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she looks into her mirror,
wishing someone could hear her, so loud

Such sunlight, such happy memories, she pauses to admire those that he will be left with (she hopes) after today. This brightness in his life, the phoenix does not remember being shed upon her own. Quite the contrary, despite the sweets and treats she talks of, spewing from her like an ocean pushing waves, they are so small a part of that part of her life. She cannot recall laughing as Regis laughs: bright, carefree, so young and innocent. Yet, there is nothing that can make her frown when she is by his side, eating up his every response just as he gobbles down treat after treat.

Quietly the phoenix, with her mask back in place, slips coins on the table and a nod of thanks to the man that beams, pushing even more forward for them to try upon Regis' request. Oh ! What beautiful pastries: eclairs and baklava, cannolis and macarons, strudels and pies and florentines alike spread out for any who wish. Not even the Tonnerre Estate had such diversity, such richness as the Denocte. Her heart is happy for it, overflowing where once only an aching lived and breathed. As golden eyes fall upon the child, she cannot help but grin again and take up a strawberry hamantash to feast upon once more.

"Perhaps we will learn to fly together, Regis ! Until then," she pauses, looking between the two with raised brows for but a moment, then turns to the table and packs up what must be nearly a quarter of the treats on display into a container. "We have a delivery to your mother and father to make, the three of us! Lead the way, my kind sirs, and I shall follow as your shadow." All the revelry in the world could not hide the way she glows and beams, how the Emissary dotes on the Prince with such sweetness that one could almost imagine her with little winged, wild things of her own to chase about.

Almost, but not quite. And so she lets him set off on their new adventure, feeling their parting coming all too soon, yet ready to return and find Isra in the crowds, in the rooms, in the music of the Night.

@Regis <3 I'm good to stop here; I look forward to their future threads as well ! They're so wholesome imo



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