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 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.

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Coloring outside the lines

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Moira Asterion

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"There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say." — Theodosia in
Cinderblock gardens

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Information - Year 502 - SWP Timeline
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Year 502 Site Wide Plot - Chronological Timeline

This Site Wide Plot took place over the span of six months - from mid year until the end of 2018. This is all in chronological order and only includes "official" SWP threads which were posted or planned by staff.

This Site Wide Plot ended with a whopping 46 official SWP threads!

Official SWP Threads

  1. Mist in the Mountains — [In Veneror Peak, at the Summit]
    Tempus has decided to step in against the violence and turmoil plaguing Novus, and forms the Summit. His voice rings out across all of Novus, and he sends four birds - one for each Court - to carry his message, calling the Regimes to the Summit in a weeks time.

  2. Government Jobs — [In Veneror Peak, outside the Summit]
    Raglan is wandering about the Summit, which has just appeared in Veneror Peak. He speaks to the trees guarding the Summit, and one surprisingly talks back...

  3. The birds that Tempus has sent to each Court to carry his message (from the "Mist in the Mountains" thread) finally arrive.

      A.  Passion, Defense, Community — [In Denocte, within the Night Court] 
      A crow shows up to Denocte to inform them that Tempus is calling the Regime to the Summit.

      B.  Pride, Strength, Honor — [In Solterra, within the Day Court] 
      A hawk shows up to Solterra to inform them that Tempus is calling the Regime to the Summit.

      C.  Modesty, Love, Care — [In Terrastella, within the Dusk Court] 
      A goose shows up to Terrastella to inform them that Tempus is calling the Regime to the Summit.

      D.  Wisdom, honesty, neutrality — [In Delumine, within the Dawn Court] 
      An owl shows up to Terrastella to inform them that Tempus is calling the Regime to the Summit.

  4. Dew in the Valley — [In Veneror Peak, at the Summit] REGIME ONLY
    Tempus has called the Regimes of all four Courts to meet at the Summit. All the Sovereigns and their regime respond. In this meeting, Tempus asks the mortals what has caused the manifesting unrest within the Courts. When the rest of the gods begin squabbling amongst themselves in the clouds, Tempus abruptly stops the conversation - and all of Novus goes quiet. The tremors of his voice cause the entryway of the Summit to crumble, leaving the regimes trapped. After they show that they are willing to work together, Tempus parts the Sentinel trees guarding the Summit and allows them to leave.

  5. The gods manifest from their statues.

      A.  Another One Coming — [In Veneror Peak] 
      Solis has manifested from his statue on Veneror Peak, and has begun gracing Novus with his presence. There is a mixture of awe, reverie, and anger at his return.. Featuring replies from Neomu, Seraphina, Bexley, Pavetta, Aethelind, Moira, Turhan, Batty, Caine, Jericho, and Kauri. Near the end of the gathering, Solis pulls Seraphina aside to speak with her privately.

      B.  Redemption Song — [In Veneror Peak] 
      Rannveig collapses before Vespera's statue and weeps desperately. The goddess of Dusk materializes from her statue before Rannveig's very eyes, and comforts the former Sovereign in her time of need. Rannveig wonders aloud why now Vespera has chosen to appear to her, after she abandoned her former kingdom.. but Vespera is forgiving and gentle.

      C.  But It Refused — [In Veneror Peak] 
      Somnus approaches Oriens' statue and asks for guidance in helping his Court. Oriens materializes from his statue before Somnus, and assures the Sovereign that his goals are not in vain. They share wisdom, and Somnus does not ask for power - he simply asks to help his feeble son, to help and protect his Court, to become the individual that Oriens needs him to be.

      D.  A Statue Come To Life? — [In Veneror Peak] 
      Caligo materializes from her statue, which crackles and crumbles into onyx, obsidian, coal, and diamond pebbles until it is overtaken by a thick haze of smog that will be swept away to reveal the demigoddess - wild, free, bitter, and oh so real.

  6. In a labyrinth of light — [In Veneror Peak] 
    Myfanwy approaches Oriens' statue, asking him to not make her face the hunger alone. Oriens' hears her cries, and appears to her to offer some comfort in the fact that she is not alone and he will not leave her, even when her hunger makes her forget.

  7. praying to ashes. playing with matches — [In Veneror Peak] 
    Albrecht approaches the place where Solis' statue once stood and notices that it is now missing. The Solterran wondered idly if someone was ballsy enough to take the statue for themselves - and what would have happened if hehad stolen the statue. Feeling conflicting emotions at the inhabitant's greed and laziness, Solis appears to him with plenty of questions to ask..

  8. a sense of belonging — [In Veneror Peak]
    Cynix quietly approaches where Caligo's statue should have stood, only to find it crumbled and gone. He is surprised at its disappearance, but still asks for her guidance regardless - in finding his place, in finding a home - and speaks his doubts. Unbeknownst to Cynix, Caligo is sitting behind him under the shade of a tree and beckons the young one over to talk.

  9. wildfire season— [In Eluetheria Plain] 
    After Solis' initial appearance, he appears once more in the Plains for others to openly approach him. This is an Open thread!

  10. After the gods have materialized from their statues, each of them blesses their respective Courts with a new landmark to be utilized by the community. Each landmark relates to their Court's values in some way, and all seem to have materialized from thin air. 

      A.  On silent wings they glide — [In Denocte, within the Night Markets] 
      With the Gods materializing from their statues, Caligo blesses Denocte with the expansive Night Markets to sell their wares and help better stimulate their economy and community. Featuring replies from Jezanna, Hydra, and Thranduil.

      B.  He walks alone — [In Solterra, within the Colosseum] 
      With the Gods materializing from their statues, Solis blesses Solterra with a large Colosseum for official battles and sparring. Featuring replies from Teiran, Kauri, and Seraphina.

      C.  For all those in need — [In Terrastella, within The Hospital] 
      With the Gods materializing from their statues, Vespera blesses Terrastella with a hospital to care for all the sick and wounded. Featuring replies from Atreus, Fiona, and Annabeth.

      D.  They will show you the way — [In Delumine, within The Library] 
      With the Gods materializing from their statues, Oriens blesses Delumine with a hidden library that holds all of Novus' knowledge and scrolls. Featuring replies from Somnus, Regis, Eulalie, Ulric, and Anemone.

  11. It took me years to say the words; — [In Veneror Peak] 
    Asterion inspects the base of where Vespera's statue one stood. Despite the fact that her statue was gone, he still speaks to her - asking for forgiveness for not knowing what it is the gods want, for his possible wavering faith, and explaining how he just wants his people safe. Vespera appears to Asterion, reassuring him that the direction of life itself is not guaranteed.

  12. My unconquerable soul — [In Veneror Peak] 
    Raum stays steadfast at Caligo's statue, his daggers cast to their base. He has returned to Denocte, and his prayer to his demigoddess is simple: vengeance. Caligo observes him from the shadows that suit her and approaches, commanding him to pick up his steel - which he then presents the hilts of to Caligo herself.

  13. Step up and LEAD — [In Denocte, within the Night Court] NIGHT COURT SOVEREIGN AUDITION
    After the Summit meeting with Tempus and the Regimes, the Denoctian regime - Reichenbach, Aislinn, and Isorath - fail to return to the Court. Caligo waits for them and grows worried when they do not, but quickly realizes that this means someone will need to step up and lead the Night Court in their stead. She calls out across Novus to all those willing - Denoctian or not - to prove they are worthy of the Sovereign title.

  14. After what appears to be a short period of peace, something begins to happen within each Court....

      A.  It's fingers of foam, circling around — [In Denocte, within the Night Court]
      Mysteriously, the water at the Denoctian shores recedes far back into the ocean, leaving sand bars and bare ocean bed for all to explore. But with such treasures comes a cost.... as the massive tidal waves descend back upon Denocte, flooding the streets and rising, rising, rising.

      B.  Hours that float idly down — [In Solterra, within the Mors Desert] 
      Something extraordinary happens in the desert. The hot sands and scorching days are graced by... snow! And while some of the Solterrans celebrate the break from the oppressive heat, they soon learn that the snowfall appears not to be stopping anytime soon... and the landscape has been blanketed by a heavy, dangerous, raging blizzard.

      C.  Pushing yesterday's streams — [In Terrastella, within the Susurro Fields] 
      An ominous and dark front of storms peaks over the horizons, and rain pours from the heavens for days with no end in sight. Dirt becomes sticky traps of mud, flooded streets and fields become the norm, sinkholes open up aplenty, and whole cliffsides are swept away in potentially deadly mudslides that not only remodel the very landscape, but threaten to sweep away any being caught in its path. 

      D.  It flickers into the night — [In Delumine, within the Viride Forest] 
      In the forest, a dry spark caught on a small pile of dead underbrush. The seemingly small and innocuous blaze festered in itself, burning quietly alone, until the wind happened to catch a stray spark... then another blaze flickered to life, then another, and another. It wasn't long until a fire erupted in the forest, spreading fast.

  15. THE NIGHT COURT watches as the waters slowly begin to recede. Water is still trapped within the streets of Denocte, but it is dramatically lower. But the water continues to recede once more - the waves pulling farther and farther away from the shore, revealing a bare ocean bed once more. [Branch off from (14A) It's fingers of foam, circling around]

      PROMPT 1: Hidden treasures lie in wait — [In Denocte, within the Night Court]
      You know what happened last time the waves receded so dramatically, but the hidden treasures of the ocean bed beckon you. You promise you'll only be a minute or two, that you'll watch for the incoming tidal wave and not go far.. will you reconsider and think of the dangers? Or will you wander out - and if you do... will you remember to watch the horizon?

      PROMPT 2: Lightning never strikes twice — [In Denocte, near the Arma Mountains]
      Out in the Arma Mountains, rainless thunderstorms begin their fury. Wind bends innocent, old trees, while thunder rolls angrily and the lightning rends the earth under each forceful impact. You think you see a shadow of wings in the cloud overhead... does a massive creature lurk within the raging thunderstorm? And do you stand in defiance of the storm, trying to figure out what looms overhead even with the threat of the lightning strikes, or do you seek shelter?

      PROMPT 3: We're under attack! — [In Denocte, near the Vitreus Lake]
      The sky is alive with flying bodies. New, massive creatures - with two pairs of wings, four tails, transparent ribs and huge talons - beat their wings, buffeting the citizens and nearly knocking down age-old trees. Anytime someone gets too close, they dive, their claws scraping along skin and hair as they threaten to pull you up, up, up. Raymond seems to be spearheading the start of a fight... horse versus thunderbird. What will you do - join in, stand at the edge of the fray, or flee?

  16. THE DAY COURT continues to be plagued by an unending blizzard. The Mors turns into a deathtrap, snow drifts able to swallow even the tallest horse as the snow shifts and rolls like the dunes themselves. Warmth and food are hard to come by now that the once-hottest Court has turned into the coldest in all of Novus. [Branch off from (14B) Hours that float idly down]

      PROMPT 1: Everything looks the same — [In Solterra, in the Mors Desert]
      You have wandered out into the snow-blanketed Mors, a thin cloak or blanket wrapped around your shoulders. You have no idea how far away you are from the capitol, but you see a hazy figure appears ahead. What will you do?

      PROMPT 2: We just wanna have fun? — [In Solterra, within the Day Court]
      A section of the Court has become an impromptu shelter, blocking the citizens from the majority of the blizzard. The majority of those gathered are children, although faces familiar and not have flocked as well. Most have not ever seen snow before in their lives, and have begun tentatively exploring - munching on it, flopping down and rolling, and playing. Will you join in, or are you above such games?

      PROMPT 3: We're gonna start a fight — [In Solterra, within the Day Court]
      Several citizens have gathered inside the capitol's buildings, huddled around fires and bickering about food rations. Ale is passed out to try and appease those upset, although not everyone is so easily quelled. There are whispers about a raid on the food rations. What will you do - join in on the raid, or report them to the Regime and Counsel?

  17. THE DUSK COURT's rain appears to be letting up. The dark sky flashes promising glimpses of clear blue, but it only serves to shed light on the destruction left in the rain's wake. Flood waters are still high, the swamp turned into an ocean, and sinkholes opening their gaping mouths in a moment's notice. [Branch off from (14C) Pushing yesterday's streams]

      PROMPT 1: Don't get too close — [In Terrastella, in the Susurro Fields]
      A group of horses has gathered around a massive sinkhole in the Fields, looking down upon two very young foals - one unconscious, one with a broken leg - trapped at the bottom. Everyone is discussing how to proceed with rescuing them and all the others trapped in the various sinkholes, all while trying to ignore the rumble (or was it footsteps?) underneath their own hooves. What will you do?

      PROMPT 2: What lurks in the ground — [In Terrastella, in the Susurro Fields]
      A particularly large sinkhole's side has caved away gradually, leaving a gentle slope down into the hole itself. And there, within the sinkhole and revealed by the collapsing ground, is a mysterious entrance to a tunnel. Despite the fact that you swear that you can hear footsteps beneath you, someone steps forward, ready to explore the hidden city. What will you do?

      PROMPT 3: Dry and somewhat-safe — [In Terrastella, within the Dusk Court]
      The capitol has turned into an impromptu storm shelter, tents erected and warming fires, food, and refreshments provided. Horses and wildlife alike have sought shelter here, and although it is crowded, you find yourself at a table listening to stories and jokes. Maybe you'll find someone familiar?

  18. THE DAWN COURT's fires have grown... The Viride Forest is alit in flames that burn through the night. No matter how many people attempt to battle and quell the raging inferno, no matter how much progress is made with extinguishing one section.... another will soon be caught ablaze again, seemingly lost to the heat and fire. [Branch off from (14D) it flickers into the night]

      PROMPT 1: Caught like a rabbit — [In Delumine, in the Viride Forest]
      The wildfire spreads, and now you find yourself caught in the middle, cut off from the capital. What will you do?

      PROMPT 2: Everybody wants to be a hero — [In Delumine, in the Viride Forest]
      You are fighting the fire at the frontline, stopping it from reaching the capitol. But it's insistent, creeping forward and slowly pushing you back. A tree is engulfed and collapses, catching another citizen's mane aflame. What will you do?

      PROMPT 3: Darkened skies — [In Delumine, within the Dawn Court]
      You are in the capitol, separated from the forest by a meadow between you and the raging fire. You and others continue to make preparations to prepare the land in case an evacuation is necessary. Some others seem to be struggling to get themselves in order in time. What will you do?

  19. What do you see? — [In the Night Court]

  20. Shine Bright like a-- — [In the Day Court]

  21. Gather 'round — [In the Dawn Court]

  22. A strange gift — [in the Dusk Court]

  23. [NEW!] Little Squirrels — [in the Dusk Court]

  24. [NEW!] Heliophilics — [in Solterra, within the Mors Desert]

  25. [NEW!] Selcouth — [in Terrastella, within the Dusk Court]

  26. [NEW!] Brontide — [in Denocte, by the Vitreus Lake]


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Year 502 Site Wide Plot - Chronological Timeline

The below threads are member-initiated and ones the staff-run Random Events account has not posted in, but still revolve around the events of the Year 502 Site Wide Plot in some manner (reacting/discussing, saving characters, etc!)

If you have a thread that centers around the SWP and related happenings and would like it added to this timeline, please message @inkbone with a link, brief summary, and which above 'official' SWP thread it happened before or after.

We appreciate and want to highlight how much work our members have put into this plot with us!

SWP-Related member threads

  1. The first living creature was like a lion — [In Veneror Peak, at the Summit]
    This happens concurrently with 4. "Dew in the Valley," where the Regimes meet Tempus at the Summit. Other Counsel and Populace members are left outside of the Summit meeting area itself, where they patiently await for their regimes to emerge. Once the gate of the Summit crumbles in on itself, those in the immediate area - Calliope, Raymond, Jericho, Acton, Quinn, Indra, Pavetta, and Shrike - scramble to find a way to free those trapped. Their fears are laid to rest only after Florentine emerges, unscathed, after Tempus frees them himself.


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http://novus-rpg.net/showthread.php?tid=2396 This thread occurs concurrently with the summit meeting, after the regimes are locked inside.

** Staff edit: Added! -inkbone

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