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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
Current Novus date and time is
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 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.

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"There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say." — Theodosia in
Cinderblock gardens

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The Character


Gender: Agender
Pronouns: They/She
Orientation: Asexual
Breed: Marwari X
Height:17.2 hh
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+ Adaptable, Courageous, Incisive, Meticulous, Perceptive, Self Sufficient
= Adventurous, Ascetic, Leisurely, Neutral, Placid, Shrewd, Solemn, Venturesome
- Abrasive, Complacent, Deceptive, Egocentric, Hesitant, Secretive

Stand-offish and hard to get ahold of are among many words travelers would use to describe Epher. She comes and goes as she pleases, seemingly disappearing and reappearing at random intervals with no real explanation as to why; or where she even goes. She seldom leaves the Mors desert, why would she need to? The last time anyone had seen her left the desert was during a trip to the Viride forest. Mourning.. something, or someone. It's probably safe not to ask any questions, at least not right now.

She speaks fondly of her 'cats' - though no one else can confirm even seeing such creatures in the barren land. She says they visit all the time. Anyone willing to hear her out will hear the same stories over and over- be wary of newcomers. Someone has made a very grave mistake. If you stand in the meadow beyond the river for long enough you will hear them. Who is 'them'? What is a cat, anyway?

Travelers of the desert barely know her, but harbor no ill will against her either - to them she's just another odd hermit, one who speaks of strange things.. one who knows way too much about the lives of everyone around them. Things... no one else should be able to know.

They were never known to stay in one place, at least for long periods of time. Always on the run, hiding from... something. One day she'd be by the shore and the next, nowhere in sight of the shore. And yet, somehow.. she is always watching. Always observing those who venture nearby.

Although she won't admit it to anyone, let alone herself- she was drawn to the barren desert by the memory rift across the river. Perhaps it was in hopes of forgetting what had happened on the other side. She couldn't let that happen, not again.

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She probably eats sand.

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