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Poll: [DUSK COURT MEMBERS ONLY -- 1 vote per member -- READ BELOW POST FIRST] Who would you like to be Terrastella's new Sovereign?
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IC Event  - The Sunlight Fades (SOVEREIGN VOTING)

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Wisps of light on the Horizon

There were few who decided to step forward with their voices, most choosing to silently cast their votes off to the side before watching quietly, anticipating the announcement of their new leader.  She looked at each of them, with a sort of pride swelling within her. These were her people, who made this land what it had come to be.

She turned her gaze first to Ophelia, watching as the woman walked away silently, without a word of farewell. Perhaps she wanted to keep her air of mystery about her, or maybe she simply didn’t care. Regardless, Vespera would not ignore her presence. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

She pulled an amulet from the air, and let it hover before her as she whispered to it.

“An amulet that brings clarity. So that while she remains mysterious, her dreams will not. Perhaps it will help her find her place in Terrastella”

and with that she sent it back into the night, sending it to wherever Ophelia might find herself.

[ @Ophelia has been gifted the Seer’s Amulet by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

Next she turned to Atlas, one of the candidates for the throne. The golden man had a light of his own about him, but perhaps she could give him something so that others may see it too. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

“You are right Atlas, and that thought will take you far”

  She walked towards him, dusk-light crackling around her.  She pulled out a light, and gently slipped it over the mans neck.

“Take this light, and may it guide you, and others, to wherever you need to go”

[ @"Atlas" has been gifted the Moon-glow Necklace by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

Lastly, Rhone. A man whose stoic loyalty was clear.

“It seems you have been chosen to hold dusks fate in your grasp”

she stated, waltzing toward him on feather light hooves. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

“You have a difficult task ahead of you Rhone”

she murmured, touching her muzzle gently to his shoulder.

“Dusk court has been quiet as of late, it needs a strong head to spur it along. I hope this will help you in your task. I believe Ira was given the same when he was chosen. It will help you keep track of your court. Use it’s power wisely”

[ @Rhone has been gifted an enchanted map by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

And with that she stepped back, her role having been fulfilled.

"Terrastella, Give Rhone your welcome as Sovereign!"


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