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Michael is the sun, some hazy thing that walked out of a dream.

A palomino with a coat the color of honey and an impractically long, wavy mane and tail that often breaks from being stepped on, but it always has at least four or five inches dragging. These thick curtains of hair are often messy but never matted (somehow), and the tail especially is braided from the base to the end of the bone in a zigzag pattern. Where the braid ends, this portion of hair is tied with an iridescent blue band, from which hangs a "star" on a silver chain. The "star" looks like a shining white opal.

Michael is stocky but agile, a build most closely related to the North Swedish Horse. His feathered forelegs are white to the knees and the thick blaze on his face ends in a soft, pink muzzle. Michael has eyes like the daytime sky, deep blue and warm. His smile is bright but tired, frantic in a way that's barely there, but frantic all the same - but there's never any doubt that he means it. The lines of his face are smooth but edged with something deeper, something full of hopeless melancholy deep down. Michael moves effortlessly but sort of lazily, shuffling from place to place with all the grace of a schoolkid.

- Infinitely patient
- Loves to tell stories, and does it well
- Friendly even when he probably shouldn't be
- Cares a lot about those around him, no matter how long he's known them
- Steadfast and dependable, just doesn't exercise these traits often anymore
- Wants nothing more than to be happy, and the same for his friends and family - it's just hard

- Seems particularly detached from reality - not to the extent of a disorder, but definitely prefers to live in his own head
- Prone to long stretches of what can only be described as hiding
- Often finds responsibility and/or conflict nervewracking and restrictive
- Probably suffers from dysthymia


Michael is... tired. Perpetually.

He hasn't always been tired. He used to be vibrant and headstrong. He used to be a bright and ferocious fire. Now Michael is gently glowing coal, warm and comforting but not particularly helpful in a blizzard.

It's easy to get to know Michael because he is very open and friendly with everyone he meets. Even Michael now, in his infinite exhaustion, can't quite shake that old and desperate need to get along with everyone he meets. He falls in love easily and deeply, with almost everyone that listens - love, to Michael, is more like another drop in the ocean than a singular event. He feels it, categorizes it, and then moves on with his life as if nothing has changed (and in fact, it hasn't.)

These days, he's a creature of inaction. Michael is prone to long naps and extended periods of crawling into some hole in the earth and hoping that nobody comes looking for him until he's ready. He is adventurous but often disinclined to act on it beyond meandering here and there, with no real point or purpose, quietly taking in his surroundings. He needs someone else's energy to kickstart him, and even then it seems like he's some great and ancient machine lurching into motion after a hundred years of rusting away in some rural barn.

Michael is tired but he smiles a lot. Michael is sad but he wants so desperately to be happy. Michael isn't lonely but there is something in him that sort of makes it feel like he is. He's not afraid to stand on his own for hours, days, probably months on end. He's not afraid to be hurt or to be rejected or to be embarrassed. Mostly he just isn't anything, anymore. But he tries to be, and sometimes he is. It just doesn't happen very often.

Michael has a long history as a world-hopper. Most of this time was spent in the comfortable embrace of immortality.

She was young and naive and probably, he should have left her alone. Probably, he shouldn't have told her all his secrets and all his hopes and dreams. He DEFINITELY shouldn't have leaned his shoulder on hers and asked if she'd like to take a walk with him, to somewhere far away, to somewhere that only they could find each other. She, bless her, should absolutely not have said yes.

It had been alright for a while. Pain-free. They had lived in Ilir with a smattering of others - one of which was Sarioth, the star horse, Michael's unending obsession and steady brother-in-arms (but that comes later) - and when the time came, it was Michael that stepped up to lead them. He said to himself, what an honor it will be to be a king. What a story to tell!

But Michael's story is short and sad, because Eleven happened. Eleven would always have happened. Michael was busy and Eleven was alone. Michael was still busy, and suddenly Eleven was never alone, and Eleven with her big eyes and big heart and world-ending smile could honestly never have settled for a king. His name was Mitchell, and he ruined it all.

Michael did not and still does not have it in him to hate Eleven, or Mitchell, or anyone that has ever wronged him, but that does not mean he isn't bitter. He is unbelievably, impossibly bitter.

But Sarioth, that boy that strode straight out of the night sky - Sarioth had been different. Different than anything. When Michael stepped down (as Michael often does) from his position as leader to lead a long and exciting life as hermit and sometimes-advisor to the next king, Sarioth had been there. Sarioth had always been there.

Michael was probably more than a little in love with Sarioth, and the hole it left when he, too, returned to the world from whence he came... THAT was the hole that he couldn't quite fill.

He and Eleven had had children, first Inwe who was headstrong but delicate, who walked with her head high and a sense of steadiness and calm that comes around only rarely, and then Samwise, who was impossibly frail and who disappeared in the fire. After that, Michael fought and cared for his kingdom until he could fight and care no more, and that was when he left.

That is, incidentally, when his life became rather boring and full of aimless travel and one or two short-lived and unimportant friendships. Michael went to sleep, he thinks. Michael went to sleep for a long time. And when he woke up, he was here - Novus - and his bones felt strange like they hadn't in a while (because that blanket of immortality was, also, lost on the journey). So here we are.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Hair tie - Holding the braided portion of Michael's tail in place, an iridescent blue band. Given to him by an old friend.

Star medallion - Hanging from the hair tie by an inch-long silver chain, looks like a dazzling white opal, is allegedly a real star.

Scarf - A blue-gray, rayon scarf that wraps around his neck several times, large enough to use as a makeshift hood. The fabric is not stiff and bunches easily. Each edge is lined with darker blue, round tassels. This scarf was made for him by a new friend.

Bangles - Three metal bangles on each foreleg, usually resting above the knee. Their order doesn't really matter to Michael, but one is seafoam green, one is teal, and one is sky blue. They jingle when he walks. Each is roughly 1/4 inch wide and only wide enough in diameter to keep from falling below the knee.

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