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Magic & Mutation Records
magic & mutation records
Active Magic

Character Description of Active Magic RIRT
Adonai Phoenix Metamorphosis Here
Aeneas Cosmic Ergokinesis Here
Aeon Aegis Here
Aghavni Plant Compulsion Here
Ambrose Literary Animation Here
Andras Arc Flash Here
Antiope Energy Transference Here
Apolonia Perception Manipulation Here
Aspara Psychometry Here
Atreus Potionmaster Here
Avdotya Earth Manipulation Here
Azrael Dream Walking Here
Basileios Truthtelling Here
Below Zero Hydrokinesis Here
Bexley Light Manipulation Here
Black Arctic Lunar Manipulation Here
Blyse Mirages Here
Boudika Amorphous Transformation Here
Caelum The Breath of Life Here
Caine Dream Illusion Here
Callynite Energy Flow Here
Castalla Shapeshifting Here
DianaBlack Hole Manifestation Here
Diesel Nature's Voice Here
Dune Dream Walking Here
Eik Telepathy Here
Elain Dark Cosmic Matter Manipulation Here
Elena Empathy Here
Elliana Medium Here
Elliot Cerebrokinesis Here
Eos Fire Manipulation Here
Erasmus Aether Manipulation Here
Euryale Aerokinesis Here
Faction Necrobotany Here
Florentine Time Traveler Here
Hagar Compulsion Mind Control Here
Huehuecoyotl Raven Shifter Here
Illo Dragon Shifting Here
Io Kairavi Clairvoyance Here
Ira Shadowwalking Here
Israfel Pyromancy Here
Jetsam Lycanthropy Here
Kaelix Shadow Manipulation Here
Kassandra Illusion Conjure Here
Katniss Cellular Manipulation Here
Kibou Cellular Regeneration Here
Kindred Healing by Song Here
Leonidas Time Acceleration Here
Leto Starfire Here
Leviathan Heat Manipulation Here
Maerys Emotion Transference Here
Mephisto Warg Here
Moira Light Forger Here
Nefertari Clairvoyance Here
Odessa Siren's Song Here
Pavarotti Glamour Here
Polar North Body-Water Manipulation Here
Raum Shapeshifting Here
Raymond Spell warding Here
Reinhart Charismatic Influence Here
Rhone Earth Manipulation Here
Roselin Dragonice Here
Sabine Medium Here
Saphira Halokinesis Here
Savannah Mage Here
Sebastien Charismatic Influence Here
Seraph Chaos Manipulation Here
Seraphina Greater Telekinesis Here
Sigrun Ritual Healing Here
Sloane Chameleon Physiology Here
Sol Bestiam Solar Manipulation Here
Somnus Blood Manipulation Here
Tenebrae Shadow-forging Here
Theodosia Storm Calling Here
Torstein Telemanipulation Here
Tristan Arcane Weaponry Here
Valefor Mental Manipulation Here
Veil Nebula Stellar Divination Here
Vercingtorix War Embodiment Here
Vikander Soul Weaving Here
Yana Swamp Pact Here
Yvtala Telepathy Here

Passive Magic

Character Description of Passive Magic RIRT
Andromeda Eternal fire Here
Caelum Emotionally-linked Flowering Footsteps Here
DianaBlessed Here
Helios The ability to conjure up to two pairs of wings Here
Leonidas Can camoflauge and darken/lighten his body's color, as well as take on some limited color of his surroundings Here
Odile Swan by day, equine by night Here
Persephone The almost otherworldly ability to find things she needs or wants without actively searching for them. Here
Vincent The ability to suspend decay and allow him to remain in a state of undead Here
Veil Nebula Deja Vu Here


Character Description of Mutation RIRT
Jaylin Draconian mouth Here
Naida Sharp, fang-like teeth and different mouth anatomy Here
Pangaea Saurian hind limbs, tri-fingered hind limbs, with claws on each limb Here