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Hello, I'm Inkbone and I'm an admin & co-owner here on Novus!
I have been roleplaying since the early 2000s - approximately 19 years now - but I am a very slow poster! I specialize in ~weird~ characters and do thoroughly enjoy all types of character development, as well as spoiling my characters with art. You can see the entire menagerie of ones I'm developing over on my toyhouse!

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INACTIVETorstein - [ Plots? ] [ New threads? ] [ New Relationships? ]
INACTIVEOdessa - [ Plots? ] [ New threads? ] [ New Relationships? ]
PENDINGOphelia - [ Plots? ] [ New threads? ] [ New Relationships? ]

I'm ultra-friendly and enjoy meeting new people! I do suffer from social anxiety and depression, so all I ask is that you're understanding that I'm a little forgetful and sometimes it takes me a bit to respond ♥

I rode English for 5 years and while I don't own any horses, I currently have a corgi named Odin and a dachshund named Mango. I've had all sorts of animals in my life and when I get a house, it will DEFINITELY become a zoo again! In general I'm partial to owls, bats, rats, otters, and ferrets ♥

I studied for a BFA in game production and design, with a focus on creature design. Unfortunately, college made me realize I view art as more of a hobby than a profession (I work in IT now) so I don't draw digital art very much anymore! Outside of traditional watercolors, I find the most fun in perfecting linework and pixeling. I'm not very confident in my abilities - I'm a ridiculous perfectionist and a huge procrastinator - so my work is generally not posted anywhere.

Especially morbidly cute. I enjoy skeletal articulation and leather-crafting, and feel that animals can be honored long after they have passed from this earth. While this isn't for everyone - if you ever have any questions about these topics, feel free to reach out to me!

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❤️ Rest in peace daddy, 10/18/46 — 05/28/18. I love you to the moon and back! ❤️

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