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Targwyn is a beautiful mare, even if she abhors the term beautiful. She’s is a 16hh Holsteiner mare with a thick, warmblood-like body. Her neck is thick and stocky and her shoulders are thick as well with muscle. She can be classified as a “Bay Dun Overo” with the genetics Ee/Aa/DD/nO for breeding purposes. Her base coat color is dusty brown, almost that of a dark cream. Her frame overo is classified as having minimal markings, but enough to be considered overo. She has a bald white face, small white patch on the left side of her underbelly, two high white stockings on her front legs, and two small white pastern markings on her back legs. Her eyes are crystal clear blue, masked by the green diamond that sits in the north-south position over her eye like green eye makeup. She also has a thick black ring surrounding her eye, giving it a smoky appearance. She also has a red marking that starts at her lips and is thick. But as it travels up towards her eye and cheek in a curving fashion, it begins to thin out. The red marking makes it appear as though she has a large red smile.

Targwyn can be described as a defender of chaos and anarchy. She feeds off of pain and hysteria and if there isn’t enough of it around, she will instill it in others. She rather enjoys watching the world burn from the inside out.

She does not abide by rules. She hates when rules are imposed on her and she will fight them. However, despite this, she does have a single rule which she follows 100% of the time. That singular rule that she follows may seem strange, but it is the equivalent of the Bible for Christians, the Quran for Muslims, The Sutras for Buddhists, or the Vedas for Hindus. Targwyn will not harm butterflies. Yes, you read that right. She will not harm butterflies.

Targwyn can be loyal to those who share her agenda. While she isn’t a leader or a follower, she will team up and work in conjunction with others who share her taste for chaos and anarchy. However, be warned, the moment you change sides and no longer share her agenda, you are no different than dirt in her hooves.

She has a rather harsh personality that many find hard to swallow. She tells the cold, honest truth whether or not it’s wanted or needed. She is very transparent in how she feels. Despite her transparency, she does have the ability to suppress her emotions. She doesn’t often show her anger, happiness, sadness, but her actions will tell you her mood - you just have to be willing to listen and watch. In the same breath, she isn’t usually bothered by anything. Pain, death, blood, none of that angers her or urges her to act. She usually appears very stoic.

Targwyn is highly intelligent, even if her intelligence is sometimes misguided. Rarely does she live up to her true potential. But despite how smart she is, Targwyn can be irrational. Usually the things she does are done with no thought to others or herself. They usually don’t make sense for the situation. She also rarely plans, she simply does. If the opportunity presents itself, she will take it and react. She’s like a dog chasing cars, she doesn’t know what to do with one if caught, she simply does things to it.

Finally, she has a motto: “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I am an agent of chaos.”

Targwyn started off her life like any other - she was born. Her family was traditional in the sense that everyone was a standard color, had boring personalities, and lived by a certain sets of laws made by a set regime. And yet, when Targwyn was born - her family didn’t quite know what to do about her. She was born with strange markings that no one could explain. The only way they could be explained was that Targwyn’s mother had disobeyed the gods and therefore, they cursed her child. Because of this, Targwyn’s mother was executed and Targwyn was banished. As she stood over her dead mother’s body, a single butterfly came and flew around the body and then kept close to her for days. The only explanation she could make was that her mother was looking out for her through the eyes of butterflies. The whole first year of her life was difficult, but there was always a butterfly to lead her onward.

However, as she grew, Targwyn began to hate the ones who killed her mother and exiled her, leaving her to die. Anger festered within her soul until she could not control it any longer. Something changed, as if a light switch was flipped. That anger turned into rage and that rage turned into a need for brutality and anarchy. And so, she slipped into her own home under the cover of night and ignited a civil war by killing the son of the king. - the same king who had killed her mother. She slipped away unnoticed and she stood along the tree line as she watched her once family murder, rape, and kill anyone and everyone as they searched for answers. The herd erupted into chaos and eventually, disbanded. There was a smile that was plastered upon Targwyn’s lips the entire time.

It was then that she realized she loved the feeling. It made her feel powerful. It made her feel free. This feeling was dangerous and yet exhilarating. She never felt more alive. She made a choice, right then and there as a yearling, to do the same wherever she went. Unfortunately for the citizens of Novus, Targwyn has found her way here. A little birdy, or perhaps a butterfly, has told her that chaos was brewing. She intends to be at the center of it. She intends to destroy this place from the inside out, watching it crumble and eventually fade away. No one will remember Novus, not after Tarwgyn is finished with it.

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Targwyn has with her a small satchel that she can carry small items in. It wraps around her neck and hangs loosely. She also has a gold earring on her left year and a gold bracelet on her right front leg.

She also has a thin cloak that covers her entire body. It's made of a black silk with bright red trim with no other garnishes. When worn on one side, the black cloaks is visible. When worn in reverse, it acts as a cloak of invisibility, shielding Targwyn was unwanted onlookers.

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