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The great stallion had heard the main Citadel doors open and the announcement of Uzuri's arrival, but he hadn't emerged from his quarters to greet her. Instead, he was focused on the plans for Dusk Court as they were laid out upon his desk. Asta had been helping him come up with different things to do with the Court, but things had sort of stalled, and he was trying to figure out a way to get things started again. Dusk Court had idled as of lately, and part of that was his fault, but he wanted to get them active again. Guilt ached in his chest as he realized that he hadn't emerged to greet Uzuri and welcome her into her new home, and with a heavy sigh aimed at himself, he rolled up the scrolls and plans before departing for his private bathroom. Thankful that the chambermaidens had provided him with a warm bath, he sank in the water to his chin, his eyes fluttering shut as he relaxed. Muscles aching from too vigorous a workout that morning, the stallion was thankful that the warm water seeped into his every pore, every crevice and helped soothe the ache and hurt away. Sweat had clung to his copper-burnished coat, and had made him itchy, so quickly, he cleaned himself up and climbed out of the bath before drying himself off and stepping out to greet Uzuri.

Only to find that she wasn't alone.

Aeon, the charred colt that Bucky had brought home, was there to greet her, and Liam huffed in happy amusement as he approached the pair, his eyes bright and soft as he gazed at the two of them. "Well, well, I see that my Sovereign has met my son. Aeon, we couldn't thank you enough for being a part of our family. You've really made it complete," he rumbled, offering a tender smile to him before gazing at Uzi, his head tilting to the side a little. "Is there anything that you'd like me to carry for you to your new home, Uzi? I hate to know that you've basically had to carry everything here by yourself. Moving is so frustrating, and I can't imagine how frustrating or hard it's been on you to move from your forge to here," he offered, gesturing toward a few trunks. Suddenly, several large Clydesdale stallions appeared and Liam smiled brightly at them, almost giddy in their appearance. "Hey, yeah, just take the trunks and follow us, please. I don't imagine it'll be too much further, so thanks for your help!" He chirped, almost seeming too giddy.

Turning to look at Aeon and Uzuri again, he blushed and ducked his head a little, almost looking sheepish in his appearance. "I might have asked a few soldiers from the military to help you in moving today, Uzi. I know it's late and I know I should have been there when you started, and I'm sorry. Hopefully, this makes up for it, though?" Liam inquired gently, looking between the two equines before him. "I haven't spoken to Vespera since she was looking for a Sovereign and Rhone was there. Oh no, I should have gone to see her after I became Sovereign," he admitted, grimacing when he realized that he'd made a mistake in not seeing the Goddess of Dusk.

"Liam Speaks."

Notes;; Crappy reply is crappy.
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Word count;; 557



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