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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
Current Novus date and time is
... currently in progress!

 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.

Character of the Season

Member of the Season

Thread of the Season
Coloring outside the lines

Pair of the Season
Moira Asterion

Quote of the Season
"There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say." — Theodosia in
Cinderblock gardens

see here for nominations

OOC - Year 502 Winter - Spotlight Announcements!
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All prizes have been distributed!

Congratulate @nestle on winning Member of the Season!

Nestle has done so much for Novus since the beginning, but especially in this past month or two! With Isra becoming Sovereign, Nestle has taken to helping us boost activity during a lull. She has suggested and spearheaded many things: new events for Denocte and other courts, as well as OOC contests such as her Inktober-inspired event, the Fall Festival of Creativity! Staff and members alike have nothing but appreciation for you, Nestle - thank you so much!

Congratulate @Pavetta on winning Character of the Season!

Pavetta is an incredibly strong, diverse character that we have had our eye on since day one. As Nestle (and many others) have said, she has come so far from where she was - she has grown so much. This recent/ongoing SWP has really tested these changes - not only for her own Court, but others as well. 

Congratulate @Shrike on winning Quote of the Season!

From We're under attack! — "And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing."

This current SWP has been mentally rough on so many of the Novus inhabitants.. but at the same time, it has brought together so many in multitudinous ways. A perfect example of this is the We're Under Attack thread, where Denoctians and others banded together to take on one of the fiercest of the Mythicals that has yet to appear... the thunderbirds. And such a simple snippet from Griffin's beautiful writing conveys so much raw emotion.

Congratulate @Bexley and @Acton on winning Pair of the Season!

This certainly isn't the first time that Bexley and Acton have won pair of the season.... but so much has changed since the last time! The biggest change, obviously, is that they are now welcoming a small bundle of joy. It's amazing to watch this pair grow together - from previous enemies out for the other's blood, to where they have come to now. They'll certainly make interesting parents, that's for sure!

Congratulate @Isra and @Eik on "A land of absence and root and stone" winning Thread of the Season!

This thread, like so many others on Novus, is downright gorgeous. It's a beautiful tale written in a hauntingly addicting style (from both Nestle and Rae!) As many other members have said, this is a vivid and dreamy thread that creates a magical painting of sadness, of Eik exploring his own powers, of overwhelming sensations, and so much more. Both of these characters have been long time favorites of many, so this comes as no surprise that a thread with both of them has caught everyone's eye!


Year 502 Winter is almost over - and that means Spotlight Announcements are right around the corner!
We're looking at YOU guys to give us the nominations on who you think would be the best for the following categories:

CHARACTER of the Season
Raymond, who won Character OTS for 502 Fall, is not available for nomination!

Current nominations: @Pavetta

PAIR of the Season
Somnus&Eulalie, who won Pair OTS for 502 Fall, cannot be nominated!

Current nominations: @Bexley & @Acton

THREAD of the Season
Thread must have been made or posted in during Fall (07/01-09/30)!

Current nominations: A land of absence and root and stone, A Strange Gift

MEMBER of the Season
Sid, who won Player OTS for 502 Fall, isn't available for nomination!

Current nominations: @nestle - @griffin

QUOTE of the Season
Quote must come from a post made during Fall (07/01-09/30)!

Current nominations include...

1) "And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — @Shrike, we're under attack!

2) "He was always angry, except when he was tired, and in this particular moment he wavered on some border between the two." — @El Toro, In Your Path

  • Winners will receive 100 signos and be highlighted in our Spotlight section!

  • NEW! The (first) person to nominate a Spotlight winner will also receive 100 signos!

  • Post the below form in a reply to this thread, or message staff directly if you'd like to stay anonymous.

  • You may nominate for 1, 2, 3, or all categories - and may make multiple nominations per category!

  • You can nominate those already listed under current nominations, but be aware that multiple votes won't increase their chances of winning! Please try and suggest someone different, if you're able to!

  • We know it's tempting (and many of you deserve the recognition!), but please don't nominate yourself!

  • Players/Characters who won the Year 502 Fall Spotlights cannot be nominated this time around. This doesn't apply to those who were nominated last time but not chosen. They may be nominated again!

<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Spotlight Nomination!</font></div>

<b>Show us</b>: <a href="">LINK</a> TO THE CHARACTER(s), THREAD, OR MEMBER


Staff will make the final vote and decide which of the nominees for each category is the best fit!


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Which OTS: Thread
Reason: The writing is so beautiful and exquisite on both parts and creative and just overall goals. I can not get enough of this magical thread of Eik and Isra!

nestle — Moderator Signos: 1,815
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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Character
Show us: Pavetta
Reason: She's really gone through a lot of changes this season. She's just become emissary and it's great to see how she's dealing with the idea of responsibility. Then she was caught in a fire during the SWP in Dawn. AND if that wasn't enough she also is dealing with thunderbirds with some of her 'friends' in Night. Overall she's really come into her own, gone is that unsure unicorn from Woodstock. I can't wait to see how all of these insane things change her even more.

Which OTS: Quote
Show us: 'And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing.' by @Shrike in this thread
Reason: Do I even need a reason? I can almost feel how Shrike must feel and this line gives me chills whenever I read it. The words sum up Shrike and most of that battle thread. There is something magical in the combination of war and music and how it can sometimes be an almost holy experience for certain characters.

Which OTS: Member
Show us: @griffin
Reason: Griffin has been largely involved in keeping threads moving this season. She's happy to jump into the SWP posts to keep them all moving. It was her idea to combine Dusk with Night for a season or two to help boost activity and give the game a small sub-plot to play with. Griffin is always happy to brainstorm events and you can tell how much she loves this game in how much she tries to help it thrive.

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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Quote
Show us: "He was always angry, except when he was tired, and in this particular moment he wavered on some border between the two." - El Toro, In Your Path
Reason: I don't know, it's such a simple sentence but reveals so much about his character even when taken out of context. Really this whole post was great

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: A Strange Gift
Reason: Of all the SWP threads, this is probably my favorite this season. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens!

I may add more later if I have time this weekend!

Eros — Dawn Court Champion of Community Signos: 2,630
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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: pair
Show us: @Bexley and @Acton
Reason: are having a baby! love their amare thread, it’s fire (like them), and i’m excited to see how they do w parenting c’x

griffin — OOC Account Signos: 4,475
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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Member
Show us: Nestle
Reason: Well, there's the fact that her writing is always gorgeous, threads with her always interesting, and she's always kind and positive on discord, but the past month or so especially I feel like Nestle has been really keeping things going as Novus survives a bit of a slower period. I look forward to all she and Isra have planned for Denocte!

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: A Landscape of Absence and Root and Stone
Reason: It's so dreamy and lyrical and almost strange. Both these characters are always written so vividly and it's a pleasure to read them together. I love how Eik is learning his abilities, and the descriptions of music and the surrounding atmosphere with the snow only make it feel more fuzzy and fairy tale at the edges.

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Winners have been announced
Congratulations, everyone!


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