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Magic & Mutation Records
magic & mutation records
Active Magic

Character Affinity Obtained By Approved By Date
Euryale Aerokinesis Dec. 2018 Incentive Sid 12/09/2018
Avesta Animation Inheritance Sid 08/13/2019
Andras Arc Flash Purchased Sid 12/21/2019
Somnus Blood Manipulation Purchased Inkbone12/09/2018
Katniss Cellular Manipulation Purchased Inkbone 06/30/2019
Kibou Cellular Regeneration Inheritance Nestle 08/26/2019
Sloane Chameleon Physiology SWP Prize Inkbone01/13/2019
Amaunet Chaos Magic Purchased Sid03/20/2020
Elchanon Charmspeak Purchased Sid03/28/2019
Evangelina Cryokinesis Dec. 2018 Joining Incentive Inkbone01/20/2019
Caine Dream Illusion Purchased Sid12/27/2018
Dune Dream Walking Purchased Sid03/20/2020
Avdotya Earth Free staff restricted item Inkbone 06/01/2017
Rostislav Earth Purchased Sid 03/06/2018
Rhone Earth Dec. 2018 Incentive Sid 12/31/2018
Callynite Energy Flow Purchased Nestle 10/13/2019
Antiope Energy Transference Purchased Sid 04/22/2019
Maerys Emotion Transference Purchased Sid 08/03/2019
Corrdelia Empath Event Prize Sid 06/02/2019
Eos Fire Manipulation Dec. 2018 Incentive Inkbone 12/09/2018
Morrighan Fire Manipulation Purchased Sid 03/09/2019
Dondre Fire Manipulation Free restricted item Layla 12/10/2019
Aion Frostbite Purchased Sid 03/25/2018
Seraphina Greater Telekinesis Purchased Sid 02/19/2019
Kindred Healing by Song Free restricted item Sid 07/09/2019
Reinhart Hypnosis Purchased Nestle 01/21/2020
Amaroq Ice Manipulation Dec. 2018 Incentive Sid 12/27/2018
Maret Ice Reflections Inheritance Nestle 08/14/2019
Acton Illusionist Purchased Sid 03/25/2018
Lucinda Item Enchantment Purchased Nestle 08/26/2019
Moira Light Forger Purchased Nestle 10/13/2019
Bexley Light Manipulation Purchased Sid 06/13/2018
Vaeri Light Manipulation Purchased Nestle 12/01/2019
Calliope Lightning Manipulation Purchased Inkbone08/23/2018
Jetsam Lycanthropy Free restricted item Sid05/29/2019
Thana Magical Rot Dec. 2018 Incentive Sid 12/31/2018
Sabine Medium Free Restricted Item Sid 03/09/2019
Valefor Mental Manipulation Purchased Sid 05/024/2019
Blyse Mirages Oct. 2018 Incentive Sid10/28/2018
Ipomoea Nature Spirit Purchased Inkbone 01/24/2018
Cyrene Panacea's Touch Purchased Sid 06/13/2018
Apolonia Perception Manipulation Inheritance Sid 10/11/2018
Eshek Plague Magic Purchased Sid 03/07/2019
Aghavni Plant Compulsion Purchased Nestle 10/13/2019
Atreus Potionmaster Purchased Inkbone 06/28/2018
Aspara Psychometry Purchased Sid 08/13/2019
Israfel Pyromancy Purchased Sid 12/12/2018
Huehuecoyotl Raven Shifter Purchased Inkbone 06/30/2019
Sigrun Ritual Healing Member's (1) free restricted item Inkbone 07/14/2019
Tenebrae Shadow-forging Purchased Nestle 09/19/2019
Raum Shapeshifting Free restricted item Sid 07/10/2018
Castalla Shapeshifting Purchased Sid 10/10/2019
Odessa Siren's Song Purchased Sid 12/31/2018
Orestes Solar Transformation Purchased Sid 10/03/2019
Vikander Soul Weaving Purchased Sid 05/05/2019
Raymond Spell warding Purchased Inkbone 08/18/2018
Leto Starfire Dec. 2018 Incentive Sid 12/31/2018
Sirius Star Staging Purchased Aimless 03/28/2019
Theodosia Storm Calling SWP Participation Sid 12/09/2018
Mateo Synesthesia Free Restricted Item Sid 05/13/2019
Yana Swamp Pact Free Restricted Item 12/10/2019
Torstein Telemanipulation Free staff restricted item Sid 06/22/2017
Eik Telepathy Purchased Inkbone 06/28/2018
Isra Thalassokinesis 100 EXP reward Layla 01/22/2020
Isra Transformation Purchased Inkbone 11/04/2018
Leonidas Time Acceleration Easter egg hunt prize Sid 07/07/2019
Florentine Time Traveler Purchased Sid 12/15/2017
Basileios Truthtelling Oct. 2018 Incentive Sid 11/01/2018
Erasmus Umbrakinesis Dec. 2018 Incentive Nestle 12/31/2018
Red Vineyard Magic Purchased Sid 11/04/2019
Mephisto Warg Free joining item Inkbone 02/17/2019
Asterion Water Manipulation Purchased Sid 07/20/2018
Elif Water Manipulation Oct. 2018 Incentive Sid 10/11/2018

Passive Magic

Character Affinity Obtained By Approved By Date
Golem Animated Stone Form Purchased Character Pass Nestle 05/17/2019
Azrael Aurora Glow Purchased Sid 03/17/2019
Rostislav Enchanted Flask Purchased Sid 08/25/2017
Maddox Flower Growths Purchased Nestle 11/09/2019
Grey Frost-Kissed Purchased Inkbone 02/27/2019
Theodosia Gem Metabolization Random Event drop Sid 06/27/2019
Reckitt Glowing Eyes Purchased Sid 05/05/2019
Aion Luminous wings Purchased Sid 10/11/2018
Pilate Medusa Hair Purchased Layla 12/29/2019
Sebastian Skin Etchings Purchased Character Pass Sid 10/07/2019
Jaylin Shapeshifting (Hippocampus) Purchased Sid 07/05/2019
Indrani Shapeshifting (Kelpie) Purchased Sid 03/19/2020
Warset Shapeshifting (Leopard) Purchased Character Pass Layla 01/20/2020
Fiona Thought-Casting Gifted Sid 08/03/2019
Cernunnos Tree Antlers Purchased Sid 11/01/2019
Vincent Undead Sept. 2018 Incentive Inkbone 11/17/2018
Eshek Undead Purchased Character Pass Sid 03/07/2019
Below Zero Water Vapors Purchased Character Pass Sid 05/18/2019
Polar North Water Vapors Purchased Character Pass Aimless 11/23/2019
Raziel Weeping Gold Purchased Sid 07/07/2019
Helios Wing Conjuring Purchased Layla 01/25/2020


Character Description Obtained By Approved By Date
Sol Bestiam Flaming Hoofprints Free Restricted Item Sid 05/24/19
Leonidas Golden Antlers Purchased Sid 07/07/19
Mesnyi Phosphorescent horn Purchased Inkbone 10/27/18
Mesnyi Jasmine scented sebum Joining Incentive Inkbone 10/27/18
Vincent Undead Purchased Inkbone 11/17/2018
Jaylin Extra set of eyes, draconian mouth Joining Incentive Nestle 12/23/18
El Rey Metallic gold horn stripes, ear tips, and shimmering skin Purchased Nestle 03/05/19
Septimus Wolfish Teeth Joining Incentive Inkbone 05/05/19
Senna Bioluminescent Horn Joining Incentive Inkbone 05/13/19
Corinthian Golden Scars Purchased Sid 05/18/19
Sodoma Glittery Skin Joining Incentive Nestle 05/20/19
Phoebe Starry Markings Joining Incentive Sid 06/02/19
Catillatio Ichor Blood Purchased Nestle 10/24/19
Daunt Black Blood Purchased Nestle 11/13/19
Arrakis Iridescent Coat Purchased Layla 12/08/19
Trevelyan Horns on jaw Purchased Layla 12/10/19
Trevelyan Shark fins and tail Purchased Layla 12/10/19
Tick Black blood Purchased Layla 01/09/20
Naida Sharp teeth Purchased Inkbone 02/12/20