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As he walks along the maze, Pan shivers with anticipation.  This place was an eerie sort of land – one which promised danger and adventure… but as he searched along the hedges for an entrance to the maze, none can be found.  Clearly, this land has already shared its secrets with someone else, and Pan found himself pouting that he was unable to participate.  But the feeling is a fleeting one, for as he wanders along the eastern edge of the hedge maze, a flash of fire catches his eye.

He rounds the next corner, and gasps as a great orange streak is pulsed from the mouth of a Benevolent.  Curious, the boy creeps forward to try and understand how someone could be breathing fire, even as the strange creature dances with a spinning flame around him.  He jeers at Pan, as if beckoning the child closer, even as a wash of “stranger danger” falls over the boy as he turns to dance away.  As the tingling along the back of his neck begins to subside, he presses deeper into the land, looking for what other secrets were hiding along the borders of the maze.

Rounding yet another bend, he smiles as silver ribbons slice through the air like a knife.  The dancers were beautiful, and he watches as their bodies gyrate to a tinny music and his feet pick up their dance to the noise.  He cheers her on, reaching into his satchel and tossing her a wildflower as he attempts (badly) to follow her rhythmic motion.  Where she seems as graceful as a swan cutting through a glass-like lake, his own motions are clumsy and awkward in comparison… but the green boy doesn’t seem to care.  He is unbothered by what some would consider embarrassment, and instead simply grins and moves over to allow others to join in the dance as well.

This is where he would be found, among the circus performers, feeling every bit an entertainer as they, his frustration at finding the maze locked to him, long forgotten.

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