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INFJ-T ; empath ; night owl ; proud dog mom

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Our lord and savior,

All photography of Eevee is © to Layla/fiftyblackroses (Me)
Drawing by Lilyote
Pixel icon by Starrypoke

I'm your resident night owl, obsessive dog lover and teaologist. You'll most likely find me gushing over pictures of my puppy, Eevee, or something cute that she did today.

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Layla (PM Player)


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Users this member has threaded with & claimed signos for: Sparrow (ID#227), Nestle (ID#599), e-cho (ID#265), Witty (ID#952), Syndicate (ID#559), Griffin (ID#142), Dingo (ID#229), Sid (ID#10), Dyzzie (ID#1033), Chaosy (ID#1035), Kealie (ID#1007), RB (ID#117), Jeanne (ID#30), Rae (ID#234), Raeym (ID#870), Katherine (ID#524), Sea(ID#1086), Zombie(ID#817), Elidhu(ID#488), Rallidae(ID#406), Ceri(ID#1080), Kay(ID#8), Sunny (ID#829), Obsidian (ID#144), Cannon (ID#921), Joyride (ID#137), Teal (ID#1139), Maxxie (ID#1131), Darkrise (ID#971), Symbiosi (ID#1167), Silverfang(ID#1270), Muirgen(ID#717), Sam(ID#1243), Fadedstarss (ID#833), Lullivy(ID#1128)

Has claimed free restricted item Y/N: YES - MORRIGHAN (ID# 896, active magic)
Is free restricted item from during the 09/26/18-12/31/18 incentive? NO

12/18/18 OOC user group sorted. +200 signos welcome gift. Referred by Katherine (ID#524). -INKBONE
01/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on NYE. -AIMLESS
01/09/19 +50 signos for visiting on New Years Day. -INKBONE
01/09/19 +25 signos for posting introduction thread TID3052. -INKBONE
02/16/19 +50 signos for visiting on Valentine's Day. -AIMLESS
04/22/19 +50 signos for visiting on Easter. -INKBONE
04/23/19 +400 signos for finding all 15 Easter eggs in round 1 of the hunt. -SID
06/02/19 +80 signos for first time threading with Sparrow, E-cho, Nestle, and Witty. -AIMLESS
06/02/19 +60 signos for completing TID3549, 3415, 3247. -AIMLESS
06/02/19 +50 signos for visiting on Novus' 2 year anniversary. -AIMLESS
06/23/19 +60 signos for 1st time with Syndicate, Dingo, Griffin in TID3500. -INKBONE
06/23/19 +20 signos for Morrighan completing TID3500. -INKBONE
06/23/19 +120 signos for 1st time with Sid, Dyzzie, Chaosy, Kealie, RB, Jeanne in TID3693. -INKBONE
06/27/19 +free weapon item, awarded for 3rd place ticket in 2 yr anniversary raffle, TID3660. Sent to Tigris. -SID
09/09/19 +120 signos for completing TID3434, 3691, 3693, 3853, 3816, 3504. -INKBONE
09/09/19 +60 signos for 1st time with Rae TID3816, Raeym TID3786, Katherine TID3504. -INKBONE
09/07/19 +20 signos for Lucinda's visual ref. -INKBONE
09/22/19 +120 signos for 1st time with Sea, Zombie, Elidhu, Rallidae, Ceri, Kay in TID3979. -AIMLESS
10/05/19 +50 signos for visiting on their birthday. -AIMLESS
10/07/19 +100 signos for winning member of the season, 504 Spring. -INKBONE
10/07/19 +100 signos for nominating the pair of the season 504 spring winners. -INKBONE
10/11/19 +40 signos for 1st time threading with Sunny and Obsidian, TID3979. -SID
11/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on Halloween. -AIMLESS
11/11/19 +40 signos for 1st time with Cannon and Joyride, TIDs4058 and 4063, respectively. -AIMLESS
11/11/19 +40 signos for completing TIDs3992, 4058. -AIMLESS
11/12/19 +190 signos for the Oct 2019 advertising contest.
11/13/19 +500 signos for Relic Hunt participation (TID3703). -SID
12/1/19 Sent +500 signos for 504 activity contest (TID41550). - NESTLE
12/07/19 Promoted to the Mod Team! -SID
12/14/19 +50 signos for advent day 1, TID4402. -SID
12/15/19 +free minor mutation item from advent calendar, TID4402. -SID
12/16/19 Free enchantment item for advent day 3. -SID
12/17/19 +300 signos for advent day 4. -LAYLA
12/18/19 +free accessory item for advent calendar day 5 -LAYLA
12/19/19 +250 signos for advent calendar day 6. -SID
12/21/19 +100 signos sent for advent day 8 -LAYLA
12/24/19 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Eve - LAYLA
12/25/19 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Day - LAYLA
12/26/19 Enchanted Snowflake item gifted for last day of the advent calendar. -SID
12/31/19 +50 signos for visiting on New Years Eve. -SID
01/01/20 +50 signos for visiting on New Year's Day -LAYLA
03/18/20 +50 signos for visiting on St Patrick's Day -LAYLA
04/08/20 +200 signos for nominating 2 winners in 505 Spring spotlights, Character & member. -INKBONE
04/12/20 +50 signos for visiting during Passover -LAYLA
04/12/20 +50 signos for visiting on Easter -LAYLA
06/02/20 +50 signos for visiting on Novus' Anniversary -LAYLA
06/07/20 +100 signos for participating in tree event, TID5022. -SID
10/05/20 +50 signos for visiting on her birthday. -SID