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Hell on the Heart - Valan - 11-07-2021

V a l a n

she's as pretty as a picture
every bit as funny as she is smart 
got a smile that'll hold you together 
and a touch that'll tear you apart 

The mare stood still, her gaze trailing over the fields. Dusk painted the sky, and while the sun wouldn't burn her to ash, it was still uncomfortable for her to be out in, and so she had waited. While the prickly feel of the setting sun was very uncomfortable, she was willing to sacrifice comfort for a chance to interact with those in her new home. 

New home. How odd it felt, to think that again. She had been so confused when her master had so gently nudged her awake, telling her he couldn't let her sleep any longer. So she had woken to a new world, a new age, a new period. She yawned gently to herself, still feeling the effects of her hibernation, still feeling the impact of drowsiness. She shook her head, smiling slightly as she looked out at the fields, at the individuals who seemed to be making their way to their own homes and houses, settling for the night.

To a degree it was disappointing, seeing others reading for bed when she was only beginning to wake herself. She shook her head gently, wild wine curls floating around her with the soft chink of chains around her neck as she meandered into the throng, smiling kindly at those she saw, careful to not flash her fangs, but also looking for anyone who would be willing to talk, communicate, stay a while.

Just one friend now that's she's joined the world of the living again.

when she's yours she brings the sunshine

Notes: <3

when she's gone the world goes dark
yeah she's heaven on the eyes
but boy she's hell on the heart

Artwork © Ray-gunz

RE: Hell on the Heart - Elain - 12-10-2021

And a softness came from the starlight and filled me to the bone

Elain had never meant to get caught up in the populated area of the fields, she'd been walking comfortably with Cailerian when the two had wandered into the area. The kirin is careful to stick close to the large dog as well as keeping her tail pulled close to her side, not wanting to risk tripping herself or anyone else. She'd also admit that her tail is pulled tight out of the feeling of anxiety building up in her. She's anything but a fan of being stuck in the middle of a crowd with no idea where she's going. It was never an issue for her in Aklos but at the same time she'd had Faelan and their father to rely on. But here in Novus she has only Cailerian when she wanders out of the Citadel and into other areas inside the Court's borders.

Elain isn't exactly sure how long it takes the two to find the less crowded part of the crowd but to her it feels too long. With her large black dog by her side the kirin takes careful steps, she's no longer as stiff as she had been before but her movements can still give away her lack of sight if one knows what to look for. Her ears twitch at the sound of chains clinking together and causes a look of confusion to pass over her face. It's not the same sound as Cailerian's collar, it's also farther away from the two but the sound it close enough to Cailerian's to throw her off nonetheless.

The duo stop in their place while she tries to understand what has just happened. She's positive her pet is next to her but she's also just heard something similar to what he sounds like. When the large dog presses close to her she feels calmed and her confusion is replaced by curiosity. Elain is careful in her steps, approaching where the sound had come from until she realizes it's coming towards her and she's, in fact, not following it. When she realizes this she's quick to warn the being who's making the sound that she's not sure where they are entirely. "Excuse me but which side are you on? I don't mean to disturb you but I don't want to hit you and I don't know how small of an area we're in." She feels somewhat like a fool asking where they are and her ears tip back as if to express this feeling.


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The Paragon Child
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RE: Hell on the Heart - Valan - 12-10-2021

i'm insane
well, i can feel it in my bones
coursing through my veins,
when did i become so cold?
The vampiric creation tilted her head, the crowd dwindling the later it got. The sun had already begun to set in the distance, lighting up the sky with light, but creating far more shadows for the mare to turn towards. The issues with being a maiden of the night, despite her age and resistance built up, the touch of the sun to her pelt still burned. Valan also couldn't deny the since of disappointment that her odd schedule would keep her from making friends. If there was one thing the vampire craved, it was companionship. True friends to mingle with, to talk to; who wouldn't be afraid of her should she forget herself and laugh with fangs on display.

Instead, she feels herself deflate as the crowd things more and more, until she begins to feel like the solo member out to greet the approaching night. She's so lost in her own thoughts, it's hardly a surprise when the voice startles her. Her head snaps up, rose-hued eyes turning to the pale creation with a large canine by her side. Blinking once, twice, and then thrice, the vampiric mare finally allowed of a soft smile, amused, "Fret not, child; there is hardly a cause to apologize. I'm to your left, but I do appreciate your concern." She pauses then before adding, "And this part of the field is rather open, and vast. I'd say a half dozen meters, at least, of clear space all around you before you'll find the next bit of shrubbery."

Not like the gardens at the manor, that breathed with live plants. The one twisting roses that climbed over her frame like a clinging vine notwithstanding. These vines were still relatively dormant. Clinging close to her hide, but not yet awake as she knew they'd be in due time. They'd been worked hard while she slept, the beloved darlings, and she knew that in time, once they had a decent amount of rest themselves, they to would join her in the real world. But back to the landscape. Valan liked pretty things, perhaps it was leftover from her high class raising back when she was mortal. Fancy accessories, clothing; and elaborate gardens. The simplicity of the outside world wasn't lost to her of course, this open concept wasn't unpleasant . . . but it did make her crave for the comfort of the gardens that would make her feel a little less alone.

But she wasn't alone at this moment, was she? The realization seemed to strike her without warning as she glanced back to the other mare and her little friend, "My name is Valan, child." She greeted kindly, her tone warm, gentle; "What's yours?" A part of her wondered if she should excuse herself and leave. Knew the stories of vampires always on the bad side of interactions of mortals, but she couldn't help but try to be nice, try to make a friend. Not now, not when she was finally able to converse with another individual.

for goodness sake
where is my self control?
if home is where my heart is
then my heart has lost all hope
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