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 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.


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OOC - Help us expand our rank system!
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We have been heavily discussing expanding our current rank system, as it's very broad right now... which doesn't allow for a lot of individuality! So we've come up with the basics, and now we'd like our members input before we finalize anything <3 When referencing, please try and use the listed numbers below, to make it easier to keep track of! :D

RED is stuff we really need your opinion on, but you are more than welcome to offer your suggestions on any part of this!

Potential rules involving subranks:
-- You will need to be 'promoted' to it, or discuss the change with someone in the Regime OR Counsel.
Champion, warden, emissary, regent, OR Sovereign will be able to promote your character! It will be the Champion's main responsibility.

-- This may change, but staff have discussed it only needing to be 1 thread, possibly not a "complete" thread either (AKA, may only need 1 post from the character requesting the rank change and 1 post from the regime/counsel member)

-- This may change, but staff have discussed that when we FIRST input the new rank system, there will be a short period where ANY existing character can update to one of the subranks, no thread needed. This is pending discussion with the Sovereigns once we get the actual Rank Trees ironed out.

Now.... On to the changes!

1) Current ranks will be getting RENAMED.

-- Caretaker will turn into Medic!
-- Warrior will turn into Mercenary OR Soldier! Let us know which name you prefer.
-- Sage will turn into Scholar OR Savant! Let us know which name you prefer.
-- Commoner will turn into Citizen!


2) All ranks will now have RANK TREES for added individuality! 

These are ALL UP FOR DISCUSSION. Don't like a possible subrank? Want one not listed below? Let us know! 
Please be advised, we're trying to stick to THREE subranks at the moment.

Medic (formerly caretaker) will have the following potential options for subranks: 
-- Apothecary (Salves, potions, remedies)
-- Doctor (advanced medic)
-- Gatherer (gathers supplies, herbs, etc)

Mercenary/Soldier (formerly Warrior) will have the following potential options for subranks:
-- Hunter (ranged weapons specialist)
-- Commander (in charge of platoons/groups/etc)
-- Gladiator (Melee, close quarter combat specialist)

Scholar/Savant (formerly Sage) will have the following potential options for subranks: HELP US ELIMINATE 1 OPTION OF THE 4 BELOW!
-- Priest / Abbot / Monk (religious studies). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Chronicle / Scribe (recorder of Court histories). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Scientist / Researcher (physical studies). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Teacher (those who specialize in teaching others).


3) We are getting three (or more!) BRAND NEW RANK TREES, and 2 additional ranks that won't have subranks!

Scout - For those that are not heavily involved in combat, but are still sent on missions (defensive or offensive).
This rank will have the following potential subranks: HELP US ELIMINATE 1 OPTION OF THE 4 BELOW!
-- Spy / Mole (Enemy recon). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Guard (Watches prisoners).
-- Ranger (home-based, protects land).
-- Assassin (Enemy elimination).

Entertainer - For those who like to sing, dance, and tell stories!
This rank will have the following potential subranks:
-- Fabler / Narrator / Poet (Written entertainment). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Musician / Bard (Entertainment of song). Let us know which name you prefer!
-- Dancer / Acrobat (Physical entertainment). Let us know which name you prefer!

Merchant - For those who are tradesmen or crafters of physical wares.
This rank will have the following potential subranks: HELP US ELIMINATE 1 OPTION OF THE 4 BELOW!
-- Blacksmith (Deals in weapons, armor, metal-based goods).
-- Peddler (Middle-man, seller of stolen/secondhand/etc goods)
-- Artist (Paintings, crafts, works of art in traditional mediums)
-- Food Artisan OR Chef. Let us know which name you prefer!

Captive - For those who are stolen in stealths (whether involuntary or voluntary). No subranks.

Outcast - For those who are no longer considered "functioning members of the Court," like (cough) @Avdotya. No subranks.


4) What?! A Fifth "Court" (heavy emphasis on the quotations)?

Rogue - For those who don't like to call one - or any - place their home. You've been asking for it, and we're bringing it!

Please be advised... This option WILL COST SIGNOS, to prevent it from becoming too common (staff are still discussing cost). 
All subranks will be applicable to Rogue, as it will be treated like a COURT rather than a rank.


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Eeee I'm so excited about this! class trees make my little rpg heart happy.

Soldier, mercenary just does not have the same connotations or meaning. If there were ever “ranks” added among rogues, Mercenary could be a good one.
Scholar - I feel like this sounds more like someone that might be learned in more areas than a savant, but by definition I don’t think it’s that different. It feels more fitting.

Monk, because it is a term that IRL is associated more with various religions and spiritualities than Priest, and an Abbot would signify the leader of monks.
Chronicler, aside from that it sounds cooler, would lend itself more towards the actual act of recording court history than “Scribe.” I feel like this rank could also just be scribes, as in, people who write  under various circumstances for a living.
— I would combine Scientist/Researcher and Teacher, because presumably you have to be one to be the other, in a way. I think it could be titled Researcher or something akin to that, with the additional info of also serving as a mentor/teacher to others, if the rank holder so chooses.

— I think Guard is redundant, and could probably meld into the Soldier rank - I imagine soldiers are often guards. Ranger I think is a bit redundant as well, as I’d imagine if they’re protecting the land they would have to be well-versed in combat, like a Soldier, and not be someone that avoids it. Assassin sounds good, and Spy I feel is a better name.

— Bard is often an all-encompassing term - a poet, a singer, a musician, a storyteller. Repeating “written” and “spoken/sung” entertainment seems unnecessary when they are often the same thing, or are both utilized by a single performer. I would go with Bard as the blanket term.
— Dancers and Acrobats are quite different; I would actually divide them, or if there is a term anybody knows of that is all-encompassing for physical entertainment, (I don’t want to like, say it should have a different name and then not provide an alternative but I really don’t know one), that might be more fitting. Maybe “Performer,” even though that more or less means entertainer it might allow flexibility in physical talents.

— I would combine blacksmith and artist under “Artisan.” Artisan is such a far-reaching term, it could really encompass blacksmith, finer metalworking like jewelry, all forms of art, sculpting, instrument making, woodworking - any kind of craft, really. I would say Chef is a better term for the cooking rank.

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Hehe, haven't been on or even really active for a long while, but I hope this is helpful!

1) a. I personally prefer the original title Warrior but if would prefer Soldier over Mercenary
b. Scholar for sure!

2) In regards to attempting to eliminate one of the Scholar/Savant subgroups, I would maybe vote for Teacher. Every teacher has a specialized area they are most interested in and teaching could be in addition to being a monk or scientist. Although, I would also maybe consider if there is a lot of interest for the scribe subgroup, because it may be less used than the teacher subgroup.
-- Monk over all the others
-- Scribe over all the others
-- Scientist over all the others

3) -- I would eliminate the Guard subgroup as I feel that could easily be the responsibility of the Soldiers. Also, I prefer the name Spy
-- Poet
-- I also agree with Muirgen's post that maybe using the rank Performer would be better to encompass both dancing and acrobatics.
-- For the Merchant rank, I know we're trying to eliminate one, but it would be pretty cool to have something like an Artisan or Craftsman which could encompass all sorts of crafts (like underwater basket weaving) and maybe even include chefs.

These all look awesome! Hope my input is marginally helpful ^^

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1) Current ranks being renamed
a) I prefer soldier
b) I prefer scholar

2) Rank trees
a) Monk
b) Scribe
c) no preference
d) I’d get rid of teacher, as the others could/should teach
a) I kinda agree with the thinking here that these feel redundant/I might just keep it ‘spy’ and the spy could specialize in any of those things?
b) Maybe storyteller?
c) bard
d) following Muirgen here and saying ‘performer’
e) hmmmmMmm I might just do a blanket ‘tradesman’ here and leave it open to crafting/cooking/blacksmithing/etc. I wonder if getting too detailed/too many options might be a bit of an overload? but I don’t know, I know I’m used to games being on the simpler side so might just be personal preference

this all sounds very exciting and I can wait to see Novus get a little fresh-faced!

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OKAY SO, there were tons of suggestions so I wanted to try and capture everything in one post... My apologies if I missed someone's suggestions! Just poke me ;0; I tried to make sure I went over everything 3 times! 

Suggestions from Discord (note: I didn't include the ones that were echoed here in this thread!)
-- @Dingo suggested Artisans, too (or something to include tailors/etc).
-- @aimless voted for Soldier, Scholar, Priest, Scribe, Scientist, Spy, Poet, Musician, Dancer, and Chef names.
-- @aimless voted to eliminate Ranger and Chef.

Tagging @griffin, @Muirgen, and @phish, since yall posted a lot of these suggestions! This was also cross-posted on the Discord channel, too.

By popular vote:
**SOLDIER** will be the new name for Warriors.
**SCHOLAR** will be the new name for Sages.

Tiers, so far, are suggested to look as follows:
1) **MEDIC** -> Apothecary, Doctor, Gatherer
-- 1A) No current suggestions or changes.

2) **SCHOLAR** -> Monk, Scribe, __Researcher OR Scientist__
-- 2A) Suggestion was to eliminate TEACHER and meld those duties under Researcher/Scientist. Taking into consideration the fact that these will have teacher-like responsibilities, **do you vote for Researcher or Scientist as the name?**
-- 2B) Scribe and Monk were the names chosen by popular vote.

3) **SCOUT** to be dissolved, and some ranks melded into SOLDIER.
-- 3A) Guard to be removed completely.
-- 3B) Ranger to be removed completely.

4) **SOLDIER** -> Spy, ___..., ___... See below.
-- 4A) You voted to keep SPY. Keep in mind that will mean we need to eliminate TWO of the below ranks (4B-E).
-- 4B) Do you want to keep HUNTER?
-- 4C) Do you want to keep COMMANDER?
-- 4D) Do you want to keep GLADIATOR?
-- 4E) Do you want to keep ASSASSIN?
-- 4F) What do you think about adding in MERCENARY (aka muscle for hire) under Soldier? or Bounty Hunter?

5) **ENTERTAINER** -> Bard, ___... , ___... See below.
-- 5A) You voted for the names BARD and POET.
-- 5B) You requested to call Dancer/Acrobat PERFORMER to better encompass physical entertainment, however Performer is a very close synonym for Entertainer. Does anyone have additional suggestions for a different name? @Muirgen suggested Performing Artist!
-- 5C) If you'd like to remove POET (since it could be lumped under Bard), a suggestion could be to move ARTIST from Merchant to Entertainer. Thoughts? (I vote for this, FYI!)
-- 5D) Another suggestion for a possible 3rd rank, other than Artist? Per @Muirgen, Magician is a suggestion

6) **MERCHANT** -> Peddler, Artisan, ____... See below.
-- 6A) You requested to add in ARTISAN. Another name suggestion was CRAFTSMAN or TRADESMAN, but we ask that titles/rank names be kept non-gendered.
-- 6B) No requests to remove PEDDLER.
-- 6C) As above (in 5C), we could move ARTIST to Entertainer tree. It *would* prevent two similarly-named Ranks (Artist and Artisan) from being under the same Tree.
-- 6D) Since we're adding in ARTISAN, would you prefer to keep BLACKSMITH or CHEF as its own rank? Both could technically be lumped under Artisan.
-- 6E) Want to lump both BLACKSMITH and CHEF under Artisan? Suggest another rank for Merchant, then! Current suggestion from @Muirgen is Enchanter (someone who enchants items)


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@Muirgen had a stellar suggestion to add MAGICIAN as an option to Entertainer!
More of her awesome suggestions: "Performer" to be named "Performing Artist"


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@aimless voted to remove Gladiator under Soldier and for the Magician subrank under Entertainer!


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1. N/A
2. Of Researcher or Scientist, I prefer Researcher.
3. N/A
4. Personally I'm not a huge fan of many of these terms. I really like Mercenary and Bounty Hunter both (because they're very different: killing vs capturing, unless there was a way to combine them into just a "for hire" sort of rank). I like the idea of Gladiator, fighting for sport as a subgroup, but it seems very specific. Then again, this is tricky to rename. Combatant could work (although it doesn't sound super fancy). I'd say Prizefighter, since it just sounds great, though it does traditionally reference boxers.
5. This one was difficult. Perhaps Bard, Magician and Virtuoso, which could combine any sort of performing art without the conflicting name with Artisan.
6. I like Peddler and Artisan. I like the suggestion of tradesman, but to keep it non-gendered perhaps just Trader? Or even Chandler.
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We're slowly getting there!! The discussion is almost over! I'm sure you're def sick of these tags by now LOL, but bear with me for a lil longer <3 I compiled what I believe is a good compromise of everyone's votes for the trees.

ALL are still up for discussion, if you so wish! Just throw suggestions at us <3

1) SOLDIER Tree: Spy > Bounty Hunter > Weapons Specialist
--- 1a) There seemed to be favor for keeping "Bounty Hunter" over Mercenary, the latter of which could TECHNICALLY be lumped under Soldier (not exactly the same thing, obviously, but mercs are technically soldiers for hire). Do you wish to keep bounty hunter, or do you have another suggestion?
--- 1b) @aimless suggested renaming "Hunter" (which was intended to be a long-range combat specialist), but because we got rid of the rank for close combat specialist, I decided to lump them together into "Weapons Specialist." Do you have a suggestion for a different name, OR for a different rank altogether?

2) SCHOLAR Tree: Monk > Scribe > Researcher

3) MEDIC Tree: Apothecary > Doctor > Gatherer

4) ENTERTAINER Tree: Bard > Magician > Performing Artist / Virtuoso
--- 4a) @Katherine suggested "Virtuoso" in lieu of Performing Artist. Do you vote Virtuoso v Performing Artist for final name?
--- 4b) Is "Magician" the final name we would like to stick with, or is there another name suggestion?

5) MERCHANT Tree: > Peddler > Artisan > Blacksmith
--- 5a) Agriculturalist (or Agragarian) was suggested, however the majority vote was to keep Blacksmith separate from Artisan. That being the case, the agriculturalist could technically be melded under the overall "merchant" title!


Another note: Rogue will cost 200 signos!


@Muirgen @Dingo @griffin @phish @Rae @FireKite @Everyone else! Just tagged the specific people who have already replied to this thread <3


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Let me know if yall are OK with this? ;D

Spy -- Tactician -- Battlemage

Monk -- Scribe -- Researcher

Apothecary -- Doctor -- Gatherer

Bard -- Magician -- Thespian

Peddler -- Artisan -- Blacksmith

CAPTIVE - No cost (other than youR FREEDOM), no subranks. Can be found in any court.
OUTCAST - No cost, no subranks. Can be found in any court.


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