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Thoroughbred Mix


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Tall and well muscled Belial stands at 19hh with a sleek but strong build. His fur is charcoal black and has the appearance of cracking paint all over. However, when touched his skin has the texture of soft and smooth fur. There are long and deep scars all about his body. Some look as if they healed long ago, others consistently look fresh. He has a long tail that extends out from his spine. The hairs that feather off the length of his tail are feathery and inky black. His mane is short and ragged. It almost looks as if he had once had a longer mane but it has been burned shorter. He has two large black feathered wings. He can move his wings but they are broken and do not allow for flight. The feathers of his wings start off a dark gray closest to his body and turn a deeper black as they go on. He has one eye that has the color and texture of flowing magma with a black pupil. His other eye is ghost white and has no sight.

Belial is like a two-sided coin and you never can be sure which side you’re going to get with him. On one side he is a cold, calculating individual that can be quite difficult. He can come across as very sarcastic and arrogant. There's a part of him that is broken and makes him seem like he couldn't care less about the people around him or the ways of the world. Feelings have no place in his mind in these moods. On the other side of the coin is a man who is charming, protective, and caring. He can actually be quite a smooth talker when the mood strikes him and enjoys the ability to make others smile or blush if he can. And once he has another being that he cares for he feels as if it is his entire life mission to make sure that they’re safe and taken care of. This can be somewhat annoying as well. He can become overprotective and has a hard time believing that they can take care of themselves. Deep down in the very depths of his soul is a romantic. He has been in love before but that part of him has seemed to shrink dramatically over time. However, if he ever does find someone to bring that part of him back it comes back fiercely. He is the kind that would drown his lover in gentle words and praise in private but turn into a heart of stone in public.

It was a warm, spring day when Belial was born. He wasn’t born into riches, status, or even comfort but he was born into love. He was the only child of a common mare and a common stallion. He was their pride and joy. He grew up strong and able and like most common boys in his kingdom, he became a soldier. It was a role that suited him well. His strength, speed, and knack for strategy made him soar in ranks. Everything seemed perfect if not entirely predictable He lived, he fought, and then…. he fell in love. She was the most beautiful thing Belial had ever laid his eyes on and there was never a doubt in his mind that they belonged together. And that’s exactly what happened. They lived, they loved and then they had children of their own; one son and one daughter. Belial felt as if his heart was going to explode with all the love and happiness he felt. He was the most loving father and mate anyone could ever ask for. However, it wouldn’t last. Being a soldier was never an option for Belial, it was something he had always done and something he would always have to do. He was called away, sent with the armies of his land to fight a battle that had just begun not to far from them. It took him away for months. He was wounded, his wings crushed and broken in the fights. Unable to fly any longer it took him weeks to return home. And when he returned home he found something he would never wish on any enemy. His herd had been slaughtered. His mate. His children. They had all been murdered while he was too far away to protect them. This crushed Belial, drove him more than half mad with anger. He laid there in the ruins of his once home for days, unable to find the strength or will to get up. It wasn’t until his mate came to him in his dreams, urging him to get up, to live, that he even bothered to move. Starved and grief-stricken the stallion wandered away from everything he had ever known. He has now come to Novus with no idea of what awaits him.

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