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Information  - Free Restricted Item Claims

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Restricted Item Claim for New Members

All Novus members are able to redeem one free Restricted Item for any one of their characters! This does not need to go to a member's first character; they can reserve it for a future character! However, this claim is per member, not character, and may only be claimed once.

▶  This claim is per member, not character! 
▶  Members may only claim one item for one character
▶  This can be claimed for any character, not only your first!
▶  Any Restricted Item (not including the "Unique" items section) can be claimed!
▶   When claiming a free Restricted Item, you will still need to post in the appropriate Item Redemption thread!

**Note: If you claimed a free restricted item during the 09/26/18 - 12/31/18 Incentive program, you cannot claim a free restricted item from here! This is the same program, just made permanent; all previous claims were grandfathered in. <: thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a staff member!

To claim for a character pending acceptnace:
For when you join a character with this item!

- Fill out the corresponding section on your character's profile
- Notify staff in your character's application that you are claiming this item
- Hop on over to the appropriate Item Redemption thread and fill out the corresponding form!

To claim for an existing character:
For when you decide to claim this item after joining the character you are applying it to!

- Fill out the corresponding section on your character's profile
- Hop on over to the appropriate Item Redemption thread and fill out the corresponding form!
- Staff will process your request and notify you when it is completed!



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Redeeming Immortality

Character gaining Immortality: @Zelda
Have you purchased the 'Immortality' item? NO
-- If no: Free restricted item

Is the character joining with the Immortality, or gaining it after acceptance? Joining

Thread Specifics
Opting for a Quest? No
-- If yes to staff-written: Do you want the Quest set in the past or present?
-- If yes to staff-written: Do you have a specific land you'd like your quest to be in? 
-- If yes to staff-written: How would you like to gain Immortality?

I understand and agree to all of the following: Immortality is a Restricted Item and until staff have formally approved this item, it cannot be used in Character posts. Once the staff has redeemed Immortality, my character will remain frozen at whatever age they are currently. I can choose to expand immortality to allow for accelerated healing or "evading (most) death," but my character must have some type of mortal weakness (such as type of wound inflicted, weapon used, etc). If I wish for my character to no longer be immortal, I must contact staff and will not receive a signos refund. If I wish to make them immortal again after reinstating their mortality, I will need to re-purchase the Immortality item from the Agora.

Signed: Mallory



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