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Private  - Hell on the Heart

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V a l a n

she's as pretty as a picture
every bit as funny as she is smart 
got a smile that'll hold you together 
and a touch that'll tear you apart 

The mare stood still, her gaze trailing over the fields. Dusk painted the sky, and while the sun wouldn't burn her to ash, it was still uncomfortable for her to be out in, and so she had waited. While the prickly feel of the setting sun was very uncomfortable, she was willing to sacrifice comfort for a chance to interact with those in her new home. 

New home. How odd it felt, to think that again. She had been so confused when her master had so gently nudged her awake, telling her he couldn't let her sleep any longer. So she had woken to a new world, a new age, a new period. She yawned gently to herself, still feeling the effects of her hibernation, still feeling the impact of drowsiness. She shook her head, smiling slightly as she looked out at the fields, at the individuals who seemed to be making their way to their own homes and houses, settling for the night.

To a degree it was disappointing, seeing others reading for bed when she was only beginning to wake herself. She shook her head gently, wild wine curls floating around her with the soft chink of chains around her neck as she meandered into the throng, smiling kindly at those she saw, careful to not flash her fangs, but also looking for anyone who would be willing to talk, communicate, stay a while.

Just one friend now that's she's joined the world of the living again.

when she's yours she brings the sunshine

Notes: <3

when she's gone the world goes dark
yeah she's heaven on the eyes
but boy she's hell on the heart

Artwork © Ray-gunz


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