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in a beautiful place, alone,

The island is still moving long after the season turns, like a beast that has learned how to be its own master. All those stars are still flickering, still turning, still multiplying and glowing like a thousand flames lighting up the island. And as the first snowflakes turn to teardrops among the stars, those brave souls that have lingered on the island begin to wonder if the island has at last decided what it wants to be. They’re living, they whisper to each other, as they cradle those fiery lights close to their chests.

Until, like a shot to the heart, they aren’t.

The roaring of the stars turns to a scream that shatters the earth. The island stops beating at once, and all those stars fall down, down, down into the blackened earth where they crumble to dust and ash. In the darkness and the silence that remains, there are no gods to be found. Only a heaviness that settles over the island like a stone tied to the bottom of the ocean, weighing heavily across those few brave (or unfortunate) souls that find themselves trapped.

The air grows still.

And cold.

And dagger-sharp.

Has the island sunk in the sea, or swallowed whole by the beasts within it?

And still the darkness reigns.

It is not until the morning when the sun begins to rise in the distance that the answer becomes clear. The dawn breaks over a sea of glass and crystal, left behind by the collapsing stars.

Each sharply-edged surface is a mirror, reflecting back the colors of the morning in all its brilliance.  Perhaps some of the mirrors are twisted into arcane shapes, a reminder that they used to be stars -- perhaps some of them still glow like embers pulled from a fire, hanging by a thread onto the magic of the island. Or maybe the first horses to wake up and begin to explore do not even notice the shapes they have become, and think only that the new island looks like the graveyard of the heavens, with snow beginning to settle in the crevices like a bridal veil.

The sunlight breaks itself into dozens of refractions when it touches the strange crystals. And as the horses begin once again to explore, they find the island has become a maze of crystalline mirrors. Everywhere they look is reflection upon reflection, and with each step that they take a thousand versions of themselves (tall and lean, short and stocky, black and white and overly saturated) follow closely.

Or is there another face looking back at them, looking out from their eyes, staring over their shoulder, breathing upon their necks?

This is the fourth transformation of the island. For 505 winter, the island has been transformed into a place of crystal. Some of these crystals are cut into strange shapes and figures; but most are mirrors. Mirrors that show the world as it is, and mirrors that show an alternate reality, all arranged into a maze.

You can be as creative as you want and take artistic liberties with this landscape. Perhaps for your horse sees only reflections of themselves and the sky; perhaps they see a world they long for, or one that gives them nightmares. Is the island beautiful, or a stark reminder that home is safer than an island that sheds its skin at will?


This landscape will change on October 1st, 2020. All threads started after that date will not count towards the +2 EXP for the 505 island IC Event. Remember in order to claim for it you need 4 posts in a thread started during the time frame of the event. Starting this season (winter 505) any post that is starting during the time frame for the island and completed within 2 months of that start date can receive the +2 EXP.

Also keep an eye out for some @'Random Event' fun happening on this board. <3

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