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may it be an evening starthat shines down upon you
full alias: Genevieve
music: Mornie utúlië - FAUN - Home - Standing
face detail: sweet, girlish features
eye color: soft pale emerald, burgundy pupils
hair color: pink gradient, cherry pink to soft, pale cream
hair style: loosely pulled, silky, feathery
height: 15.2 hh
coat: creamy white body, rear heavily dappled in magnolia pinks
markings: pink gradient on cream base, flecked in wild appaloosa spots
other markings: numerous rose-pink freckles
inking: lunar crescent moon tattooed upon forehead
build: doe-like, graceful, frail and delicate curvature
May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true
a mythic rose, she smells of sweetness and saccharine purity. a midsummer angel, descended from mount Olympus. Genevieve is the embodiment of the heavenly. the divine. a delicate flower maiden, Genevieve shines in her sylphs' beauty. elven, ethereal, pure and pristine. some say, even holy for all that playful candour and demure naivete. her smooth petal skin stretches over lithe and small, avian bones. a child of light bearing magic. the gift of remedial touch. a bard, who heals with poetry and songs. with lavished affections, innocent and chaste, our Genevieve embodies an angelic form full of light and life. a pureness radiates within her. a temperance, resonating, with every carved detail of her sugary profile.

in her softest moments, Genevieve, evokes the face of mercy. of unearthly gentleness. beneath blue skies, our coral-pink magnolia shall unfurl, gracefully. like petals reaching for warm sunlight, she reaches for you. this sweet Andalusian minx, who bares dotted curves and bountiful, cutesy freckles. furthermore, Genevieve is enticing to gaze upon. for all her sweetness and fragility. although rather clumsy, at times. her girlish whims are ever enduring. nevertheless, our sensual flower - our aphrodite - moves with pristine grace. flowing ribbons, follow her wake. their curves, further accentuating her girly appeal.

amaranthine, bittersweet; a quiet demureness follows her. some may even call her shy. she has a crystalline complexion. a graceful poise, dances across the pale, shimmering-kissed image of this porcelain-hued flower maiden. with playful, princess guile, Genevieve has a preciously tender and youthful body. her skin is bright and dewy. a pink flush, accenting andalusian and mongrel features. bone-white ivory, melts into the pink lace of carnation. her curves were ample, yet soft. hips ebbing with sensual lines. she appears like a doe. and she smells of deep red, roses and wild earth flowers; a soft, lingering eden-smell. laden in the deep fall of midnight rain. her slender legs were made for dancing and running through summer woods, filled of elven song.

a slight thinness, falls upon her delicate, almost fragile bones. her ribs expanding with a girlish sigh of gracefulness. she appears breakable. but somehow mesmeric; as if fine porcelain. a swan crossing a silver-gilded lake, heavy with autumnal fog. perhaps, her soul is far too sweet to ever be ignored, one might wonder how a rose so sweet, could not have any thorns? having yet to grow into her prime womanhood, she is soft in all the right contours. Genevieve is a sweet angel of a babe. her playfully curious jade green irises, peer from her heavily-lashed gaze swathed of cerise powder. her vulpine eyes bares the delicate, earthy shade of emeralds. the burgundy khol flutters, over her cheekbones. the scent of vanilla on her lips.

a gentle bard, silk ribbons flutter tirelessly, about her delicate frame. they spill in smooth cascades of sky-blue and bone-peach; soft. garden colors reminiscent of watercolor pastels. her soft appearance is crowned by a pale, shimmering tiara. angelwings spill behind her ears, folding petite and feathered brilliantly into lush, pink curls. she wears maroon mascara, an eternal blush ever staining her persephone-white skin. upon her forehead lies a cresent moon. its deep burgundy curving into amethyst pink.

Even the brave may depend on someone
The moon only shines with the help of the sun
And it's not as safe when you're walking alone
I'll walk you home

may it be an evening starthat shines down upon you
pros: soft, innocent, demure, timid, truthful, sincere, gentle, benevolent, affectionate, analytical, peacemaker, perfectionist, playful con: cautious, withdrawn, quiet, avoidant, reclusive, secretive, too indecisive, wishy-washy, passive aggressive, moody
May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true
eury2demure, describes the tender, cherry-haired fae that embodies the gracious genevieve. genevieve is soft, shy, affectionate and quiet. her behaviour is subtle and her mannerisms, infinitely feminine. mercy and tenderness exudes from our joan of arc; our virgin maiden. for all her graceful endeavours she has a tendency to behave clumsy upon rare occassion. a cute, shy brand of clumsiness.

Genevieve has the winsome candor of lamb-like, innocence. down to earth, mischievous, giddy, the lavished fae painted of heavenly rose - brushed, in fine porcelain - is a playfully, tender-hearted singer. her voice is ethereal. like harp strings, sultry tones entice the mind; how they serenade in celtic lullabies. our sweet princess, paints a lush portrait of alchemilla flowers & springtime; aphrodite, incarnate, with those pomegranate-stained lips and luxurious, cerise-ombre locks. bright, with youth and life. she is energetic, and empathic.

friendly, to a fault. free-spirited, and softly romantic, Genevieve has a soothing, comforting demeanor. she has a tendency to smother everyone in her warm, graceful aura. teasing, their resolve in buttersoft affections and hot, caramel kisses. she pulls you into her emotions, it would so seem. her heart a soft furnace, where dreamcatchers and moonstone, glint. into the heat of her passionate, if not gentle embrace, thoust might linger. feeling the delicate warmth of fragile, moon-kissed skin. soft and pleasing to gaze upon, Genevieve is seductive in serene ways; and certainly prides upon her swan-like femininity.

quick-witted, adamant, playful, caring, tender, selene yseult is analytically inclined. she is driven to zealous detail, & is adept at following orders, feeling most comfortable when governed by strong, authorative direction. this stems from a lack of father-figure in her life. on her own she is more than capable of addressing issues, however, our angel prefers to hug the sidelines. she thrives upon supporting others, allowing herself great modesty in lieu of candour. her preference is to remain neutral on the battlefield. healing the wounded and minding the sick.

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