns from her mistakes, making her stronger. Whether or not what she finds as strength is considered strength to others.

Something that makes Sloane marketable is that she doesn’t really cause conflict. She’s not going to be the one to start a war. If she does, then whatever she was trying to gain was far greater than the calculated risk of conflict.

Along that note, Sloane is very calculating. She doesn’t do anything before thinking through every detail and creating a cost/benefit analysis. If the cost is greater than the reward, she simply won’t comply. On the flip side, if the benefit far outweighs the cost…then she will proceed, no matter who or what she hurts in the process.

The beginning of Sloane’s life was ordinary, as any foal’s life is. She was born to two power-houses, looking to fill the world with equally as powerful children. Her mother was Circe, a power dark individual. Her father was Runik, a man-whore who sought to only further his line. The two decided that their pairing would benefit all of the world and so, Sloane and her siblings were born. Sloane was the youngest of the triplets, the youngest and yet the most mighty (according to her). Her eldest sister was a train wreck, beautiful and yet a stain upon the world. She was a carnivore and oozed. Rather disgusting really. Her name was Profit. And then there was the second sister, even worse than the first. She was born unhealthy and her mother coddled her for it. Her name was Priya. And then there was Sloane. A girl who looked up and saw the weakness in her mother and father and yet, she admired their following. At one point, she craved their popularity and their strength. But then she only saw weakness. She saw the way her mother coddled her sisters and it only disgusted her. The moment she was able to rely on grass as her sole nutrition, she left her mother’s teat and never went back. In the same breath, she left her sisters as well. The day Sloane left her family was the last she ever saw of them.

For two years she wandered the universe, moving from place to place with no place to call home. She felt awkward growing up, never quite feeling as though she belonged anywhere. But it was during this time Sloane had to buck up in order to survive. She had to learn some tough lessons as a child, lessons a child should never have to learn.

When she was two, she found herself in a place called Rift. The struggle for power bleed through the world and yet, Sloane found a sort of sanctuary. She arrived in a place called Neverland, ran by a lost boy named Pan. He was young and naïve, acting as though he was a brand new foal even though he had five years on him. Sloane learned very quickly that even at two years old, she was far more mature than any her age. Although Neverland was run with no real sense of leadership, the people of Rift loved it. No one sought war on Neverland because they were far too busy with other threats that were far bigger. So it was nice to simply exist there. Safety was given to her and for once in her life, she didn’t have to fight for it. It was the breather she really needed. And yet…it wasn’t enough for the young filly.

For another year she wandered, looking aimlessly for something more. And now she arrives here on Novus as a mature three year old. While her body is coming into its own, Sloane tries not to think about the new sets of problems that will arrive when males finally look upon her. She’s here searching for something greater…that something not yet known. She doesn’t seek power in the sense that she has no desire to rule anything but her own life. Perhaps she seeks physical things like abilities and powers. Perhaps she doesn’t yet realize that what she thinks is weakness, it what she really needs. Perhaps it is a friend who can unlock her deepest desires and feelings…someone that can somehow break through her tough exterior. Perhaps it is something else entirely. What ever it is, Sloane is searching.

Active & Parvus Magic

Chameleon Physiology
Sloane has always been one who prefers to be sneaky. It seems fitting that her magic embellish those desires. Sloane has been given chameleon physiology. This simply means that she can blend herself into her surroundings to the point that you cannot detect backdrop from horse. Even movement can go completely undetected.

While her power is not as great and grand as it once was, Sloane will be working to grow her power into a force that can be reckoned with. At this most basic level, she can blend the colors of her body and hair to blend into the background. While the lines of her body are distinct and one can see her if truly looking, it is better than her current state of sticking out like sore thumb. Her abilities can only last a few minutes and take days to recharge. If she attempts to use it before the time needed for rejuvenation, then large parts of her true color will show through, making her magic clearly detectable.

Now that Sloane has developed her powers, she can blend her colors with more precision. Now, some of the sharp features of the background (such as tree leaves, crevices in the rock, flowers, etc) can appear upon her skin. She is a little harder to spot, but clearly visible if looking for her. If just glancing, you eyes may travel over her if you do not know what you are looking for. Her abilities can last now up to an hour and only take a few hours to recharge. If she attempts to use it before the time is finished for recharging, then small parts of her true colors will show through, making her much easier to detect.

By now her powers are growing in intensity. She can blend herself well into the background with precision. There is still an outline of her body against the background and she is visible when she moves. Her eyes never blend, so even in the darkest of night, the redness of her eyes shines through. While she is more difficult to detect, it is not impossible. One just has to know what they are looking for. She can now use her abilities for up to one day and they take only moments to recharge. If she tries to use her abilities before they are recharged, only small patches of her true color shines through.

Now she has mastered her powers. No longer does she have to recharge. No longer can anyone detect her. Her blending is so pristine that only the sound of her movement or her voice can give her position away. She can remain in this state for eternity if she so desired. She is now the ultimate spy. Watch out, the enemy is watching.

Parvus Magic
Whenever she is feeling negative, extreme emotion (rage, fright, hatred), her magic seems to flicker. It’s like a flickering light that needs a new lightbulb. Her natural colors will flash with blended colors in a rapid fashion. It is something she cannot control and it will inadvertently drain her magic. Watch out if you have a seizure disorder! She might make you have one…not that it would upset her at all.

Passive Magic

None Yet

Bonded & Pets

None Yet

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Sloane does have a single gold earring that is usually hidden beneath her forelock. Think of it as the equivalent of a tragus piercing on a human.

Enchanted Map - reveals to the owner the location of every character in the capitals of each court at any given moment.

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Her current song that inspires her muse is Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Whelp. I'm Zombie. I have been writing with well over 15 years. When I'm not writing, I'm working. I'm a labor and delivery nurse (I deliver human babies) and love every second of it. I don't have any kids of my own, but I do have a Great Dane named Denali who is my baby!

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