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sunshine, daisies

she's just a girl, with her too-long legs and her too-bright eyes, full of the sweet optimism of her youth. her smile, too, is like seeing the sun for the first time after a year's worth of rain, contagious in its joy. and each step she takes is more like a dance than a walk, a skip instead of a run.

one day she'll grow into this spindly body of her's, she'll lose her baby fuzz and with it, her naivety. she'll grow into a tall and bold woman, a beautiful combination of both of her fathers; she'll take after each of them equally, black and white, gold and turquoise, tattooed and conservative. what she does not get from them is her condition; the way her heart seems to weak to contain her love of life, the way her skin tears too easily and always feels cold.

one day her hair will drag on the floor beside her as she walks, and the stripes across her spine will seem less awkward and more striking. she'll learn to love the clash of black that spills down her neck and stains her legs, and the way it splits her body in half.

but for now she's just a girl, yet unsure of who she'll become or, more importantly, who she wants to be.

white face, black nose
one eye brown, one eye half-blue
black streak in tail
golden horseshoes

about to bloom

she's a breath of fresh air, if only for her parents. in her youth maret will only know the warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh wildflowers, the sweetness of the grass that grows abundantly in the fields. her home is a gentle one, and she is gentle (at first) because of it.

but even the sunlight can burn, and for as hard as her parents might try they will never be able to keep her home for long. her's is a wandering soul, one that wants and wants and wants and will go to the end of the world to find whatever it is she needs to fill the ache within her. and even then, there will be a part of her that wants something more.

there is no hiding her emotions; she never was good at playing dress-up. she smiles at the sun, laughs when she's happy, closes her eyes when she wants to preserve a memory; but so too can the anger that simmers under her skin turn into a wildfire, so too can the sadness take over her wholly when she sees a bird that struggles to rise from the ground. she feels each emotion in its entirety, and they shift as easily as waves within her, rising and falling and tumbling back to where they began.

she's drawn to the world in the way that plants are drawn to the sunshine, despite her parents' attempts to divert her. even as a child she was prone to wandering; and as she grew, the hunger to see and experience everything also grew. maret does not want to stay at home, does not want to be taught table manners or dress "appropriately"; she wants to be like the heroes in the stories, like the knights that traveled all across Novus battling monsters and rescuing damsels. she wants to be an explorer, and the first to discover something terrible, something beautiful, something useful.

she'll always be a fierce little thing, one who would be as likely to eat a flower as she would be to paint it. sometimes she's too spirited for this world to handle.

the brightest lights

born to aion and eros
in Delumine in the summer of year 504.

Active & Parvus Magic

ice reflections

Maret’s magic comes from an innate ability to manipulate ice crystals in the air. While her father uses his frost to lower temperatures, Maret uses her’s to create light. Ice refracts light, and by controlling that reflection, she controls the light along with it. Halos, sun glitter, pillars, sun dogs - all phenomenons caused by light reflecting off ice ice and water, she can recreate. Her reflections are made of ice and light, substantial yet prone to shattering.


She’s too young to properly understand her magic or how to work it - for much of her youth, Maret will devote her time to studying her father’s magic, and trying to emulate it without much success. It is through this that she will begin to discover the depths of her own powers. She can pull ice crystals from the air, forming hazy, icy shapes at will. And from watching the way the sunlight filters through her father’s wings and reflects off of his own ice, she’ll begin to understand how reflections work - and can arrange crystals to create a myriad of weak phenomenons such as halos and sun pillars. With great effort, she can “capture” things within her circles of magic, although the charm is easily broken and difficult to perform.


She’s beginning to come into herself and her magic, distinguishing it further from her father’s. Now is when she begins to experiment, testing her limits and developing her own style and flare. She can pull ice crystals from the atmosphere with ease, and can arrange them at will to form the reflection she desires. These reflections have become more solid now - being made of equal parts light and ice - and provide more of an obstacle. But her true delight is arranging the ice into the form of another being, such as a horse or other animal, and allowing the light to reflect that person’s likeness, although they are indistinct and require a great understanding of the thing or person she is trying to project.


Manipulating ice crystals comes naturally to her. She can arrange them any way she wants in the air around her, turning them just so to get the perfect amount of refraction. She is a master at creating rainbows, sun dogs, halos, pillars of light; all natural light phenomenons are her’s with the deliberate placement of ice in the atmosphere. And now it is becoming far easier for her to create the reflection of another person or creature by arranging her ice in their likeness. These reflections are made of light and bear only a shimmering resemblance, but they are enough to both disorient and delight in.


Maret can now completely control her reflections. They are strangely solid, and the ice is prone to shattering and disrupting the illusion, but she can bend them to her will. Capturing someone in a halo, striking them with a sun pillar, anointing them with a halo - all is within her grasp. It is easier for her to create the reflective likeness of another creature, and begin to animate them. However this talent will always remain imprecise, and requires a great deal of focus and attention to detail. It remains far easier for her to manipulate natural phenomenons.


A scattering of diamond dust - a ground level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals - follows Maret wherever she goes. At times, particularly when she is actively using her magic, it may collect as a thin, shimmering veil about her skin.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

name - spirit bear

lorem ipsum.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


set of golden horseshoes —
golden bands in mane and tail —
feathers strung on a golden necklace —

once she's older, she'll have a golden septum piercing and an abstract, turquoise tattoo on her back left leg.

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