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Private  - The tide is coming in.

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Liam Kenway

There it was. Luvena's sarcastic wit amused him as she asked how else she would have gotten to Dusk Court. "I should have asked if you rested at any part of your journey. I'm sure someone from Night Court would have my head if they knew you walked all this way without resting," he teased, muzzle wrinkling in amusement as he stepped back to allow the mare into his Citadel.

Frowning to himself as he watched Luvena's strange behavior at the fire being lit, Liam glanced between the mare and the licking flames as it roared to life in the fireplace. Saying nothing, he pretended not to have noticed, instead offering a tender smile as she accepted the blanket. "No, no it isn't. Perhaps you could leave when the day is much warmer? Or I could escort you. Keep you safe when needed?" He offered, shrugging his shoulders lightly as if he made that journey every day. It'd been some time since he had, and he was sure that Luvena would reject his offer, but at least he offered, right?

Gazing around the Citadel's main room, the stallion sighed peacefully. The fire was slowly warming the room up, and Liam could feel it coaxing him back to sleep. Fighting against it, the copper-coated stallion shifted his weight and gazed around at the decorations he had sprinkled and splattered throughout the room. He hadn't gone to see Vespera since the day he spoke up to try and become Dusk Court's next Sovereign. That had gone to Rhone, but with his disappearance, Liam stepped up. It seemed like the right thing for the stallion to do. It seemed like he was a natural-born leader. Always seeming to take charge when he was a young colt, Liam never let his previous tiny size slow him down, and he routinely took on equines larger than himself. Of course, that had been before the serum, before the experimentation from Erskine. Turning his attention to look at Luvena as she started speaking, Liam's face broke out into a giant smile, his eyes sparkling. "I think it's a grand idea. You two are some of the strongest individuals I personally know. You compliment her style in quite a few ways. Is there anything that you need from me or from Dusk Court in order to make this a seamless transition?" He inquired gently, his joy nearly causing him to vibrate in place.

"Liam Speaks."

Notes;; He just wants to heeeelp lol
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