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Calder is silver, just like his mother. Not gray, not shiny white, but silver. His coat glitters in the sunlight, and reflects the moonlight as if he were covered in billions of tiny diamonds. He has a petite black head with curved ears, and a white blaze, long black legs with white socks ending in black hooves, and a lighter silver mane and tail that are perpetually tangled, but shiny all the same. His eyes are tinted purple. He is very refined, though there is clear evidence of his draft sire. He is thick in the shoulder and hindquarter, making him appear as if he would be a great warrior, but the lack of scars, and refined neck and legs suggest he is built for speed and agility.

Calder is calm, confident, and assured. He is outgoing and enjoys the company of others, though at times, retreats into himself. He has a natural tendency to talk to himself, much like his father did, though he does not suffer from a split personality (that we know of). He is a natural born leader and strives to do the best he can no matter what the task is. Calder is a romantic at heart and wants nothing more than to find the love of his life and live his “happily ever after,” even though he knows the world is anything but a fairy tale. He is friendly to all, and goes out of his way to turn a blind eye to anyone who is rude or mean, assuming they are just having a bad day. He does not like to believe anyone is inherently “bad,” and that everyone can be saved. Calder, despite his air of authority, is not much for fighting. His father was a fighter when necessary, but he, unfortunately, did not pass on that trait. Calder is a little naïve, and will believe most anything as long as the speaker has not proven themselves to be a liar. He is also prone to flights of fancy – certain that there is something good just beyond the rainbow. Positive: Calm, Confident, a leader, a lover/romantic, does fine in groups or alone, and sees the good in everyone Negative: Can’t fight, naïve/gullible, a silly-heart, potentially mentally unstable (but it's not his fault)

Calder was born to the button-eyed filly, Coraline. His father is Only, a great beast who was, for lack of better word, unstable. He had a split personality and it is still unknown if Calder has this same affliction. As a youngster, Calder spent all of his time with his mother, as his father had been killed (or so they believed). He learned to be kind, compassionate, and outgoing, always wanting to play with others and make their hurts go away. Even though he is still very young, he is every bit a gentleman. He is not quick to anger, and wants to be the friend of everyone. His mother taught him to see the good in the world, and for all the good she hoped to do, she crippled him for not teaching him about the bad. He was, for lack of better word, sheltered. He saw bad things, but explained them away with his fantasy thoughts – bad spirits that would go away, a full moon, the stars weren’t aligned correctly. He has never truly had to fight, and has not ever found anyone he has not loved with his entire heart – male or female. This does not mean he is gay or bisexual – it simply means that he loves everyone and everything. Besides – love makes the world go round, doesn’t it? He is a coming three year old, just coming into his own and learning the ins and outs of the world. He strives to be a leader and a role model for the youth, because despite how good the world may be, everyone needs a role model and a friend. He is the sort you can lean on in your time of need, and he will never judge. He does talk to himself on occasion, but we are still unsure if it is a split personality, or if it is simply a young man trying to figure out the world.

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A button and a parrot feather on a dainty silver chain, given to him by his mother.

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