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Magic & Mutation Records
magic & mutation records
Active Magic

Character Description of Active Magic RIRT
Acton Illusionist Here
Aelin Wing Illusions Here
Aghavni Plant Compulsion Here
Aion Frostbite Here
Amaroq Ice Manipulation Here
Amaunet Chaos Magic Here
Andras Arc Flash Here
Antiope Energy Transference Here
Apolonia Perception Manipulation Here
Aspara Psychometry Here
Asterion Water Manipulation Here
Atreus Potionmaster Here
Avesta Animation Here
Avdotya Earth Manipulation Here
Azrael Dream Walking Here
Basileios Truthtelling Here
Bexley Light Manipulation Here
Blyse Mirages Here
Boudika Amorphous Transformation Here
Elchanon Dream Illusion Here
Calliope Lightning Manipulation Here
Callynite Energy Flow Here
Castalla Shapeshifting Here
Corrdelia Empath Here
Cyrene Panacea's Touch Here
Drune Precognition Here
Dune Dream Walking Here
Eik Telepathy Here
Elena Empathy Here
Elchanon Charmspeak Here
Eos Fire Manipulation Here
Erasmus Umbrakinesis Here
Euryale Aerokinesis Here
Florentine Time Traveler Here
Huehuecoyotl Raven Shifter Here
Ipomoea Nature Spirit Here
Isra Thalassokinesis Here
Isra Transformation Here
Israfel Pyromancy Here
Jetsam Lycanthropy Here
Katniss Cellular Manipulation Here
Kibou Cellular Regeneration Here
Kindred Healing by Song Here
Leonidas Time Acceleration Here
Leto Starfire Here
Lucinda Illusion Here
Maerys Emotion Transference Here
Maeve Fire Healing Here
Maret Ice Reflections Here
Mateo Synesthesia Here
Mephisto Warg Here
Moira Light Forger Here
Morrighan Fire Manipulation Here
Odessa Siren's Song Here
Orestes Solar Transformation Here
Raum Shapeshifting Here
Raymond Spell warding Here
Red Vineyard Magic Here
Reinhart Hypnosis Here
Rhone Earth Manipulation Here
Sabine Medium Here
Saphira Halokinesis Here
Seraphina Greater Telekinesis Here
Sigrun Ritual Healing Here
Sirius Star Staging Here
Sloane Chameleon Physiology Here
Somnus Blood Manipulation Here
Tenebrae Shadow-forging Here
Thana Magical Rot Here
Theodosia Storm Calling Here
Torstein Telemanipulation Here
Vaeri Light Manipulation Here
Valefor Mental Manipulation Here
Vikander Soul Weaving Here
Yana Swamp Pact Here

Passive Magic

Character Description of Passive Magic RIRT
Aion Luminous wings Here
Azrael Soft aurora glow - reminiscent of the northern lights - along his neck, dorsal stripe, turquoise eyes, and hooves Here
Below Zero Mane and fetlocks are comprised of water vapors/steam that act as a temperature regulator for her body Here
Fiona Thought-Casting Here
Golem Animated Stone Form Here
Helios The ability to conjure up to two pairs of wings Here
Indrani Shapeshifting (Kelpie) Here
Jaylin Shapeshifting (Hippocampus) Here
Maddox Flower growths on her shoulder and leg Here
Nachzehrer Mane made out of odorless, harmless black smoke Here
Pilate Medusa-like, sentient snakes take the place of his mane; they do not require food to survive Here
Polar North Mane and fetlocks are comprised of water vapors/steam that act as a temperature regulator for her body Here
Raziel Weeps gold blood from painless, superficial cracks in his skin, hooves, horn, and tearducts Here
Reckitt Glowing, golden eyes Here
Sebastian Etchings appear on his marble skin: the names of other creatures due to die within the next month, eroding the closer they are to death Here
Sol Bestiam Hooves leave harmless, flaming hoofprints in his wake, which fade away to charr Here
Theodosia Gem metabolization that fuels the gem growth on her antlers Here
Vincent The ability to suspend decay and allow him to remain in a state of undead Here
Warset Shapeshifting (Leopard) Here


Character Description of Mutation RIRT
Aehra Hooves, skin pigment, budding horn, sclera, and scar tissue are bedecked in the texturing of glacial blue opals Here
Arrakis Iridescent coat during the day and night-time, although slightly brighter at night Here
Catillatio Ichor blood that smells of brimstone Here
Corinthian Golden scars and facial markings coated with gold plating Here
Corradh Carnivorous teeth that aid in a meat-eating diet Here
Daunt Black Blood Here
El Rey Metallic gold horn stripes, ear tips, and shimmering skin Here
Jaylin Draconian mouth Here
Jaylin A third set of eyes Here
Leonidas Golden antlers that fall away to gold dust and regrow with the seasons Here
Mesnyi Jasmine scented sebum Here
Mesnyi Phosphorescent horn Here
Nachzehrer Copper blood, especially prevalent in areas of thinner skin where it will cause shimmery, copper patches Here
Naida Sharp, fang-like teeth Here
Phoebe Small white spots on Phoebe’s cheeks, neck, and sides glimmer similar to stars when caught by any light source Here
Senna Bioluminescent horn Here
Senna Canine-like fangs Here
Septimus Wolfish Teeth Here
Sodoma Glittery skin that gives the oilspill marking along her back and seeping from her eyes an iridescent appearance Here
Tick Black blood Here
Trevelyan Shark fins and tail Here
Vincent Undead Here
Zayir Golden flesh and blood, like ichor Here