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Applying Enchantment

Character receiving the Enchanted item: @Saoirse

What item are you wishing to enchant? Outfit
Have you purchased the item you wish to enchant? YES 
-- If no: 
Have you purchased the Enchantment item as well? YES 
-- If no: 

Is the Accessories section of your character's profile filled out? YES
Brief Description of the Enchanted Item: leopard sealskin that allows her to have a "kelpie" form. melds to her body. 

Thread Specifics
Opting for a Quest? yes
-- If yes to staff-written: Do you want the Quest set in the past or present? past
-- If yes to staff-written: Do you have a specific land you'd like your quest to be in? somewhere in the sea near day (so any day land really)
-- If yes to staff-written: How would you like to gain this Enchanted Item? seal hunt (as is Roanne tradition) 

I have read all rules and guidelines set forth in the Guidebook for Enchanted Items. I understand that the staff will work with me through private messages if changes need to be made to what I wish to redeem. I am not able to mention the item in my IC posts until the staff have formally approved this redemption.

Signed: Lullivy

*** STAFF EDIT ***
@Lullivy / @Saoirse - Enchantmemt approved, records updated and new enchanted outfit sent! You may write them IC'ly with their new enchanted accessory.

*** STAFF EDIT ***
We will let you know when the quest becomes available!


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