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Mephisto is a beautiful creature, but she doesn’t flaunt this fact, or even seem to notice it. She is tall and sturdily built, with long lean legs and a graceful sort of movement. Her frame is that of a warmblood, and her confirmation is quite appropriate for the type. Bright cerulean points accent her roan-black frame, appearing in iridescent patches along her knees and shoulders.

Large black wings adorn her back, with interspersed feathers of a blue/black sheen that shimmer when they catch the light just right. The iridescence is in the same manner of a grackle’s feathered sheen.

Her eyes are a piercing blue, rimmed with brighter tufts of blue/black around them. They hold an almost beckoning stare, drawing others in with a sparkle of mystery… and perhaps this is purposeful, for Mephisto has operated throughout her life as a master manipulator. There is intelligence and cunning in her eyes too, eyes which are always seeking and observing the world around her.

The rest of her seems to intice as well – the tone of her voice, low and sultry – the smell of her skin, earthy and fresh like the wind she so loves to traverse… it is as if she is built for temptation, and with the astuteness to use her appearance as a weapon to draw others to her waiting grasp.

Mephisto cannot be put in a singular box. She is a cunning creature, loyal to a fault (if it is for a cause she deems worthy), and she is intelligent. At first blush, the Pegasus can seem a bit standoffish, but this is far from the truth. In reality, she can have her warm sides, though she tends to keep a professional distance from others. She can be difficult to get to know, and tends not to talk about herself unless directly asked. She is an honest creature, sometimes at the detriment of tactfulness… but she can be relied upon as a trustworthy advisor, for being apolitical and a straight-shooter.

Due to her magical inclination and warg powers, combined with her stoic personality, Mephisto makes an ideal sort of spy. She is an avid listener, who takes in the world around her not only by listening with her ears, but by utilizing keen observation skills. As she goes about her day, her head is almost constantly on a swivel, taking in her surroundings with interest and noting anything out of the ordinary. She operates on a daily basis in a high-alert status. This heightened sense of awareness leaves little to surprise.

If you are looking for a friend to confide in, Mephisto is not the creature to provide guidance. She is unempathetic and tends to tell it how it is, even when the words are hurtful. She is not mindful of decorum and chain of command, but considers it her duty to be a straight-shooter, which can come off as being too raw or uncouth. It is rare for her to apologize for her actions, though the mare is self-aware enough to realize that her personality and mannerisms may be considered abrasive to others.

There are many words which can be used to describe Mephisto’s personality, including the following summary:

  • Observant
  • Intelligent
  • Cunning
  • Loyal
  • Adventurous
  • Level-Headed

  • Aloof
  • Standoffish
  • Manipulative
  • Lacking empathy
    There isn’t much which is known about Mephisto’s past. The most distant history which can be told is when she arrived at the Rift, a place of magic and mystery. Like the tide, she simply came into being, arriving into Rift rather unceremoniously and taking her time to understand the new and strange world she was brought to. For some time, she was a wanderer there, drawing in the wild magic and learning to use it for her advantage. She served as a mercenary, offering her services as a spy to any who would be interested, until at last she found her loyalty in The Winter Court.

    It is here, where the Pegasus found her purpose and calling. Though she was largely considered an outsider in the herd, she pledged her services to the king of Winter Court, serving as his eyes and ears where he could not be. It is here where her warg powers were first discovered, where she honed her craft and learned to manipulate the outside world toward her advantage. The wild magic gave her freedom to see where she would not have seen otherwise, and gave her a tool which proved most helpful to her kingdom. And then, war came to the Winter Court.

    While others bloodied the battlefield, Mephisto served as a sentry, watching and reporting to her king about troop movements and traitors. From the safety of her cave, she saw through the eyes of the eagles and the deer, these forms seemingly innocuous to those who might be searching for spies… and her magic served as a great asset through the bloody war. Even at the end, when the sides partied and their dead were burned and buried, Mephisto stayed loyal to her kingdom. And as time began to heal the battle wounds, The Winter Court dissolved, leaving the Pegasus wild and free once more.

    Now, the dark warg finds herself somewhere new once more – abandoning the Rift, abandoning the magic, in search of a new start to her story. While she has not discarded the memories of Rift, she holds no strains of passion to return. Instead, she is fully engulfed in her new walk at Novus, and now she has pledged her loyalty to a new king and a new court. She is still, first and foremost, a messenger. This role will serve the Dusk Court well, as she joins the Halcyon ranks, in service to Asterion and his kingdom.

    Active & Parvus Magic

    Mephisto is a warg, which means she can utilize animals/control their motions and see through their eyes. While this magic is active, she also has a Parvus ability to read the host animal's thoughts. This magic has its consequences though, for while Mephisto is in a warg trance, she is vulnerable and cannot move her own body to defend herself. She generally has to hide herself away to use the magic in a safe place, though the host animal may roam freely and she is able to warg with the creature from a great distance, which is advantageous for observing the area or gather intelligence subtly for battle situations. She is not able to warg another in-game character without the ooc permission of that player.

    Tier 1 - Discipuli:
    Mephisto has limited control over the warg power. This power may manifest without her commanding it, leaving her in a weakened and vulnerable state while she is occupying a host body. Without much warning as to when the warg powers will strike, it’s more of a random event than a true power, and Mephisto is powerless to control or direct the host to her own will. The power is unstable, and she cannot break free of the warg hold at will – it appears to keep a pattern of chance. The Parvus ability for reading the host’s thoughts is not yet discovered.

    Tier 2 – Vexilium:
    At the Tier 2 level, the mare is starting to get some sensation or warning as to when the power may take hold, allowing her a short amount of time to get to a safe or defended location before it strikes. She still cannot pull herself out of the trance, so it is imperative for her to utilize some sort of cover for safety. The Parvus ability for reading the host’s thoughts cannot be controlled and begins to occur sporadically.

    Tier 3 – Periti:
    Mephisto can now control when she utilizes the warg power, and can direct the host as long as they are within a short distance. She cannot utilize a host which is a great distance away, and cannot hold the host in her control for longer than a few minutes. The Parvus ability is being honed to a point where she can now freely understand the host’s thoughts.

    Tier 4 – Dominus:
    At the Dominus level, Mephisto now has full control over her warg power. She can utilize any number of hosts and direct them to do her bidding (this does not apply to other in-game characters).

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