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 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.


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the night markets

It was a normal night in the markets, filled with hustle and bustle, smoke and perfumes, laughter and yelling. Just a normal night in southeastern Court.

Until the first dragon showed up.

It was small, perhaps a foot or so in length, with midnight-black scales that glittered in the firelight. He snuck between the stands, sticking near to the shadows so as not to be seen, collecting fallen coins all along the way, raiding a few coin pouches along the way.

He was joined by a friend with scales of the deepest forest green, then another who shine a brilliant rosy pink. 

Together they scurried through the streets, leaving a trail of golden signos in their wake.

At the middle of the markets, the moon carving began to glow for the first time in centuries: a brilliant full moon, filling the circle entirely. It was here that the miniature dragons ran to, their reptilian laughs reverberating through the streets as they appeared in a shower of coins, chiming as they fell to the cobbled ground.

All at once, the night became alive with leathery wings and fire floating through the Court, dragons of every color invading the skies. They swooped low to the ground, causing mayhem and laughter as they jumped from horse back to horse back, breathing spouts of flame and stealing the occasional coin or apple to toss.

Eventually they would calm down enough to integrate themselves into the Markets like stray cats… but for tonight, and several following nights, the city was their’s.

The pygmy dragons have returned to the Court.

The Night Market board is finally open!

Your character is welcome to discover the dragons antics and be swept up in them, they’re sure to cause a bit of chaos! They can be used as NPCs according to their description in the information!

You can reply to this thread anytime before July 31st to claim partial participation in a SWP, but one post max per character if you choose!
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we are infinite as the universe we hold inside
-- --

ezanna was walking again, always walking the streets of the court and yet never getting her fill of the people, of the atmosphere, of the way it managed to make her feel so very alive. The torchlight flickered off her midnight coat, wrapping around her curves as her body soaked up the warmth. She was going nowhere in particular, looking for nothing special, and yet she was content in this moment, allowing her and her thoughts to wander.

Perhaps, however, the night had a different plan, for out of the tranquility came the sound of laughter and a metallic tinkling like bells. Curiosity pulled at the young moon, encouraging her to follow the noises of excitement and they led her to the markets. What met her when she arrived was unlike anything Jezanna had ever seen before. The market was normally bustling with activity, the sound of voices, but this was laughter and joy and wonder. Equines from all corners of the court had come to see, their eyes sparkling in the firelight, smiles upon their faces as they watched the pygmy dragons scurry about and cause mischief.

A sudden weight alighted upon one of her antlers, her head dropping in surprise, a laugh bubbling up out of her chest. It was gone almost as soon as it had arrived, and Jezanna’s silver eyes followed the dragon as it took off into the air, scales a brilliant sapphire blue. It was then that her gaze found the bright, glowing moon, the centerpiece of the markets. A gasp escaped her, unbidden, like a whisper on the air, and she found herself moving toward it as if against her own will.

The closer she became, the more the silvery white washed over her body, turning her blue coat to steel and making the white of her shine like the moon itself. She was sure her heart skipped a beat as it thudded quicker, racing in her chest. Standing in the light of that moon she felt as though she were finally coming home. It felt like acceptance, like kinship. It felt like her entire being, everything she had once been and had become since awaking on Novus, was melding together. Jezanna turned, dark mane swinging, and her bright eyes looked over the gathering around her again. Perhaps it had always been meant to be.

This was where she belonged.

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SHE HAD SKIRTED the Night Court that day, scrunching her face up at the towering unnatural structures entombed behind the Arma Mountains. It was something she had never seen before – buildings so intricately crafted, bricks laid with purpose. The primitiveness of Seasna coursed deeply in her veins, and with a huff the dun mare strode until the turrets were pinpricks along a steely gray backdrop.

The scent hit her first, and then the commotion.

Life was suddenly teeming before her as the unmistakable salty wind of the sea socked her in the face. A rainbow laid at her black hooves, gemstones appearing molten in the torchlights lining the streets. She squinted her eyes in scrutiny as she beheld the bustling streets. Her ears flicked backwards at the laughter and bartering ringing loudly from merchant tables. Sleight of hand and shadowy motives never sat well with the young mare, and she rolled her eyes at the snippets of conversations she caught.

“Oh yes, this is the finest cloak… all the way from Afferna… selected it myself…”

“Only three? This is worth five times as much!”

”There’s a warm room just around the corner…”

She pressed onward, her senses nearly overwhelmed – choked - with the activity.

It was first just a shadow that caught her eye. She paused, quizzical as she stared at the corner of a weathered cart. A creature that appeared to wear stars on its midnight skin skittered between the stands, pickpocketing absentminded merchants, and flashing its needlelike teeth in the firelight as it grinned. Soon, it was moving in a band of three as rosy pink, emerald, and ebony swirled together, splashing coins wherever they went.

Then she felt it, an intruder upon her back. Deftly it plucked one of her shark’s teeth from her mane, dexterous reptilian fingers tearing the cream and black hair that fastened it so before sniffing at the turquoise stone. Without wasting a second, it bounced off of her withers into the nearest maroon canopy. Hydra started, letting out an irritated squeal at the molestation of her personal space.

“GIVE THAT BACK!” she spat, chin raised high as teeth gnashed at the night sky. Her eyes locked on the violet creature in a glare of frustration and desperation. It threw her a haughty glance with amethyst eyes, spouting a tiny flame from smirking jaws before clambering up the nearest sheet and bounding deeper into the market. Without hesitation, Hydra threw herself into a sprint, shouldering passersby with grunts and rage. She knew it was a fool’s errand, but dammit she would try.

The chase was fruitless, at least if one were solely considering victory as reclaiming the stolen memento. Chest heaving, frustration roiled in her chest. To add injury to insult, the scabbed claw marks on her haunches ached, reminding her annoyingly of her past folly in the mountains involving felines and negligence.

That was when she noticed it – a bright glow illuminating the floor. It was unlike anything she had ever seen, this moon at her feet. Her eyes stole a glance at an antlered mare across the way, her coat a swarthy mix of the deepest ocean and the darkest sky. It was when Jezanna took a moment to glance around the gathering that she caught her eye and offered a small smile, anger subsiding just for a moment.

The torn strands of mane where a piece of her father’s parting gift to her had been rustled in a passing breeze. Her attention fell back to the artful creation on the ground, ears pinning against her heated skull.

She was torn between becoming enamored with it and hating it.

How the heavens they opened up
Like arms of dazzling gold
With our rain-washed histories well, we do not need to be told
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we live like thieves
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Now this was where a thief belonged. Noise rose from every corner, smoke and warmth kept the cool night air at bay, and there were more than a few treasures catching his eye to nick. The gold had been head towards the Night Court (it seemed like ages since he’d first said such to himself), and as he’d risen to the Keep he’d been distracted yet again by the commotion and smoke. You see the gold was not a creature of a large world. As little as he liked to remember about his own life, he would it admit it never involved something as large as a market and port. With attention fully caught, he’d slipped into the throngs.

And he loved it. Every conversation was his to eaves drop on, all the gossip of the world were being tossed about faster than the coins, and the treasures! Just down one isle of the old wooden stalls and he’d found several items which…could do with a new home. Temptations were everywhere and it was a riot of color and noise, filling every sense and overwhelming in every sight. It did not take long for him to spy an opportunity and set himself about the game. A flashy pale blue and tan unicorn had just purchased some small item, and the gold coin flashed in the firelight as he slipped it back into a pouch on the inside of her leg, the strings ever so loose. He muffles the wicked grin trying to rise on his lips and slipped towards the lass as she merged with the crowd.

He weaved through, never losing sight as he came towards her, but not focusing. The gold placed each hoof with care. She was right before him with he stepped towards a stall of fabric. His leg slide between her front to, and they both stumbled. The lass squeaks as the gold leg hits the pouch and the purse falls to the ground, coin scattering everywhere. She panics, but finds a handsome golden creature keeping back the crowd to help her collect her coins. She thanks him with mild kindness, before moving on. Her golden knight smiles back, and when she’s thoroughly forgotten the affair, bends down to pick up the two coins under his hoof.

He’s not the only thief about in the night though. As he lifts his hoof and sees the rewarding flash of gold, there’s a shadow and its gone. Harks pin back as he searches for the thief, and there, pausing to revel in its success on the side of the aisle, a small dragon. It laughs before it carries on. The gold snorts his disgust, but easy come, easy go. He slips to the shadows of the market to an empty stall just as the party starts.

Chaos descends on the market as the dragons reveal their return. The center of the market, barely visible through his shadow begins to glow with a brilliance, and it seems to drive the creatures to a fury. The gold, for his part, can only laugh. One stallion’s hair tie was stolen and it falls about his face, near tripping him. The gold wasn’t exempt either as one brace pygmy attempted to steal his circlet (got a face full of horn for the effort, though the gold a clip of claws on his hip for the fight). A filly’s tail clip was attempting to be snatched, but turns out she was rather…attached to it. Horns were perches, backs were landing strips, and hooves the only defense. It was fantastic. It was going to prove hard to pull him from the market on up to the court. There was a reason the dragons were back, this was a thief’s paradise.

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