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Ankou is black as the night sky to a blind person. He has no hint of color to his thick fur. He is built to withstand the cold, and appears shaggy and often, bigger than he really is. He has dainty ears and a fairly thick skull, though he is not “boxy” by any means. His eyes, which are just as black as the rest of him, reflect an ancient soul that has felt more pain in his life than is fair. He has a short, compact neck that is mostly covered with a short, course mane that is almost always tangled. He has a strong shoulder and short back, making him the ideal design for carrying heavy loads. His legs are stocky, but he is able to move quickly when necessary. His hindquarter is solid, powerful, and designed for force, though he is not a violent horse. He also has small wings that he keeps tucked tightly to his sides, and if you didn’t know him, you would never know they are there. They are stunted, and when open, clearly cannot support his weight. Much like a penguin, he is unable to fly. They are well-feathered and beautiful, but sadly, inefficient. All in all, he is well put-together and handsome.

Ankou is quiet. By “quiet,” I mean he doesn’t speak. He is capable, but does not feel the need. When he does choose to say something, it is extremely important (whether just to him, or to the situation at hand). His voice is raspy, like rocks tumbling down a hill. Looking at him, he appears to be something that has every desire to kill you, but spend a minute in his presence, and it is clear that he is kind, caring, and a great protector of those around him. He has no desire to fight, but will sacrifice himself to ensure those around him are safe. He adores children, and is often found seeking them out to play games that may help them escape predators in the future – games like tag, or hide and seek. Ankou loves with all he has, but after the loss of his beloved Yuki, has been a shell of himself. He tends to feel numb and sad, (picture Eeyore), and thrives on being around those who have the biggest hearts. He often takes in the “lost causes” and those with serious issues because he doesn’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t loved, no matter what is wrong with them. When he isn’t mourning Yuki and his twins, he is light and airy, and tends to uplift those around him. Ankou is one that others tend to gravitate toward for his air of pure, unadulterated acceptance. He does not judge, he does not condemn. He feels that no matter what you’ve done wrong, there can be some good found in you, and everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance, as long as you have learned from the “bad thing.” He is often lulled into a false sense of security with others, and is quick to believe them, no matter how far-fetched the lie may be. Positives: Loving/Caring, a good listener, non-judgmental, great with the youth, willing to sacrifice for the good of the herd, an honest friend Negatives: gullible, not a fighter, a push-over, moody and sad

Ankou was born into a herd of white unicorns. When he was born black, with wings and no horn, he was immediately shunned. Because the herd does not believe in violence, he was allowed to live at the edge of the herd. His mother ignored his presence except when she grudgingly allowed him to nurse. She taught him to stay quiet, to keep his wings folded tight against his sides so nobody would see them, and to stay away from everyone else. His mother became pregnant quickly after he was born and his feedings came less and less, until he was forced to wean early. He spent his weanling time wanting nothing more than to play with the other foals, but they rejected him, stating he was a bad omen, and he didn’t even have a horn, so he wasn’t any good. He retreated to the forest where he spent a lot of time imagining he had friends and family. His young years were much the same, and he left his birth herd in the hopes of finding something ‘more’ out there. After some time as a bachelor, he found a herd that accepted him without question. He remained a solitary stallion, often seeking out the foals and yearlings for company over the other adults, as foals are generally less likely to judge, he decided. He preferred their acceptance of his strange looks, and because children aren’t often perceptive, they ignored his wings that he kept tightly to his sides. He taught them how to run and buck, how to avoid predators, and most importantly, how to love without bounds. It was during one of these games he met Yuki. She had been watching the children as he had, and it was clear she faced the same trials and struggles he had – she was cold as ice, and there was nobody who could get near enough to love her. His thick coat allowed him to not only be near her, but to love her as he did without fear of freezing. In time, their love grew, and Yuki became pregnant. She bore twins – one filly, one colt. Ankou was forced to teach the colt to use his wings – wings that Ankou couldn’t use. But with practice, the colt learned how to fly. The filly was much like Yuki; cold and beautiful. Yuki taught her the ins and outs of the abilities she had. Together, they raised their children and were happy. Until one day, the world ended. Ankou couldn’t tell you what happened – only that he woke up and his family was gone. He has spent the rest of his time searching desperately for them, but is certain they are all dead.

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