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Suggestions - Novus Team - 05-23-2017


Please respond to this thread if you have any suggestions that you think would benefit Novus, its members, or the community! There's no such thing as a bad suggestion. We really appreciate your input, as you are what makes Novus the place we love.

If you have a question or concern, please use this thread instead.

Log of Suggestions

Here is a list of all your suggested changes or ideas, as well as any pertinent staff's notes and thoughts on each where applicable. 
Click each title to expand the drop-down!

    Adjusting rules that limit Stealth Attempts
    Courtesy of @/Spaced: "I'd like to suggest to modify the rule that only Sovereigns, Regents and Wardens can make stealth attempts! I feel like it cuts off the potential for creative characters that specialise in thieving rather than fighting/healing etc."

    The Library at Dawn Court
    Courtesy of @/Roo: "I think it'd be a good idea to add a sub-category to the Dawn Court called The Libraries, or something like that. They are a court full of sages and knowledge-seekers, so I can see a handful of those spending time there."
    STAFF NOTE: This was already in the works when Roo suggested it! C;

    Accessory Item
    Courtesy of @/Chan: "I'd like to suggest the option of buying single accessories, for the times when you only need one item and not a full outfit. It doesn't have to be cheap, I rather like that items are hard to come by and take real effort to get."
    STAFF NOTE: This was already in the works when Chan suggested it!

    Artisan Class
    Courtesy of @/Chan: "Looking at the court ranks, I was thinking that it might be fun with an Artisan class. Each court could maybe specialize in one general type of craft, like weaving, metal-working etc, and the produce could be used for trading with other courts, as awards from sovereigns to active members and so on."
    STAFF NOTE: When staff expanded the potential ranks to 30+, Artisan was one of the ones we included thanks to Chan's suggestion!

    Expanding Experience-earning options
    Courtesy of @Symbiosi: "Perhaps more experience options for non-warrior characters? Right now the experience system seems biased towards characters who will partake in spars, but for those of us with sages and caretakers (or even just characters who are feint of heart/are pacifists/etc) we cannot claim this experience. I understand that there are other ways to gain exp such as successful stealths/etc, but participating in a battle earns you +1 exp and seems rather easy to fulfill. Perhaps a healing "thread" (i.e. 3 replies?) can also earn +1 exp, or researching a subject 3 times (as in 3 posts to a thread devoted to studying a subject) can also result in +1 exp."
    Courtesy of @Firefly: "I like the changes which were made for signos, and feel the prices in the Agora are fair. It's still INCREDIBLY difficult to earn experience, which makes it very hard to level magic. Perhaps we can either offer more ways to earn, raise the amounts you can earn, or reduce the amount required to level active magic... just my 2 cents."

    Quote of the Season nomination
    Courtesy of @/Noella: "Maybe a Quote of the Month nomination? Sometimes there's just a line in a post that sends chills, makes you want to cry, or makes you laugh out loud in real life, and you just want to show it to everyone because it's just a perfect summation of a character or a thread."

    Foals inheritance of Active Magic
    Courtesy of @/Tribs: "Right now, both parents needs to have magic to even give the foal a chance at inheriting it. Maybe make it so that it's still possible for a foal to inherit magic if only one parent has it? Albeit the roll/chance would be significantly smaller and more improbable, but it's still a chance."

    Character Pass
    Courtesy of @Symbiosi: "A wacky character pass! Would still have restrictions and would be regulated, but would allow for some creativity and "extra" stuff on characters."

    Adjust Profile word count requirements
    Courtesy of @Firefly: "I think it would be helpful to relax the word counts for character profiles. I personally find it really difficult to write 200/300/400 characters about my character. Simpler designs can often be described in a much easier way and I feel like I'm adding a ton of fluff just to make it to the word count. Histories are hard too, especially if it's a new character, because maybe you haven't fully fleshed out a crazy detailed backstory for the character and want to create it as you go."

    Add stat bonuses for Weapons & Armor
    Courtesy of @kealie: "Weapons increase attack and armor increases health just a bit to make the items worth it to purchase and make their worth reflect their price. But the only difference between the four (weapons, armor, outfits, and accessories) is the price! Armor is 1000, an outfit is 500, a weapon is 700, and accessories are only 150. The only problem I can see with this is that these are all aesthetic items and have no real use beyond that! Why is armor 1000 when it is basically just an outfit (500 signos) and why is weaponry 700 when it is basically just an accessory (150 signos)? The point increase in health (armor) and attack (weapon) that would come along with the armor/weapons would be incredibly beneficial because I have earned the signos to, essentially, buy a 'better' item, but as of now, it doesn't really mean or do anything that would warrant it being 'better'.
    STAFF NOTE: We have been discussing a revamp of the battle system, and adding stat bonuses was part of the discussion! It's not a "set in stone" that it will happen with items specifically, as we're still discussing the intricate details... but it's a possibility ♥

    Add more Experience Earning options
    Courtesy of staff, as an off-shoot of @Obsidian's personal arc exp suggestion: "Add in additional ways to earn exp, such as a character learning how to read or write."
    STAFF NOTE: We're always open to more suggestions like this! Members, feel free to post addt'l suggestions and add on specific exp-earning situations you feel would be of benefit to add in.

    Remove 2-week wait between characters
    Courtesy of @Firefly: "I would like to recommend considering removing and/or reducing the requirement to wait 2 weeks between joining characters. Perhaps there can be a "2 week wait OR post at least 10 times", or another type of way to waive this."
    STAFF NOTE: At this time, staff have decided against implementing this suggestion to alter the existing rules. We apologize, although we appreciate your suggestions nonetheless! ♥ If our stance on this matter changes, we will most certainly notify.

    Legend Titles
    Courtesy of @/Meverrnind: "On other sites I've been on they were given to characters whenever they became a king or queen of said herd, but in my opinion that was always won too easily. For example the criteria could be to earn a legend title:
    Reigned for at least one IC year (or even 2), increased court population by X number during term (10? 15?), Won X amount of battles, blocked/won X amount of stealths, achieved dominus level, posted in every subboard, X successful pregnancies, etc! 
    Courtesy of @/Lauren: "Legend Titles could also be for Character of the Season too."
    STAFF NOTE: Unfortunately while we love the idea, it's a little bit harder to implement with all of our layouts as the postbits (where the character/account info is displayed) have very limited space. We will continue to see if there is a way to work around this, we're just not certain if it's possible to be done with our layouts!

    Adding option for pixel icons to postbits
    Courtesy of @Aurora: "In our post bit bar where a bg image hovers above our post, may I suggest adding a section for pixels? because i have so many cute pixels I'd love to use, but it bothers me when I clutter my signature. Just a personal preference. I think it would look uniformed/cute."
    STAFF NOTE: We like the idea, however it would be a little hard to implement with our limited space in the postbits. We will continue to see if there is a way to work around this, we're just not certain if it's possible to be done with our layouts!

    Adding Experience Earning options for Personal Arc Development
    Courtesy of @Obsidian: "What if under the personal development part of exp earning, might there be an option for chars to earn exp for completing a developmental part of their arc? So it is entirely personal to them and focusses on that char's development within the game. For example, with leo, he doesn't know how to read or write, so what if he could earn exp for learning to read and write? Or another example, maybe a character has a terrible history with another and so they work to repair the bond between them? The player could maybe fill out a form explaining the development they want their char to achieve - it gets approved by admin/mods and then off the player goes to do it? It could be a set number of threads/posts for a set amount of exp so it is fair across the board for everyone."
    STAFF NOTE: While we love the idea of personalizing ways for your characters to earn EXP, staff agree that this would be a large undertaking, very hard for us to track, and presents a lot of "gray areas." However, we are completely open to the suggestion of adding additional specific ways to earn EXP that are available to all characters, just not necessarily something that would change with each character! "Learning how to read or write" is a good suggestion in-and-of-itself, and if you think of additional ones, please post them!

RE: Suggestions - lackadaisy - 01-10-2021

hello lovely staff! i have a suggestion!

class specific ways to earn exp;
so on other sites i see ways to earn EXP related to their 'class'. be they a warrior, mage, etc.
on Novus, these would be extra ways to earn EXP for your specific position/rank.

for instance; once a SEASON a prompt could come up. you can earn 2-5 EXP for completing it. it'd have to be a thread with another character, with an intro and closer. the prompt would be like a worship thread but specific to the rank. entertainers could put on a show, soldiers could do a mock battle, etc.

no other EXP can be tackled on. this is meant as a per season earn. so if you're a healer and do EXP gathering for plants, you can't tack on the extra exp already in place for gathering. this is meant to be for the specific classes! you also cannot earn signos for "threading with a new person", etc. the EXP is reward enough!