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Novus, meaning “new” in the Latin language, dates back about 500 years. Its four regions are the homelands to the Solar Courts – Dawn in Delumine, Day in Solterra, Dusk in Terrastella, and Night in Denocte.  Those native to Novus are content to accept the singular truth that Novus is all there is in this vast universe.  Little do they know that a world exists which far predates even Tempus, their ultimate god.

Veteris, meaning “old” in the Latin language, is thousands of years old.  It is also divided into four regions, the territories of the Seasonal Courts – Spring in Terrafons, Summer in Aestasoli, Autumn in Decadere, and Winter in Hiemsterra.  While these Courts hold some values similar to the Solar Courts, their regimes are a lot more stringent and old-fashioned.

Veteris is located to the southeast of Novus’ most southeastern point. If a citizen of Veteris travels north, they will eventually see Novus on the left; if a citizen of Veteris travels west, they will eventually see Novus on the right.  Almost all travelers will visit the Night Court first due to its location. It is unknown what worlds they would come across if they travel east or south. A map will be provided eventually!

Guides & Character Building

  • The royal couple’s firstborn is considered the Heir. All other foals are considered Progeny.

  • It is a custom for all royal horses to be named with a combination of their parents’ names. For example, Erynvale is a combination of Erynos and Valessa.

  • Royalty are considered extensions of the gods. If they are disobeyed, your character will deal with severe consequences.

  • There is no “ultimate god” (like Novus’ god of time, Tempus). Each Court only recognizes their own deity, and ignores the deities of the other Courts.

  • The Courts rarely get along. Wars are common, and loyalty to your Court is the most valued characteristic of all.

  • Etiquette is very important, even in common citizens.

  • If a horse is found to be blessed with magic from another Court, they will be shunned, imprisoned, tortured, cast out, or even put to death.

  • Bondeds are considered “dirty” – it is viewed as your character being bound to a lesser creature, and thus tainting their soul.

Terrafons, the Spring Court

King: Hubris
Queen: Babylon
Heir: Hubrylon
Progeny: Risylon (deceased)
Citizens: Finnian

Deity: The God Initium
Magic: Shapeshifting, Earth Manipulation

Known History: Born in Fall of Year 498 in the Winter Court, Hubrylon was arranged to be the heir of the Spring Court after inter-court negotiations, the King and Queen's own child dying days after his birth. While traveling between Winter and Spring, slave traders intercepted Hubrylon and his escorts; all were killed save for the young to-be heir who was taken captive to be sold for a pretty penny. With the boy gone, afterward to earn the name Damascus, the Spring Court remained in disarray and without an heir.

Aestasoli, the Summer Court

King: ---
Queen: Alioth
Heir: ---
Progeny: ---
Citizens: ---

Deity: The Goddess Caliditas
Magic: Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation

Known History: Their species a gift from Goddess Caliditas, Alioth was an impossible creation from the love of a deer and fish. Coming from a long royal linage, she was born and voted Queen of the Summer Court in the Year 498. Stories of Novus wrapped themselves around the young girl and she could not hold herself back any longer; with the faith of her Court and good will behind her, Alioth left the Summer Court of Veteris to search out answers in Novus with the promise of a return upon her lips.

Decadere, the Autumn Court

King: Erynos
Queen: Valessa
Heir: Erynvale
Progeny: None
Citizens: ---

Deity: The God Aurantiaco
Magic: Fire Manipulation, Light Manipulation

Known History: In the Year 496, Erynvale was born as the only heir to Erynos and Valessa. She became curious about horror stories told about the Night Court, so she went to visit. When she returned, her body was tainted with deep purple colors. King Erynos and Queen Valessa tried to cleanse her with fire in hopes that Night’s touch would fade. Erynvale fled shortly afterward. In the Year 500, her mate and the Sovereign of the Night Court, Rhen, flew toward the Autumn Court with a group of his best warriors. It is unknown whether his attack was successful.

Hiemsterra, the Winter Court

King: Silrus
Queen: Aecanos
Heir: Aerus (currenly an NPC, talk to Avis)
Progeny: Silanos
Citizens: Morozko, Nimue, Polunin, Rhaenyra

Deity: The Goddess Glacies
Magic: Ice Manipulation, Mind Control/Telepathy

Known History: In the Winter of 495 the king and queen birthed their first child, disappointed that it was a daughter as males usually took up the title of heir. Silanos would choose to leave to learn how to become more 'colt-like' from the Winter Court's warrior tribe, Jarl, where she would become the first valkyrie and earn the name 'Rannveig.' She returned home to the Court at age three, rightfully earning her place upon the throne after winning a battle against their best fighter. Silrus and Aecanos would announce the birth of their son, Aerus, that same year. Silanos left her home once again, travelling far out to the world of Novus to fight for its members after learning about the dissolution of the gods. Aerus was then named heir to the throne.

How to Join a Character from Veteris

If you see dashes (---) in the positions above, that means they’re open! Contact Avis if you have an idea for a character that you’d like to originate from Veteris. She’ll want to make sure the history you write fits in with the world of Veteris, and she’ll even help you brainstorm if you want! 

Additionally, “Currently an NPC” characters are also able to be created. First, you will need to talk to the creator of the character to make sure you understand if there are any appearance or personality requirements to meet. After you have received their permission, contact Avis to make sure the history you write fits in with the world of Veteris! 

It is highly recommended to pay attention to the “Known History” sections. Those will combine the histories of all characters from Veteris and help you in making sure your history coincides with all the other histories.

The world of Veteris is copyright to Elkayell and managed by Avis. It is under Avis's right to ask you to change your character’s history if you have not spoken with her beforehand about creating a character from Veteris.


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